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    Kyle: "Heck, AGP8X is still not fully utilized."

    ID usually makes engines that other games license, and I am certain this is a new engine that they made...
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    What do I need, bare minimum for a file server??

    You want a 100mbit or perhaps gigE if you will be doing a lot of transferring... My p450 326mb computer works great as a fileserver
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    Thinking about starting a hardware reviews site...your thoughts?

    Those logos sorta look like something you would see on a tampon box IMO.. Obviously having a fairly good site design is essential for the site, but I would specialize in a specific area that other people don't do many reviews on. Perhaps a site about power supplies would be a good way to...
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    Thinking about starting a hardware reviews site...your thoughts?

    uhhh wtf I'm guessing and hoping english is your second language. Also, even HardOCP started didn't just magically have 80,000 users :D And this forum is part of HardOCP, so we all know about it :confused: :confused:
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    My sister "kicked" the power strip...

    pcu? try formatting your post dude.... and what does "knock the harddrive mean" ugh
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    Problem with new Comp please hurry and respond I need help

    You probably aren't holding down the power button for long enough...sometimes it defaults to an obscene amount of time. Only reason I have had computers not POST was because of the video card try swapping parts out for some spare ones
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    Antec Sonata and 350?! watt power supply?

    lol yeah...the novelty wore off after a while for laffs connect them to the fan controlled molex
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    WORKLOG: Project Hideout 2

    if you are gonna go to all that trouble, why not add some ducting underneath the desks for exhausting air coming out of the PCs. Of course you wouldn't want to exhaust all the air because most of the air from the systems is going to be cooler than what is outside (during the summer) but the...
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    Sub $300 system based off of an 1800+

    No one really wants to do your work for you....and also....isn't it a little late to build a system to give your mother for valetines day? Maybe a NForce 2.0 mobo with onboard video would be the way to go, along with a 40gb HD and a geforce mx video card
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    The Real Proyect Mirror Finish

    :( I was hoping it was going to be polished aluminum....I've only seen one of those (the cubit) and it was cool.
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    Anyone fold on a prescott yet?

    Anyone fold on a prescott yet?
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    My New Comp

    Try reading some more, he said he wants a socket 939. That will probably make his AGP card obsolete. Comparing a machine that you built at home and maintain, to one that you use at work and don't have control over is not a fair comparision. There is probably all sorts of programs running...
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    Rig for a programmer?

    I'd get a relatively lowend processor...A Tbred 2100 would work fine. Get plenty of ram, at least 512 mb, a dual head graphics card, and two monitors. I think having that extra workspace would add to your productivity more than and hardware upgrade. And a raptor HD would be nice to speed up...
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    My New Comp

    ahh my bad
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    someone is brute forcing my image gallery

    have mod_rewrite redirecting all sorts of stuff to goatse... for some reason the way I blocked his Ip the first time didn't work...maybe a typo
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    My New Comp

    Uhh...a lil fan boyism right there.... but new graphics cards will be pci-x so hes not gonna have this one for ages, thus making you point pointless
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    someone is brute forcing my image gallery

    not allowed by the isp...
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    someone is brute forcing my image gallery can't upload stuff to mine though and someone brute forcing your site isnt cool by any
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    WORKLOG - Project COBRA

    :( he doesn't post anymore..
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    Abit NF7 owners...

    silent..unless you have to other fans the bigger fans certainly drown it out...and they are fairly quiet (120mm 7v)
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    My New Comp

    well you are going to hear ratpadgs is the best gaming mousepad... I just use one that I got for free Don't buy top of the line stuff, then wait 4 years to upgrade like you currently did...its nice to have hot shit right now, but sucks down the road. I'd get the 128mb graphics card and...
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    someone is brute forcing my image gallery

    aside from banning 67.41.20.* im not sure what else to do...hmm I'm not worried about them getting my password, or using up bandwidth (gzip makes it 3kb) but it pisses me off
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    Barton 2500+ and overclocking = newbie :)

    My barton runs at 2100mhz, 1.65vcore on modified stock cooling. Runs about 52C, 100% stable On an NF7-S 2.0 though...and with corsair xms 3500 ram
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    someone is brute forcing my image gallery

    wtf...who brute forces an image gallery. This is pissing me off, but I can't manage to resolve that hostname...and furthermore why would anyone want to brute force it?
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    Some Longhorn build 6.0.4051 Screenshots

    fixed the links
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    Some Longhorn build 6.0.4051 Screenshots

    Yeah...apparently the multi tasking for this one sucks too. The bulk of the upgrades seem to be on the interface... of course no one knows how much of the guts they redid
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    Some Longhorn build 6.0.4051 Screenshots

    My buddy installed longhorn and took some screenshots. You guys have probably already seen this stuff, but I figured you might be interested. And this is the latest build target properties..that is pretty cool and I hadn't seen that before...
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    Best Socket 754 Heatsink

    I guess no one knows.... oh well
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    Best Socket 754 Heatsink

    What do you guys consider the best socket 754 HS? I'm building a A64 box and haven't found any besides the Zalman one (CNPS700A-Cu ) I'm a thermalright fan myself, and they don't have any HS made for the 754 but I was wondering if you knew of an adaptor, or had a recommendation of your own...