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    Anyone else playing Shadow Warrior?

    I played it. It was a great shooter (even though I used the katana most of the time!) and had a surprisingly decent story. I loved the ending. Really good game.
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    What's the oldest game you keep going back to play?

    This, and also Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim I also tend to beat Mario 64 once a year. And I keep going back to a lot of old console games. Still searching for a fully functional ROM for Zombies Ate My Neighbors
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    How strict were your parents on violent videogames?

    I played and beat Half-Life when I was seven, then the first two Soldier of Fortune games a bit later on as well as Postal 2 in my early adolescence, so they weren't strict at all. My dad would sometimes enter my room while I was pissing on or lighting people on fire in Postal 2 and would ask me...
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    Disk Read Error with new hard drive

    BUMP and update: So the hard drive works perfectly fine in my computer, but is not detected at all in my brother's. Does anyone know what could possibly cause this? I don't think I've ever had this happen before. At least we are able to get in windows now. I've tried 2 different SATA cables but...
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    Disk Read Error with new hard drive

    I just moved the drive over into my own PC, and... DOA would have been nice since the course of action is at least clear. Specs for my PC in sig; pretty close to what my brother has.
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    Disk Read Error with new hard drive

    My brother just bought a new 1 TB Western Digital drive. I helped him install it, we booted up and had some problems. First, Windows wouldn't boot; it would just hang on a black screen with a blinking cursor. Unplugging the new drive would allow us to get into windows. After messing around for...
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    Checked some of my 'in-game' hours..... Yikes

    TF2 - 314 hours Skyrim - 198 CSS - 197 Fallout 3 - About 36 since I got it on Steam, but there are 80 - 90 hours more before that
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    Post your opinion of games as you beat them!

    :D Dishonored :) Max Payne 3 :D Skyrim :D Doom 2 :D Mario 64 The last few months have been good
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    Games you play that you never get "sick" of?

    Adding on to my first post... Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 - Never get sick of making crazy parks. I even invented a fictional theme park company. The parks are all split into various color-coded areas that follow certain themes. All are presided over by a special character whose name is posted on a...
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    dang you gog...

    BiH115, play Blood asap! It's awesome. Slightly more on topic, I used to watch my older brothers play Stonekeep back in the day. They got pretty far, but those goblins always scared the crap out of us. We bought it on GOG about a year ago and they STILL scared us. Lots of memories. I'm just...
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    Games you play that you never get "sick" of?

    Fallout 3 - Played through tree times, certainly more to come. I love the atmosphere, never fails to draw me in Fable: The Lost Chapters Majesty Half Life - I've beaten it 9 or 10 times, It was actually the first proper PC game I ever played, back when I was 7 years old Mount & Blade And of...
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    Legend of Grimrock 2 Announced

    Awesome. I actually haven't finished the first one yet, but it's still one of my favorites of the last two years. Which is strange since I'm young enough to never have played a dungeon crawler before, besides just watching my brothers play Stonekeep and crapping my pants whenever I heard those...
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    I like their box design! Never had a Galaxy card before, have heard good things though
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    Why you don't play bf3?

    EA chars
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    How bigs your steam folder

    87 games out of 133 installed, currently taking up 344 gb
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    What games have you stopped playing because of severe bugs?

    Anyone remember a cheesy little game called Devastation? People floating up the sides of buildings as if they are climbing a ladder, etc. I can't remember all the bugs, but it was pretty terrible.
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    Just Cause 2 - Am I going to like it or hate it?

    This game is a lot of fun. There is no end to the awesome stunts you can do. Blow up entire city; dive under water for thirty seconds; the army forgets about you; do it again.
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    L4D 2 No Mercy & The Sacrifice Coming

    I would say 100%. And maybe a free weekend.
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    Galaxy-level scale game engine demo

    Waiting for an open-ended science fiction RPG using this technology that takes place across the entire universe. That would be the ultimate game. Until then, I can settle for dreams...
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    BFG RMA questions/stories?

    I still remember the PC I had 5 or 6 years ago. It was in a blue thermaltake Xaser case, not sure what the exact model was. The power supply was an Antec; it had 512mb of pc3200 RAM, an AMD Athlon 2500 CPU clocked at, iirc, 1.8 ghz. And the graphics card was a BFG Asylum GeForce FX 5900. That...
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    Anyone here play Sims 3?

