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    BF3 Multi-Player Amazing

    I wish I could play this game. I have it loaded and when i goto battlelog it says my name is taken and no other names work. This is driving me crazy.
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    Stock cooler - i5-2500k

    I just got my antec 620 and even at 4.5ghz my 2500k never goes near what it did at stock speed with retail heatsink.
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    Antec KÜHLER HO 620 CPU Water Cooler Review @ [H]

    Got mine today. Took forever to figure how to install with instructions but once I got it installed it was really easy. This this is awesome keep my CPU way cool. I bumped my 2500k up to 4.5ghz no problem and my temps are still way lower than the old retail intel cooler.
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    World of Warcraft "Scroll of Resurrection"

    Could use a scroll if anyone has one. PM me Thanks.
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    Bitcoin debate thread

    Why does anyone care?
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    Antec KUHLER HO 920 CPU Water Cooler Review @ [H]

    Thank you :) its coming in the mail monday and I just wanted to be ready. Can't wait to see the improvement over my retail intel HSF lol.
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    Antec KUHLER HO 920 CPU Water Cooler Review @ [H]

    Quick question. I just bought a 620 and I was wondering if I need to get my own thermal paste of if whats already on the cooler is good enough.
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    ok thanks. I have two 5850s
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    I see lots of mention of SDK 2.1. I am not sure how to check what version I have installed and how do I installed 2.1 if I have something else? I have the newest drivers 11.6 I believe. I am sure I am probably running higher than 2.1?
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    sign me up for a [H] pool as well. I saw mention of it in eariler post but I got lost in all the comments to see if anything ever came of it. I get around 600 mhash with my two 5850s. I have had them for almost 2 years. Its nice to see them still earning their keep after all this time lol
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) for $63.74

    Just a quick question I have a new sandybridge 2500k build and I am confussed about which of these would be best for me. Any suggestions?
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    Bitcoin mining and Crossfire Issue... Weird!

    I have a hdmi cable plugged into my monitor from my 2nd card. Works fine.
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    what mining pools should I use. I just started this I have been running BTC Guild and my stats are 0.33467172 BTC in the last 24 hours 596.52 MH/sec currently. I haven't had it running for 24 hours straight but is this good lol?
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    Gaming desktop - worth waiting for Ivy Bridge?

    I upgraded to a Sandy Bridge 2500k for 250 bucks including the motherboard. No waiting involved. I figured it will last me another 2 years till I upgrade again.
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    WARM: Create your own bundle @ MicroCenter ($40 off any mobo w/ CPU purchase)

    Just got back from buying a 2500k and MSI MSI P67A-G43 the motherboard was marked down to $69 after $40 off combo, $25 coupon and I still have $15 mail in rebate.
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    WARM: Create your own bundle @ MicroCenter ($40 off any mobo w/ CPU purchase)

    thats worth a shot. It says to print the coupon out. I donno how they would know who its for.
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    WARM: Create your own bundle @ MicroCenter ($40 off any mobo w/ CPU purchase)

    does that really work? It says no photocopies
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    WARM: Create your own bundle @ MicroCenter ($40 off any mobo w/ CPU purchase)

    I am thinking about going for this deal.. but what motherboard to get thats cheapest yet still has good crossfire capabilies because I have two 5850s already.
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    WTB active displayport adaptor

    As titles says I am looking for active displayport for eyefinity. I just got 3 monitors and forgot all about the display port I need. email: [email protected] heat XBLiNKX
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    [Staples]Acer P216HV bd 21.5" LCD $70 INSTORE ONLY

    I was wondering the same for a 3 monitor setup. Anyone know a decent cheap 3 monitor stand?
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    [Staples]Acer P216HV bd 21.5" LCD $70 INSTORE ONLY

    its got the 4 holes on the back to use another mount which is good because the stand it comes with is horrible. I have one of them plugged into my netbook at work now i am typing from.
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    [Staples]Acer P216HV bd 21.5" LCD $70 INSTORE ONLY

    I bought two of them. I haven't hooked them up but thanks for the heads up. They had 9 of them at my staples. It was about 74 bucks each with tax.
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    World of Warcraft "Scroll of Resurrection"

    I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me an offer for a scroll. But unfortunitly it seems it hasn't been 90 days yet for me. My last payment was on 11/1/07 so I guess I need to wait till the end of this month begining of next to use one. Thanks again I had a ton of offers for scrolls :)
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    World of Warcraft "Scroll of Resurrection"

    I was thinking of playing alittle again. If anyone could PM me one?.
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    warhaws vs ut3 which for ps3

    well never played warhawk but UT3 sucks
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    Virtual Console Games

    yea the n64 paper mario is on there I have it. Seems like a very good game, havent played it much though.
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    XBLA - Goldeneye 007 (the N64 version) rumor

    SS1 and 2 are 2 of my favorite games EVER. I want SS3!!! anyways to the thread.. I loved goldeneye multiplayer!! Spends hours and hours everyday playing 4 player after school back in HS.
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    Can you help with identifying a "old school" NES game

    rc pro am maybe? i donno but i used to love that game lol
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    When will we embrace UT3?

    When did console gamers start embracing UT3? I bought it and its almost impossible to find anyone playing and its a new game.
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    PS3...60GB or 80GB?

    the 60gb has hardware PS2 playback. The 80gb is software emulation. So if PS2 compatiablity is a major must for you the 60 is sure bet though I have yet to find a game I have that doesn't work fine on my 80gb.
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    Rock Band Special Ed. Bundle PS3 sold out everywhere?

    I went to try and pick either the ps3 or 360 versions this weekend and could not find either of them. Oh well
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    Crazy people at Gamestop and their Wii's.

    I got a Wii last year easy just walked into best buy when they first opened on sunday. I don't understand why they are so hard to get a year later and why everyone wants one. They really aren't that amazing. Mostly just crappy mini games.
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    is the BS from microsoft???

    well if he had the replacement plan I understand. I just took my xbox back after nearly 2 years (3 days before the 2 year plan was up) and I got 400 bucks of in store credit.
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    Unsure about hdmi cable choice for ps3 setup

    BB tried to sale me a 100 dollar HDMI cable. I was like I am not spending that much then get pointed me to the 60 dollar one and said its not as good but the picture difference wouldn't be to noticeable
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    Remote play all PSone games from PS3 on the PSP?

    I was playing FF7 off my ps3 its pretty cool. It looks great on the small psp screen almost looks like a new game with no jaggies and stuff.
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    List of great but not mainstream games?

    RotT was sweet though I only had the demo which was a full episode like doom. I played it all the time.
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    whats everyone think of NFS prostreet?

    I downloaded the demo for PS3 and I hated it. But I am not really a racing game fan anyways.
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    Other than motorstorm (came with my ps3) its the only PS3 game I have and I love it. Great game and fun online play. No problems with the controls. There is aim assist you can turn on it you like.