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    What is this part on this gaming desk?

    Yeah on their website it says this is for cable management. I don't much see how this little tray will help.
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    FS: Server Hardware Galore! (Servers, RAM, Xeon CPU, Switches, SAS Drives, Network cables/transceivers and more)

    On the Dell S4148T-ON, what OS are you running on it and could you send me some pictures of it. Thanks.
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    MSI QD-OLED Monitors 2024

    Adorama has them in stock on their website. Ordered one last night.
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    wtb windows 10/11 key

    I have bought more than 10 at and haven't had any problems at all.
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    Looking for help with new computer build

    NewEgg has this combo right now for $599.99 In my opinion it would be a much better deal than what you have listed. Maybe you could check it out. Processor AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D - Ryzen 7 7000 Series 8-Core 4.2 GHz Socket AM5 120W AMD Radeon Graphics Desktop Processor - 100-100000910WOF $399.00...
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    For the 670 motherboard would you do 320 on Paypal and you cover the fee?

    For the 670 motherboard would you do 320 on Paypal and you cover the fee?
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    Phanteks NV7

    $220 and is suppose to be available in Februry.
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    FS: 2700x $70 shipped

    PM sent.
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    Yeah I watched a video from LG on Youtube that said the 48 and 42 were going to be priced the same because of the yield on the panels.
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    WTB: Children's Leukemia Charity: Best gaming computer or components we can get for $1,000 total

    I have a BNIB EVGA 3060 RTX that I would like to donate to this build. Just send me an address to send to and I will cover shipping also.
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    NIB MSI 3070 Gaming trio

    Wish I had one to trade you but I don't. If you decide to sell it I would love to have it. Been entering the shuffle everyday and still haven't scored anything. Congrats to you though.
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    Free* - Meshify C case, black

    If this is still available I would like to have it. I'm in Tn. 37804. Please let me know. Thank you.
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    WTB 6800XT

    Goggle Newegg shuffle. They offer different cards in a lottery type deal. There is actually one today. You have to be logged in to Newegg then you go to this page and check the box on what you want and if you are picked it is automaticlly added to your cart and then you get online and check out...
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    Installed the EVGA Hybrid cooler on my RTX 3080 FTW3 and now my PC stops at on Code 97.

    EVGA does have a place in California where they do work on cards. Watched a Youtube video where Jay2centz took one of his over there to be repaired that he had messed up. They may be doing that or they may just be swapping bad ones out for good ones. Hard to really tell.
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    Want to Buy: Windows 10 Pro Key BOUGHT

    I have bought from here before several times and installs went fine. $35 for a key for use on 2 computers.
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    ARGB 24 pin Question

    Yeah the 24 pin Lian Li attaches like that but these 8 pin XPG do not. Like I said earlier these have screws in the black plastic ends holding them together. I do not know how the 8 pin Lian Li is put on.
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    ARGB 24 pin Question

    And the hotspot on the end is bright blue then it starts to fade as it goes up the cable. This is in static mode. A couple of the rainbow modes it looks more evenly lit but I'm more of a solid color man myself. I'm 57 and all that flashing would make me stroke out. This is a picture of it with...
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    ARGB 24 pin Question

    Sorry about the quality but here is the back side of the cable end. It does have screws in it to remove it. I don't really want to pry on them to see though. Bought these at Newegg for $45.00. This is for the set also not for just 1. XPG Prime ARGB 8 PIN (6+2) Addressable RGB VGA Extension Cable...
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    Installed the EVGA Hybrid cooler on my RTX 3080 FTW3 and now my PC stops at on Code 97.

    I would definitely try it out stock first and run it for a while before putting the cooler on.
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    Installed the EVGA Hybrid cooler on my RTX 3080 FTW3 and now my PC stops at on Code 97.

    Yeah your suppose to ship the bad one back in the box they came in. I don't think you can keep both.
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    ARGB 24 pin Question

    You can see in this picture how bright the cables are at the bottom than the rest of the wires.
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    ARGB 24 pin Question

    Yeah it seems dimmer the greater the bend is too. But it is better than the XPG brand. I have those on my two eight pin connectors on my video card and they look like just one end has lights on it. That is with it on a solid color. When it does strobing effects it looks like the color goes the...
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    ARGB 24 pin Question

    I bought a Lian Li Strimer and the bend in my computer opening was so close to the plug in that it would not stay in place. I ended up taking it out and putting it in my sons case because it would fit better. I think thats how they are all made so you can adjust them alittle bit.
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    Is my new RTX 3080 or AMD 5950X dying?

    Any updates on your problem getting solved?
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    LG 48CX

    If this is true there would have to be some deep discounts on the 48" CX to get rid of inventory before the C1's come out.
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    Installed the EVGA Hybrid cooler on my RTX 3080 FTW3 and now my PC stops at on Code 97.

    Any more updates on this problem? Kind of curious what the solution might be.
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    Installed the EVGA Hybrid cooler on my RTX 3080 FTW3 and now my PC stops at on Code 97.

    If he modified this card himself even with a EVGA factory water block will EVGA still honor the warranty on the original card?
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    Installed the EVGA Hybrid cooler on my RTX 3080 FTW3 and now my PC stops at on Code 97.

    Read on another forum that sometimes people overtighten the screws putting the cards back together and it shorts the card out. Might try to check that.
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    RTX 3060 12GB

    There's already a video review on youtube which clearly shows how bad this card is. But I agree everyones in such a desperate state to get a video card they will buy anything right now. I was lucky to get a 3090 early January and I still need to update 2 more computers but I swear I think I...
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    RTX 3060 12GB

    Your wasting your money on this 3060. Please don't buy it and maybe Nvidia might get the message.
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    LG 48CX

    Sky15, New models not out yet but there will not be hardly any changes if any. The model similar to this one will be the C1. The big changes will be to the new G1 lineup. New processing and brighter picture.
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    New Silverstone FT02

    Glad to see some companies trying to help out their customers!
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    Memory QVL Question

    This just happened to me. Bought a Gskill RGB memory kit for a Asrock Taichi X570 motherboard. It was listed as working with that motherboard on Gskill's website but it was not listed on Asrock's official QVL list. It was 3600 speed memory but I could not get it to run at XMP setting it would...
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    Old Laptop Crashed, fresh install, now DVD/BR doesn't work??

    Found this website After I entered your model number it has a whole page full of drivers for your laptop. There are drivers for the blue ray player specifically. Try those and see if it works. Good luck.