    I had the same thing happen while saving a huge family that I had invested a lot of time into - you can try going into your saves folder and renaming the backup save as the regular save. It worked for me, but I lost a few days. Also, I know there was a pretty simple console command to increase...
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    Thief Deadly Shadows on Vista 64 bit?

    Thanks! Glad to hear the older ones work too, they were great. I lost my Dark Project disc years ago though. :p
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    Thief Deadly Shadows on Vista 64 bit?

    I don't see any mention of vista on the steam page. I read somewhere that it's supposed to be vista compatible but I guess people have still had problems. Just wondering if anyone here has personally played it on Vista.
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    Thief Deadly Shadows on Vista 64 bit?

    I was thinking about getting this game since I loved the first one and it's only 20 bucks on steam. I'm running 64 bit Vista Home Premium and wondered if anyone knows if the game will work. I've googled it but can't come up with any concrete proof that it works.
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    Valve Complete Pack

    If you buy the complete pack on steam you save 139 dollars off the individual price. A hell of a deal.
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    L4D? that good?

    Really great game IMO... Maybe you have to have a certain personality to be able to play the campaigns over and over again. They really are different each time, especially on versus mode. I can't wait for survival mode and the SDK so I can start playing different levels. Also in the next update...
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    Best Game EVER?

    Half-Life. Maybe Half-Life 2. If we're talking multiplayer than CS 1.6 or CSS. No I'm not a Valve whore. OK maybe I am. But no one can say that they don't make great games.
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    [H]ardest Ghottomod

    Just buy more electrical tape and cover it. Then it'll look awesome. :cool:
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    Help with laptop DVD drive

    My DVD drive isn't detected but receives power. IMG software like Daemon Tools and Magic ISO don't work either. Toshiba satellite A205-S5843, I don't remember what my DVD drive model is exactly but it doesn't matter since I tried downloading software for it a while back only to get a message...
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    Max Payne 1 and 2 vista compatibility

    I have Vista Home Premium 64 bit and Max Payne 2 works just fine for me. However the first game does not. The sound doesn't work at all. I think there is a solution, which involves converting all sounds to a different type that is vista compatible. I tried it out but it didn't work for me.
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    A good case?

    I really like the look of the v1000b And what about this case: It seems to fit my needs quite well and one reviewer says he fit a 4870x2 in it. Anyone own it?
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    A good case?

    Yeah I forgot about shipping... But still, the most I really want to spend is 200, but if I got a bit over it shouldn't be a problem. Just a bit, though. BTW, is the pc-v1000B on Newegg? Can't seem to find it.
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    A good case?

    I'm probably gong to be buying a new case to future proof my rig and allow for upgrades. I want it to big enough for the hugest graphics cards. Good cooling is a must (or good cooling possibility, IE spots for fans to go). I also need it to be under 200$, preferably under 150$ The problem is...
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    Is Crysis a good game? (not just eye candy)

    I thought it was good fun, the alien floating around bit got old pretty quickly though. But for the most part I enjoyed it. Was a bit frustrating trying to get it running well.
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    Is it safe to say that All hyped games are probably not all that great?

    It's probably safe to say that MOST hyped games don't live up to the expectations 100%. Sometimes you get a buggy POS that is nothing like what the devs promised and sometimes you get a game like Bioshock.
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    FUEL: Dumbest concept ever

    Racing for fuel is like f*cking for virginity.
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    Can someone tell me what's so good about Half Life 2?

    It's pretty linear game, but that's the beauty. The scripted sequences are great. The fighting is great, IMO. The characters are great. The storytelling is great. The scenery is great. You should at least play it until you get the gravity gun and can play through Ravenholm with it. HL2 is an...
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    Spore out on Friday!

    It's gonna be cool. Should be getting it for my Bday on the 16th
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    Did I finish Oblivion too soon?

    Most of the side quests are really repetitive. I still played through all of them. Some were better than others. They all were at least a bit enjoyable. All of the guild quests were really fun, as well as the arena, and the main quest was awesome. But after that there really isn't much to do...