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    FS: ** ALL SOLD **

    Bump for you on some great parts. I snoozed and missed out on the chance to grab it as a combo.
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    Starfield Dev's getting a little petty on social media

    I can't complain much since I received a free copy of SF from an AMD promo. I put about 14 hours into it and just stopped playing because I was forcing myself to play beyond that point. In that time I never felt immersed into the world like I did other Bethesda games. It may be that I don't have...
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    WTB: 27" 1440p Monitor

  4. Soulmetzger

    WTB: 27" 1440p Monitor

    Price drop bump
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    WTB: 27" 1440p Monitor

    bump Hit me up if you're interested as my wife is tired of seeing the box in our kitchen.
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    WTB: 27" 1440p Monitor

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    WTB: 27" 1440p Monitor

    Looking for an extra monitor for side browsing so not looking for anything special. Would like the base to be able to swivel to portrait view-ability. Heatware: soulmetzger
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    WTB: 32gb ddr3 sdram

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    WTB: 32gb ddr3 sdram

    Shooting you a PM
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    WTB: 32gb ddr3 sdram

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    WTB: 32gb ddr3 sdram

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    WTB: 32gb ddr3 sdram

    Found some Thanks!
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    FT: Like new Nintendo Switch HAC-001 - SOLD

    Bump Trying moving your video card to a different slot if you can. I had similar issues but with a MSI mobo and through troubleshooting everything was resolved when i moved slots.
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    It's official: RTX 3060Ti

    Mine got stuck at the verification code screen at BB.
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    The video card in my desktop is going bad so I need to let go of this laptop to help fund getting a replacement video card. $250 (paypal) Shipped Lenovo B590 (No Issues) CPU: Intel I5-3230M RAM: 6 gigs SSD: 256 gigs Optical: DVD-RW Display: 15.6" HD LED OS: Windows 10 Reformatted to factory...
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    Found - Close Thread

    I'm looking to replace a Google Nexus 7 (2nd gen) that on the same day I bought a new case, my son breaks the glass. This tablet is for my son to use for just youtube and other video apps, so I'm not looking for anything special. I would like to try and find the same tablet since I just got a...
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    WTB: Galaxy S9 Verizon

    Looking for a Galaxy S9 for use on Verizon network. Don't care about the shell but with my OCD the screen can't have scratches. Let me know what you've got. Heatware: soulmetzger
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    Metro:Exodus Steam Keys Fetching a Premium on G2A

    Funny you say that. The first Far Cry has been in my backlog for a very long time and I'm trying to play it now. The older graphics don't bother me, it's just that this game is very repetitive and no fun at all. I also made the mistake of starting the game with the auto adjustable difficulty and...
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    Metro:Exodus Steam Keys Fetching a Premium on G2A

    I'll probably pick it up in 5 years when it's sub $10 because I don't see paying release day prices on single player games. You get the same gaming experience no matter what year you play it. In fact you might get a better gaming experience since all the bugs should be worked out by then.
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    Google Partners with AMD for Google Stadia Game Streaming Service

    This will probably be attractive to your average gaming consumer. I don't see this pertaining to people that frequent this forum as I know I don't have an interest in this.... with what little info they provided.
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    What Happens When You Water Cool an Air Cooler?

    Was a fun watch. 5.5/10 IMDB
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    Doom: Annihilation Gets a Trailer

    I don't think this is worth even a torrent.
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    Google's Game Streaming Console Controller Potentially Revealed

    From the picture it looks like the same quality as those Chinese knockoff peripherals.
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    Sony Censors the Butt Out of Devil May Cry 5 for Western Audiences

    That's one hell of an LED in that buttplug she has in to light up like that.
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC Might Be Announced Next Week

    I played the first halo on PC many years ago and never revisited the franchise since. Maybe if this comes out it will give me a reason to.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10 Preorders in South Korea Are Slower than Its Predecessors

    The wife and I feel we're about the only people that only use their phones for calling, texting, pictures and emails. We're still rocking the Galaxy S6 and it still fills every one of those needs just fine. My only concern is the battery longevity at this point.
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    RIP PS Vita: Sony Officially Ends Production

    ^this I sold my official 32gb card and it paid for my SD2Vita and a 200gb sd.
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    Capcom Pledges Its Support to PC as a Platform

    Since we are the master race there should have been no question.
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    RIP PS Vita: Sony Officially Ends Production

    I usually don't get rid of hand held systems. Hell I still have a GBA SP boxed away somewhere waiting for when my kid is old enough to play it. When the CFW scene matured for the Vita it breathed new life into it and I now play it on a regular basis. I'm old school and have to have physical...
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    Report Claims Canadian Police are Tracking and Acting On "Negative" Behavior

    This direction that the world is heading is why I won't use social media or have a listening device in my home other than my cell phone but that's a necessary evil with work. People say thinking this way is paranoia but I don't think those people see the evident signs or just don't care about...
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    166Hz Has Ruined 60 fps Forever

    It's not that it voids the warranty.... it's that the monitor is out of warranty due to time passing.
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    166Hz Has Ruined 60 fps Forever

    I have a PG278QR that can do 165 but in overclock mode. It concerns me to run it at 165 since it is in overclock mode and is out of warranty. On the other hand, it is hard for me to notice a difference between 144 and 165. Plus my GTX1080 sometimes has a hard time keeping 144 at max settings so...
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    New Study Claims Piracy is Driven by Availability and Price

    I agree somewhat because out of personal experience I stop game pirating a long time ago when I found Steam. I am now over 300 games (with half backlogged) and feel better supporting game developers that aren't tards. Other media on the other hand....
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    New Study Claims Piracy is Driven by Availability and Price

    That's fine with me. We need to keep normal people out of the back alleys of the internet anyways. I liked it better when most people were scared of computers. I was working on a computer back in the 90's on some easy task and when I tried to show them how they could do it, I was told "I'll just...