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    Wife wants to play Diablo 4 but only has a HD 6850 are the minimum system requirements. Technically what she has now could run it, run it well? No. it does require a SSD though so if you don't have one of those you will need one anyway. Win10 should be fine. But just a FYI You do realize though...
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    Wife wants to play Diablo 4 but only has a HD 6850

    that is a very specific question, but true. This is for people looking to run specifically new things, not legacy games or programs. My point being. If your on something prior to Skylake, there is no 'but' there is 'just do a full upgrade'. There is no reason to ask. Move on. Anything else is a...
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    Wife wants to play Diablo 4 but only has a HD 6850

    stupid thought from me, why are we seeing threads of ancient hardware recently? like don't get me wrong. Happy to help people point them in the right way. But really, shouldn't there just be a 'If your PC is from earlier than 2016, here is your starting point' guide?
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    Upgrade my 1080 GTX - What recommendation?

    The problem I have on the Nvidia side is their lineup just simply does not have enough vram. I would recommend anyone get a card with at least 16GB if they want it to last, meaning your looking at at least a 4070 Ti Super if you are going Nvidia this gen.
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    Blizzard Cancels Blizzcon

    2022 and 2023 were post covid years on all events. Pretty much every event had huge problems. 22 was a write off, 23 it was a crap shoot on how bad it was going to be. In short, everyone forgot how to event after the pandemic, and it wasn't really till this year that I have seen like, actual...
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    Radeon RX 7900 GRE Review

    RDNA4 won't have a top end card, highest will be Navi 48. Rumored to be around 7900 XT performance. More than likely they are going to package this in a "8800 XT" build for around 400-500$ Thus if you need a GPU now, 7900 GRE / XT / XTX are not bad buys. They will be around for awhile and some...
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    Net Neutrality expected to be reinstated after officials vote on 4/25/2024

    I guess we have a difference in opinion then. I have no issue with zero rate billing but still would like all my traffic to be treated equally. Which is what I have referred to as net neutrality. I have been educated now that other places are combining zero rate billing into net neutrality...
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    Net Neutrality expected to be reinstated after officials vote on 4/25/2024

    Is no say comcast count not as data in the montly total some service like their own IPTV ? Zero rate billing has nothing to do with net neutrality. as long as the traffic is treated equally, thats all that matters. Zero rate billing is the proces sof excluding some data from other data for...
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    Net Neutrality expected to be reinstated after officials vote on 4/25/2024

    The funny thing is that they (the big companies) are vehemently opposing net neutrality, even though they could use it to really screw over small providers. In short, your example is right, without net neutrality, the ISP could prioritize critical services. With it they cannot. Personally, I'm...
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    New Rig Video Card help

    LukeTbk OK I see where your coming from now. Sadly though, no, upscalers don't work that way. You don't get a 'better' image by rendering at a lower resolution and then using an upscaler to fill in the rest. They are not actually improving the textures, they are just filling in pixels lost due...
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    New Rig Video Card help

    LukeTbk To me what your describing is not upscaling tech, its AI enhancement to existing images. To my understanding, upscaling is the way to render a frame at a lower resolution and 'upscale' it to display natively at a higher resolution. It does this by using various techs to 'fill in the...
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    New Rig Video Card help

    I'm not getting what your saying here. If I'm reading this right I'm thinking you and I have a fundamental difference in understanding of what tech like DLSS and FSR are and why are they used. If you think about it, what DLSS and FSR do is 'make up' mixing pixels. Say your doing a 4k image...
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    New Rig Video Card help

    LukeTbk I am referring to rendering native. Any upscaling tech (DLSS or FSR) has its downsides compared to native rendering (latency, loss of fidelity, ect) and personally, I spend a lot of money to have things look pretty, not to have a slightly higher framerate but it look not as good...
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    New Rig Video Card help

    If i may offer a differing opinion. the 4070 ti super reviews have shown it to be a lackluster product. It's not a 4080, and it sounds like you don't upgrade very often. Personally, I would look into the 7900 XTX. But if...
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    Navi 22 GPU below MSRP in China upsets AMD

    This must be a thing specific to China. I don't believe its legal in the US to set price floor's like this. Once the product is sold to a retailer, right of first sale states that they can do whatever they want with it, including resell it for whatever price... that's what MSRP is. Recommended...
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    official AFMF drivers 24.1.1

    do we know if 24.2.1 is going to get an official release or what the next major driver release will be?
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    Nvidia surpasses Google, Now 3rd Most Valuable Tech Stock.

    AI has some extremely promising benefits. As an example. AI writes better marketing copy than marketers. It can spit out pages and pages of copy with very few issues. The difference being instead of the marketer needing to make up copy, instead it just needs a final sanity check by a human...
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    Intel Arrow Lake to remove HyperThreadding?

    second article has a great example of what hyperthreading actually does, and it makes sense. When we only had 1 or 2 cores in a CPU, hyperthreading was a game changer as it really allowed us to parallelize at the CPU level that was not possible before. Now though, its a hinderance to...
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    official AFMF drivers 24.1.1

    I have been having major issues with these drivers. After three days of fiddling I give up and just went back to 23.12.1 In my case installing these drivers causes my machine to lock up on boot. I can log into windows and then it freezes. Cant do anything except hard reset it and remove the...
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    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    One thing I will state, if your playing around in AI, the 7900 series VRAM is very very good. Problem is a LOT of the commonly used software is stuck in CUDA land. You can get vulcan and rocm builds to work, but it takes extra effort. Meaning out of the box its far easier to get started with an...
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    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    I've been using a 7900 XTX with a decent 850w psu for over a year now and had no issues with spikes. Driver wise, has not been a problem for me. Performance has been good, no complaints So I wouldn't worry about that, its more really what vram you want, if you want RT or Nvidia's software...
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    AMD Ryzen 8000G Processors Launched for the AI PC Era + 5 series updates

