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    How my current Gaming PC compares to 2020 Consoles

    1080ti 7700k 16gb, 4tb of ssd
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    Any peeps here switched from a 1080ti to a liquid cooled vega 64 and Freesync monitor?

    Well shewt, I have not done my homework. Thanks for the tip on FastSync. Makes a noticable difference playing BFV
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    Ugly GPUs

    Had this one, not as outrageous as others but remember thinking as a 16 year old... why the hell do I need mermaid tits on my video card?
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    That reminds me, I never finished the campaign.. now that I have a better grip on the guns and gadgets should be more fun.
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    Steam links are $15 at Amazon

    I bought one last time they were 15$. Do everything you can to connect this via Ethernet. WiFi can be laggy.
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    1080ti with 4770k and 650 watt PSU?

    Thanks for the info, good news as I can buy my 1080ti earlier.
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    1080ti with 4770k and 650 watt PSU? LSP ULTRA 650 watt. Not sure if this is a decent brand or not. Reviews were good when I bought it
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    1080ti with 4770k and 650 watt PSU?

    As the title states, I have a 4770k, no OC at the momnet, And a 650w PSU. I'm worried that A: 4770k will need to be upgraded and B: the PSU doesn't have the horses to keep everything going. Any help would be ppretitated
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    Kerberal Space Program- Awesome space indie game

    Going to have to revisit Kerbal you inspiried me
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    Full limb damage and effects possible with current-gen?

    Fallout 4 as limb damage done pretty well
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    friend is new to computer games....need game advice

    For hack and slash I like DMC and Bayonetta
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    friend is new to computer games....need game advice

    Fallout 4 is highly addicting, I hadnt played the others but got sucked in to all the nuiances
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    Kerberal Space Program- Awesome space indie game

    Do people still play this I remember spending some time
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    Emulating old OSes for old games?

    I used Dosbox to setup a VM to run old programs.
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    Fallout: Cascadia Total Conversion / Mod

    Great looking MOD ill have to try it
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    DiRT 4 is coming June 2017

    Would love to get a wheel setup, some people go nuts with them
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    DiRT 4 is coming June 2017

    Dirt is great, I like racing games but this has always been the one I play most.
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    TEKKEN 7 is coming to PC - Lead platform due to engine

    Always prefered tekkan over Street fighter
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    Skull & Bones

    Hype train!
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    Old timers : Do you REALLY enjoy the games today like past games?

    Things change, but it was fun being the first Gen of online multiplayer, and see how raw the experience was playing CS 1.3 with a bunch of people spamming the vents with nades.
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    killing floor free on HB

    co-op is best
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    Free game - ShadowWarrior

    Comes up every couple months on humble worth a pickup
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    BioShock: The Collection (remastered)

    This reminds me, I need to finish Infinite..
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    Steam summer sale countdown 2017

    I thought this years SS was lacking, maybe I just own all the games I want
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    Free Steam keys

    These always go quick
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    Still a great game though, I would reccomend if you like any of the other BF
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    I'm wishing I got the season pass when this launched,
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    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    lol Yea so much for this being a bust ehy?
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    Forza Horizon 3

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    Needing a 32" 1080p or 1440p 144hz Monitor for GTX 1080

    The viotek 34" freesync 100hz for 500$ is a great deal, I bought one
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    VIOTEK GN34C 34x14 100Hz VA with freesync $550

    500$ on Massdrop BTW they get them often
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    VIOTEK GN34C 34x14 100Hz VA with freesync $550

    I bought on of these on Massdrop, it is absolutely beautiful, no dead pixels. Would reccomend
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    Thermaltake Core v1 Snow Edition mITX case SOLD

    Damn good deal.
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    Five(5) GTX 1080 Founders Edition (Ebay) $460 or less

    Dman would have been a good grab, all gone
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    Gigabyte Releases the Smallest GTX 1080 Graphics Card Ever

    Can you OC with thise boards or are the watered down a bit to accommodate the size?
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    Budget Video Cards?

    Definatly the 1060, great budget card should run games at medium for a couple years.