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    Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC) $9.99 @ Newegg

    Dammit, missed out on the LE. Been waiting for it to hit that 24.50 or 27.49 price it was once at during Steam sales so this would've been killer.
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    Groupon New LG e970 179.99

    This is the LG Optimus G, not G2. Was using a Nexus 4 when I decided to upgrade to the S4 just to try it out. Sold the S4 two weeks later. Beautiful hardware but Touchwiz taxes it way too much. Hard to compare a company's 2012 flagship with another's 2013, but for $179, it ain't so bad, along...
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    Samsung EVO 1TB $480 (ebay/adorama)

    Just FYI on the Crucial M500 960GB; it's available on Amazon for $459.99 and Prime eligible. The Samsung is still a better drive, though. Link
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    Sleeping Dogs steam download $20

    Worked out great for me. Showed up as Sleeping Dogs (Ru) when activating, but it downloaded as Sleeping Dogs in the library. Language is English as well :)
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    FS: Coolermaster extreme Power Plus PSU 600w

    breakfast burrito bump!
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    FS: Coolermaster extreme Power Plus PSU 600w

    BFG Tech GTX 275 OC - Price: $70 shipped Used from April 2010 – January 2011. Own a piece of history (lulz)! Served me okay for the most part. I don't know if it was my system or what but it would occasionally kick the fan up to 100% for no reason and stay that way until the system is actually...
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    iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2 ???

    The only difference is that the AT&T model uses 4 capacitive touch buttons as opposed to a physical home button and two capacitive buttons on the international...And no lanyard loop on the AT&T version. I guess that's hideous. Upgraded my Captivate to the GS2 thinking that it wouldn't be too...
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    FS: Intel E6550, BFG GTX 275 OC, Logitech Illuminated Keyboard, +misc

    Cleaning out the closet again. Prices are all negotiable, of course. Maybe even open to trades for random do-das Other poop (feel free to PM me for pictures of these): Xigmatek Dark Knight - Price: SOLD - Should have at least enough to mount to a LGA 775 system. I have the box and the bag of...
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    Best Android Tablet?

    It is possible. You just need to install usb drivers from and make sure USB debugging is off in application settings. Whenever you plug it into your computer a picture of a usb connector should pop up and you are good to go to drag and drop as you please.
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    I think I got mine for 132+shipping (no n-key rollover).
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    Logitech G700 $54.99 AR FS at Newegg

    You better go get your money back because it's 79.00 on logitech's site. Unless you are figuring in tax (Even still that's a bit high).
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    T-Mobile and Phone selection

    Great resurrection of an almost year old thread...
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    Samsung Epic finally got 2.2!

    We've got a few working on the Captivate/i9000 version as well; I just don't have high hopes :( . Luckily we have a few very solid 2.2.1 ROMs, though. I used to flash a new one every other day but I've been going on at least 2 weeks on my current one.
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    Samsung Epic finally got 2.2!

    I don't know why people keep suggesting CM like it's available for every phone. There isn't a working (many important, crucial bits not working) for any Galaxy S phone.
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    Samsung Galaxy S II and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab II Confirmed!

    QFT. It probably takes me about a half hour from flash to putting it on down my desk to idle or whatever. Although I hate the situation Samsung's/carriers/whoever created for the US Galaxy S versions, the international/original Galaxy S seems to be holding it's own well overseas with somewhat...
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    Samsung Galaxy S II and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab II Confirmed!

    Last time I checked, there hasn't been a stable Cyanogenmod ROM for ANY Galaxy S phone.
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    Warmish? G700 for $55 w/MIR

    Already gone :-(
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    15% OFF All Razer Products - Mechanical Keyboards Too! Exp. 1/23

    I don't know about you but $69 shipped (Northern California) for the Black Widow is a steal. Already content with my Filco, though.