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    Ballmer Receives Lower Bonus Than Last Year

    First world problems.
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    Must See Video Of The Day!

    Very impressive!
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    2' HDMI Cable Only $934.99

    In for one.
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    Microsoft Unveils A New Look

    That was it?
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    WoW: Mists of Pandaria releasing September 25

    I'll give the new expansion a shot, but I won't get my hopes up.
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    Man Stabbed Over Video Game

    "PvP happened. L2P."
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    Remote Desktop

    Just to clarify, you want users to connect from the "cloud" to your internal network, and only to their corresponding physical machine?
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    Exchange vs Zimbra?

    I agree with the 1 Day/1st Post noobie. Either way, sounds like Office 365 would do the job.
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    Set Cisco Router Bandwidth/QOS/Rate Limit

    Looks like there was no route entry on Site 1's router to Site 2's, even though they were able to ping each other. I statically added it, and I'll give it a shot tomorrow morning.
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    Set Cisco Router Bandwidth/QOS/Rate Limit

    Let me pick your guys' brain a bit more. I'm having issues adding a second site to the Metro-E. I added Site 1 to the Metro-E, while the rest are still point-to-point, and I got that working fine. Today, I added a Site 2 to the Metro-E, and it's causing an issue with Site 1. Each of the sites...
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    Are there any wireless adaptors that don't blow?

    I also bought a USB wireless adapter from Monoprice. It's rated at 300Mbs, but I only get 72. Not a huge deal, and it doesn't drop its connection.
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    Set Cisco Router Bandwidth/QOS/Rate Limit

    Electro, in the following code: class-map match-any QOS_REAL-TIME match ip dscp 46 (alternatively match ip dscp ef) class-map match-any QOS_CRITICAL-DATA match ip dscp af41 (alternatively match ip dscp 34) match access-group name IMPORTANT-SHIT Why did you use af41 instead of specifying dscp...
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    IObit's Game Booster 3

    Never heard of IOBit until the MBAM incident. I wouldn't go near anything they produce.
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    Set Cisco Router Bandwidth/QOS/Rate Limit

    So, would you recommend shaping a 10 Mbps line to 9, to have a bit of leeway on high traffic times? Or is that just productive at all?
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    Set Cisco Router Bandwidth/QOS/Rate Limit

    Great write-up, Electro! Since the site I'm experiencing issues with is high-profile and high utilization, we're going to move to a single 10 Mbps-provisioned link. If I set the fast ethernet port to 10 Mbps, will this auto queue or something similar, once the line gets pegged?
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    Set Cisco Router Bandwidth/QOS/Rate Limit

    Ahh! Looks like the latency started up again, and I kept getting dropped packets. What's the difference between the shape average command, and traffic shape command? Any suggestions?
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    Set Cisco Router Bandwidth/QOS/Rate Limit

    Electro, thank you very much for your suggestion! I've applied it, and now the latency has stabilized and lowered with the speed average. I noticed it fluctuates and goes higher at times, but lowers back down pretty quickly. Kalthak, thanks for confirming that it was output only. :D
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    Set Cisco Router Bandwidth/QOS/Rate Limit

    Thanks, Electro! Could you shed some more light on the commands? I have created a policy-map with a class-default shape average 3000000, but I am only able to apply it to the interface as an output policy only. Is this correct?
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    Set Cisco Router Bandwidth/QOS/Rate Limit

    Hey guys, I apologize in advance if this is a novice inquiry, but our company just switched from Point-to-Point T1's to Metro Ethernet. On one point-to-point, from our main office to one of our high profile locations, we had two bonded T1's. Now this site has a 3 Mbps Metro-E link, but...
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass Giveaway thread

    ^^That, and his 4 and only posts are in this thread. I'd appreciate a key, if anyone has a spare. :D
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    Moving from T1 (point-to-point) to Metro E

    Thanks for your recommendations, guys! I decided to try OSPF, and it seems to be working so far. I won't know how stable it is until early tomorrow morning when I bring in full working subnets into the mix.
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    How Much Are You Worth To Facebook?

    Apparently I owe FB money after that..
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    Moving from T1 (point-to-point) to Metro E

    Hey guys, thanks for the quick replies Mikey, I believe they said any-to-any MPLS. I'll have to verify with my provider. I was simply pinging between sites, and the response times would increase exponentially, and then time out. Then start once again. I'm attempting to keep the routers at the...
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    Moving from T1 (point-to-point) to Metro E

    Hey guys, I'm attempting to move our network from our existing point-to-point T1s, over to Metro Ethernet. From what I was told, I could have all of our sites' routers use an IP address with the same subnet mask, and they should all be able to communicate. These are Cisco 2800 series routers...
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    Sonic 2 HD Alpha Release!

    Someone took the critiques a bit personal. Either way, great game!
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    Confessions of a Gamer

    The [H] going emo?
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    Zappos CEO Says 24M Customer Accounts Have Been Hacked

    That's interesting; I was going to buy some Chucks from them this last weekend.
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    Folder Permission Issue

    Windows Server, correct? If so, you're saying that even though 'inheritable permissions' is enabled, you still can't get it to work?
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    Skyrim Helmet Made of Bacon

    This looks very delicious!
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    RIP Napster - Again

    I didn't know Napster was resurrected. RIP, either way.
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    Maddening DHCP superscope issue

    So you can verify that the computer in the 10.1.2.X subnet does indeed receive a DHCP address?
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    General Networking/Computer Issue

    Looks like it might be hosed. Before you do any more hardware troubleshooting, have you checked or cleared the BIOS yet?
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    weak wifi

    Your current network setup with devices used, as well as approximate distances, are a good start.
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    weak wifi

    Is that your job responsibility, or are you simply an end-user?
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    Must See Video of the Day

    I really enjoyed it. Nice footage of the lightning.
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    Windows network settings desktop widget?

    I was thinking to myself that there had to be an application that would let me quickly do this, just an hour ago. /subscribed
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    If Quake was made today..

    Took me a while to realize that it was all part of the game LOL
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    Brands - Who Do You Use At Work?

    Server: Dell Network: Cisco VOIP: ShoreTel Desktop: Dell Laptop: Lenovo OS: Windows Printer: HP and Xerox UPS: APC