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    Best "monitors" under 170eur

    You might need to input a balanced signal?
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    Flat Frequency Response

    I'm looking at basically a realtime spectrum display and sliding olschool eq sliders to flatten the imaginary fit line to within a db or 2. SpecScope: I did everything I could...
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    who else has mechanical keyboard on laptop besides smi?

    I'll build ya a hella desktop for $3k. I'll even throw in a 84-key Choc Mini with your choice of switches that will plug right into your $1000 laptop. Whaddaya say? Problem solved?
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    Flat Frequency Response

    Thanks for that again. Gonna get uncharacteristically chatty here, so bear with me.. I had taken out that 8200hz we were talking about because I thought I was getting too much essing in vocals with some exaggerated high harmonics. I discovered it was OK to add 7-8khz back after checking the...
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    Carmakers Still Trying To Use DMCA To Stop Car Mods

    1. ABS is typically a different computer, a different and independent system entirely (ABS module and sensors) from a flashable Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 2. The stoichiometric fuel/air ratio for gasoline engines is already governed by physics. Any digression from ~14.7:1 results in a...
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    Best "monitors" under 170eur

    If you lived in the US, Monoprice would be the way to go.. But realistically, you need to up your budget to get full-range monitors with balanced connections, and a DAC/DI/mixer to send a balanced signal from your PC down the xlr or trs cables. For an electronic music artist/producer, monitors...
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    Best "monitors" under 170eur

    You're going to be hard pressed to find 5" monitors that go below 50-55hz, or do well below about 70hz for twice your budget. This means you won't be able to monitor the bottom two octaves of your electronic music... "Imagine Tadpoles" Look at a sub to go with the 5s, or a pair of 8"+...
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    Flat Frequency Response

    Thanks for the good info and informative links. REW seems almost worth downloading JAVA to have a place to drop the .jar...But all I have for mics at the moment is a "singer/songwriter kit" of a condenser and a cartoid pencil through a tube pre>mixer>usb to pc. I'd be afraid that...
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    Flat Frequency Response

    Well put. I have a dual 31-band eq. I set it up with pink noise, sine sweeps and white noise through a spectrum analyzer. LOL, now I need a smiley for it... :D Never knew how good Huey's Thinline Tele sounded on GG&HT until I added some 8200hz to flatten the highs, or how much tighter Ducky's...
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    Talk to me about a no-storage "head unit" for my ZFS arrays ...

    Wake On LAN and automated installers too. :)
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    Logitech - G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Edit: Just saw the Monoprice thread...:D
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    Linux vs FreeBSD?

    OP wants to try out a new operating system, not learn 17 volumes of shit about unix to install FreeBSD and compile X. And then make a choice of desktop environments from 3 or 4 random names offered, each having their own random names for file managers and text editors and other necessary...
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    Google Fiber Uptake Low Among Poor

    What I was trying to say was, "Don't feel bad about losing that "CFO job" where you had to deal with apartment rent collections. Property management is a bottom-feeding industry that primarily attracts people who have no real skills yet are unwilling to do manual labor or touch things with their...
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    The Future Of Microsoft Depends On Windows Being Free

    Because they're in business to make money. As an aside, there's really nothing wrong with a business charging what the market will bear. Buy the "Full" license for $20 more if it meets your needs better. It comes with at least 8 mobo upgrades and is not tied to a processor. It's what I had...
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    Over 1M People Downloaded Windows 10

    Windows 8.1 Pro boots to Desktop by default, there's a "Windows" button on the taskbar, that's the Start menu. If you don't see what you want, start typing it. You can follow a tree down to what you want if you like, but I just start typing and it always pops up as a choice. Not a dealbreaker...
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    Google Fiber Uptake Low Among Poor

    ...or good at math...
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    Google Fiber Uptake Low Among Poor

    Most property managers take the gig for the free housing. The line between them and the evictees and unpaid contractors they deal with on a daily basis is only as solid as their boss' word. Remember that about them. ;)
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    Google Fiber Uptake Low Among Poor

    All true, but that person may go on to encounter Candide at some point, so don't give up on him. :D
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    Teach Copyright Ethics And Morals In Schools?

