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  1. PliotronX

    Windows recognises the fx 8120 as officially a 4 core now. Interesting

    Its just funny how history repeats itself because FPU deficit was what held K6 back but users who never gamed got a good deal. Then K7 came along like Ryzen and the rest will be history :D
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    Horrible SSD performance

    Yeah most of the time you're in the terminal running bash this and sudo nano config that but some file managers let you right click and run the scripts. Zorin and Manjaro are just a tad more user friendly. What you need to check out is the package installer for the OS, Elementary...
  3. PliotronX

    HELP! Recover Windows 10 from C: Partition?

    Your suggestion appears to be wipe and replace because marking it as bootable isn't the full story. UEFI is necessary for faster boot times, secure boot, and the use of booting from NVME so its better to learn the ways and means ;)
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    HELP! Recover Windows 10 from C: Partition?

    Bootrec and automatic repair seem to do fuck all for EFI but we recently repaired two using bcdboot after assigning a letter to the EFI partition.
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    After 64 Cores?

    We might see slowing or stagnation in cores and SMT focus on thread count. For example Zen 4 is slated to use 4 threads per core.
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    pagefile on external HDD

    Having the pagefile on faster disks is part of the performance boost in itself. I would not place it anywhere else besides another SSD but then that's kind of wasteful. I know in gen 1 Hyper-V VMs it wouldn't even allow the pagefile onto a synthetic SCSI controller VHD and it may be possible...
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    Current 8TB drive recommendations

    I think I would go with the He8.
  8. PliotronX

    Real Experience with QLC, TLC, MLC?

    PLC is gonna knock your guys' socks off and not in a good way
  9. PliotronX

    500gig SATA SSD for an older laptop.

    Usually the user reviews are what they are because they dont know any better. Your mistake was wasting time reading them ;) as long as you stay away from chinese brands you will generally be okay. I am eschewing any QLC based drives at the moment though so keep that in mind for professional...
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    What do you do with your old SSDs?

  11. PliotronX

    So I've downloaded a new prime 95

    Rather than use older versions, just place the following in the local.txt file CpuSupportsAVX=0
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    Any reason to upgrade from El Capitan to Sierra?

    I would say unless a program you need requires it, I'd stick with cap. At least youve got that going for you, last year I upgraded four macbooks and an iMac all from 2009-2011 that had like tiger, leopard or snow leopard on them. Couldnt just update through the store either I had to upgrade to...
  13. PliotronX

    Ryzen 3000 series how to undervolt/offset properly?

    Has anyone seen specifics on the VID going higher to compensate for much lower vcore? Too much of that can harm the CPU, no?
  14. PliotronX

    Drive Maintenance Software for Spindle Drives?

    Hard Drive Sentinel is one that I have used in the past. It is not freeware however. CrystalDiskInfo actually contains some alerting and email notification functionality that I use and it is free. Tweaking is necessary so that the default 50 degree alert threshold doesnt get triggered if...
  15. PliotronX

    Do we still need spinning drives?

    Yes, even when we have PPGB parity, one last glaring issue is even though flash memory failures are rare, they are more sudden and catastrophic than mechanical drives. Where we could get some warning a good portion of the time with mechanical drives, SMART is only useful for seeing how many...
  16. PliotronX

    Best budget SSD option to buy

    I I am a fan of Crucial drives but every once in a while they pump out some slower drives (BX200, BX500). If going for cheaper NVME drives, the Intel 760p, HP EX920, and Adata SX 8200 Pro are better choices than the QLC based P1. Bonus if you end up with an EX920, you can use the 760p driver...
  17. PliotronX

    Windows capping my download speed at 200mbps

    If running windows 1809, disable receive segment coalescing because that sounds like the symptom seen in 1809 and server 2019 based on 1809.
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    Best budget SSD option to buy

    I would say the Adata SU800. It's pricing is in the realm of DRAMless models but has the same controller as the MX500 with the DRAM. Another solid choice is a brand no one has heard of, an Addlink S20. If you can score a good deal on models no longer made like Crucials BX300, MX500, Samsung...
  19. PliotronX

    Best budget SSD option to buy

    I would say the Adata SU800. It's pricing is in the realm of DRAMless models but has the same controller as the MX500 with the DRAM. Another solid choice is a brand no one has heard of, an Addlink S20. If you can score a good deal on models no longer made like Crucials BX300, MX500, Samsung...
  20. PliotronX

