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  1. Starrbuck

    Used Watercooling

    Yeah, I have hundreds of dollars worth of watercooling stuff that needs to be inventoried and put up for sale someday.
  2. Starrbuck

    FS: ASUS Zenbook 14X 14.5" 2.8K OLED Laptop Intel i7-13700H 16GB RAM 1TB NVMe SSD (added 3/30/24)

    Thanks for linking that review. Personally I haven't experienced any eye strain.
  3. Starrbuck

    Does Linux remember previous network share connections?

    You can easily put the username and password into a file, store it in /root for example with chmod 600 so that is only readable by the root user, and reference it in /etc/fstab with credentials={filename}
  4. Starrbuck

    current best air coolers

    Looks like it already has when folks are arguing over $7.
  5. Starrbuck

    current best air coolers

    Ya, the PA120 is a couple bucks less than when I bought one last week. Also the PA120 has the ARGB fan version if you are into that. (I am.) I was also able to buy 3x matching ARGB fans for the case for $12.
  6. Starrbuck

    current best air coolers

    Thermalright Peerless Assassin SE 120 for $35
  7. Starrbuck

    Looking for help with new computer build

    I see no glaring issues with this. Have fun with your new build!
  8. Starrbuck

    UDM Pro kinda sucks

    I'm running OPNsense (as of late January) virtualized under Proxmox on an i7-7700K and it's been running well. Scored an Intel X540 and a Mellanox ConnectX3-Pro from eBay and OPNsense can download and upload at 5 gigabits with my ISP. Also pulls very little power. Maybe 50 watts under load...
  9. Starrbuck

    UDM Pro kinda sucks

    I kinda want to get the SE version because I have some 10g but I don't want to invest that kinda cash into it and one or more APs for my house. I think the lack of configuration options in the firmware would annoy me in the long run.
  10. Starrbuck

    7800x3d voltage issues, memory, etc... has it been solved?

    No real reasons to avoid ASUS. With the newer BIOS updates, this all was solved months ago.
  11. Starrbuck

    Kingston Hyper X Fury Beast Expo 6000 - 2 TB kingston Fury NVME PCI 4.0

    Heehee! I thought Kingston started making Fur Beasts!!! ;)
  12. Starrbuck

    Im stumped at what way to go ....

    Sounds complicated. I'd put it in the cloud.