    Yo, automotive stuffs?
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    Everywhere You've Used A Credit Card Has Been Hacked

    Proxy up with PayPal. ;)
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    Everywhere You've Used A Credit Card Has Been Hacked

    I recently bought 2 DieHard Platinum G65 AGM truck batteries (rebranded EnerSys Odysseys) online from Sears with a store pickup. Annual sale price-online discount-previous points applied. PayPal. 30-second pickup guarantee (which they met). Got the best batteries on the planet for my truck at...
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    Google Fiber Uptake Low Among Poor

    Poverty is 'a state of mind' and an enculturation. Cash flow is merely a symptom. Most poor adults grew up without books around, and they don't read for pleasure. If one doesn't pick up reading before a certain age, it's always going to be a chore. This is a much more significant barrier to...
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    Gamer Gets Swatted On Live Stream

    "What about this is funny to you, Kid?" 'The downright absurdity of it, Officer!"
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    Adventures in fixing video issues (Arch/Manjaro)

    #! is running really well for me on the same hardware. I didn't want to file a bug against Manjaro because there were forum posts and chats with the kernel devs about the Intel video issues, so I waited through another update on the supposition they were aware of it and could do anything about...
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    Which ZFS layout would you use for the following, and why?

    I let the type of data, useage needs, redundancy and other environmental requirements dictate how I organize available resources into zpools. But then again, who am I? :D "RAID Greed" can be real for some, not so much for others. But no one ever got fired for using mirrors. Jus sayin. Give us...
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    NSA Likely Targets Anybody Who's 'Tor-Curious'

    Be quiet or they'll turn off your electricity privileges for a week. :eek:
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    Hunting or Fishing in North Carolina? Leave Your Drone at Home

    I'm a Registered Land Surveyor who would like to fly LIDAR from a drone instead of a Cessna, but am not currently allowed to by FAA. Kind of a ball-buster actually... Good of corn farmers to not only be subsidized so extensively, but to successfully externalize their pest problems, BTW. Don't...
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    Hunting or Fishing in North Carolina? Leave Your Drone at Home

    So, you need drones to kill semi-domestic hogs now? Do drones with FLIR help you to connect to the pure and simple ways of your forebears? Have feral hogs found a new way to increase fecundity lately? What's the source of this porcine population explosion in the last 5-8 years? From...
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    Want to buy Christian DDR3 memory

    What is truth? Ram is kosher so...I would go shofar as to say it would have to convert.
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    Adventures in fixing video issues (Arch/Manjaro)

    I'm about to install something else OP, after a week of ManjaroBox on a Sandy Bridge HTPC $ inxi -Gx Graphics: Card: Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller bus-ID: 00:02.0 Display Server: X.Org 1.15.1 driver: intel...
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    An OS for punishment?

    Solaris is actually as friendly as any Linux, once you turn off that scary NWAM monster. :eek: Red Star Linux or Ubuntu Satanic might really upset whatever economic or religious sensibilities his young mind holds. DSL or Linux From Scratch. Or just a standard install of Gentoo, Arch, or BSD...
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    ZFS L2ARC sizing To me, his reads like OP should be OK with 256GB RAM if he caps his ARC @ 128GB?
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    Computer won't stay off....

    What happens when you unplug it? You could be a very rich man very soon... :D
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    parallel processing numerical modeling worthwhile to virtualize?

    Has OP compared costs to run his simulations in a few seconds on a few hundred cores of cloud or even university supercompute infrastructure ?
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    FreeBSD Jails vs Virtualization/ESXi

    Gosh rupil, don't know what to say to make you feel better. Wish I did, but I don't.
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    FreeBSD Jails vs Virtualization/ESXi

    The OP was about an entry-level home microcloud. You brought up migration and HA, and how Solaris Zones aren't "True virtualization". I pointed out several times that your strenuous objections to Solaris were generally clustered well beyond the scope of most home file servers. I'm glad we...
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    Text to file?

    Opera browser comes standard with Notes. It works exactly like you described, except they are stored as notes in the sidebar rather than as files, and you can sync your notes across all your Opera instances. Highlight>RtClk>Copy to Note Then you can search all your notes for whatever text...
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    FreeBSD Jails vs Virtualization/ESXi

    If you're going to be petty, at least be correct. I guess you didn't read the part of the Wiki about the licensing issues which forced Daniel Hartmiester to port Darren Reed's IPF into BSD as PF? For the second time, Darren Reed worked at Sun when he wrote IPF for Solaris. Still does, only now...