    Advice on hard drive showing caution in crystal disk (Screenshot)

    Good call, linux was the only way I could pull data from an Intel SSD that went into read only. The drive merely being connected would lock up windows (a condition I colloquially named poison drive).
  21. PliotronX

    Advice on hard drive showing caution in crystal disk (Screenshot)

    Dang sorry bud. I had the freezer trick work on two older drives capacities of 120GB but it has not worked in the age of multi TB for me. Might be worth trying but I dont think it will allow copying enough in the 20 minutes before it returns to room temperature so you have to know where the...
  22. PliotronX

    Advice on hard drive showing caution in crystal disk (Screenshot)

    I like to use images from freeware of Aomei Backupper, Macrium Reflect, or Active@ as the resultant image file is not the same size as the disk volume, only the stored data and they have better error handling than windows. If none of these will fully image, I would just pull the most important...
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    Best x570 for budget $250 and $300 builds?

    FWIW I got one of these for 18 bucks on Amazon No chipset fan yay
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    Advice on hard drive showing caution in crystal disk (Screenshot)

    The only way to really get it to properly remap those pending sectors is to image the data, full format the disk (which will take hours), and copy the image contents back to it. Half the time the pending sectors return to service and it will be able to determine this once the sectors are not in...
  25. PliotronX

    Ryzen 3000 AES

    Good point, in that case I'll just scrutinize that bench this weekend for curiosity :)
  26. PliotronX

    How do new CPU releases work for purchasing purposes?

    Hopefully its not a goddamn microcenter exclusive launch
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    Ryzen 3000 AES

    The memory latency makes me think a subtiming is loose on the 3700x particularly command rate 2T would drop performance like that.
  28. PliotronX

    Server 2012 R2 SSD cache

    I like tiered storage spaces because it is the F word as in free but can be tricky to configure. It does allow pinning data to tiers as long as it fits but there doesnt appear to be a way to enable write caching exclusively for certain data. It is 'intelligent' in that sequential streams are...
  29. PliotronX

    "Missing Operating System"

    Is the Asus Intel or AMD? If you need to inject drivers or place onto a flash drive for repair, the procedure is the same but these links may help (Intel) (AMD). Sorry if its a done deal but I've been in some pickles and long nights of googling got me through. What I would do is get into a...
  30. PliotronX

    The Worlds Best of Best 16 core gaming CPU.

    Now we cry tears of joy because we have choices again besides the same old 4C/8T plus or minus a pin.
  31. PliotronX

    Is a used CPU worth more or less if it has been lapped?

    I would pop it and put one of the copper lids from ebay for a few bucks on rather than lapping and then thermal epoxy the original back on before selling. Better yet, fix your mount and run bare die like a man :D
  32. PliotronX

    So where will ssds move from NVME?

    Or maybe some kind of acceleration (if not done already) a la instruction sets in x86.. Qsync for NTFS or some shit. NTFSSD haha
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    UAC permission for trusted programs

    The easiest way is to use runas with the /savecred switch but be forewarned that any executable can be run with the saved credentials, sort of defeating the purpose of UAC. One secure method that I have found is by using the Standard User Analyzer tool and if this dude can explain it so well in...
  34. PliotronX

    DNA Successfully Used as Data Storage Medium, 5-byte Message Written, Stored, and Read

    Oh great, data smuggling by jizz is going to be a thing
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    Should I reapply thermal paste for this?

    Surprised they are using HDT bases, I would be comfortable using it because if you are using a stock cooler its not like you are extracting every last MHz out if it and in this case the bare HP will have ample TIM. There was a comparison way back when HDT was first introduced concerned with the...
  36. PliotronX

    AMD announces new Threadripper

    Same, July cant come soon enough
  37. PliotronX

    Hard drive recovery prices

    Even though it is a necro, anyone needing data recovered beyond software tools, check out - I found out about them through /r/sysadmin and 99% of the time, they can clone the data without use of a clean room and that is how they keep the cost at 300. If they are unable to recover and...
  38. PliotronX

    Small network switch brand quality?

    Check out the 8 port Zyxel GS1900 70W.