    The iGPU on all Zen 4 mainline chips (desktop 7K series) is a extremely basic one built into the I/O die whose purpose is basically to display an output to a screen. It can't do anything really except help diagnose issues and/or do minor office tasks. It is and was not designed for anything...
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    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    I don't know how big of a microwave you have... but I do believe that putting a snatch inside of one is like pulling it from the fridge to begin with. Usually blue lights are involved.
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    AMD Zen 4c Not an E-core, 35% Smaller than Zen 4, but with Identical IPC

    Translation "How do we keep ourselves from going bankrupt"
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    AMD Zen 4c Not an E-core, 35% Smaller than Zen 4, but with Identical IPC

    I remember seeing some of those requirements. That being said I'm not sure the c cores are for that, from what I remember the biggest issue AMD had was because of the distributed design of the mainstream Ryzen packages. By having discreet chiplets with an interconnect it naturally uses more...
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    AMD Zen 4c Not an E-core, 35% Smaller than Zen 4, but with Identical IPC

    This is the precursor chip. IMO It's being put out to iron out the kinks in the windows scheduler before they get to Zen 5 and hopefully we see AMD mix a Zen-c CCD with a x3d CCD both connected to an I/O die in a single AM5 package.
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    Please don't laugh, I need a new graphics card

    What specifically is the ram you have? Ram based on Micron E die or Samsung B/D die can easily OC to 3600 Cas 16. 1usmus has a couple of really good tools you can try to get that up to speed without needing a new kit. Free performance boost. Really anything you can get right now is fantastic...
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    Help me Choose RTX 3060 12 GB or RTX 4060 8GB

    Neither option. Buying a 3060 is a waste given its already a gen old barely midrange card. Isn't worth the price, and the 4060 is a waste of perfectly good silicon. I can't think of a reason to recommend anyone buy it. If you want something that is going to last 4+ years for 1080p, you will...
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    Framework laptop, now with extra AMD

    Saw this yesterday. Think I might order at least one 13 for the wife and 16 for me.
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    Intel cutting employee and executive pay

    I would argue their stagnation started before Skylake. Yes Skylake is when the consumer started to notice, but Intel execs knew the problems as far back as the Sandy or Ivy bridge days. Intel's lack of innovation started to manifest for the consumer in the Haswell generation because it was the...
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    Nvidia has "Unlaunched" the RTX 4080 12GB

    If I recall my tax law correctly, this could be very painful to nvidia or their partners. Why? Depending on the state the inventory is sold in, any inventory that has not moved after the end of the tax year is subject to inventory taxes, and regardless, the cost of purchasing said inventory cant...
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    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    Answer of the day. None of them myself. I'm either going to pick up a new or used 6800xt/6900xt | or radeon 7k series if its price to performance ready. Anything over 300W of power probably is out of the question as I need something that will fit into mATX system. While the 4090 looks...
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    Mom's PC... buy b450 + 3400G now? or wait for 5000g?

    I had a very similar use case back in August for my Gran, her PC died during a lightning storm and needed an urgent replacement so she could get back to doing facebook and keeping up with her family / grandchildren. She's not much into video playback just really needed enough to watch her...
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    Worth upgrading from a 4770k at this point?

    I just upgraded from a 4770K setup. (OC 4.4ghz and 16GB DDR3) to a 3700X system (details in my sig) YES it is worth the upgrade. I have seen benefits across the board in every game I have played. In theory the Ryzen 3 Chips will be faster, but the question really is... are you running into...
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    Which B550 board?

    That's a good point, B550 is more expensive than B450. But you hit on a very important part. Chipset fan is loud and will go bad. B550 removes that. So why not go with B550 instead if you don't need any of the few X570 features? Personally. @ned911 I would wait for reviews before buying...
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    Anyone waiting for a B550 board besides me?

    I had the same problem, I ended up just importing my B450M Mortar Max from Europe for my build. It was fairly easy to do. I am debating if i want to swap my mainboard for the B550 version... Hopefully though they will release the B550M Mortar's in volume. We had like no mATX options for x570...
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    Help with an issue with my 3700X and 5700 XT

    Thank you so much! This resolved the issue! It's not using my GPU at all even when playing video and just running off CPU and CPU is perfectly happy giving it a single thread for video... Now fully can use GPU for the games. It must have been before the hardware acceleration was going through...
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    Help with an issue with my 3700X and 5700 XT

    Hi all! Posting this because I was looking for some help. Hopefully put this in the right sub-forum I recently built a new computer (specs in signature) but one thing I have noticed is much higher GPU usage in Chrome coming from the old computer to the new computer. As in, while playing video...
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    Zen 3 CPUs - 500 Series or Newer Chipsets Only

    This side of the pond, yes. It's a shame though. I honestly do not want a giant ATX system, but ITX is too small. I want something mid-sized. mATX suits me perfectly. Oh well. Hopefully they can have some decent mATX options in B550 (or B650) that will be worth the upgrade.
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    Ryzen 3300X & 3100 Launch Review Round Up Thread

    In short, YES. Day 1 I could tell a difference just on my day to day usage. Part of that I am sure was upgrading to a NVMe SSD from a SATA SSD (I was on a Z87 board and had no options to add a M.2 SSD) Then I loaded some games, YES there was a difference right off the bat. More stable...