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    GF3Ti200 64MB or GF4MX440-8x 128MB as holdover Doom3 card?

    I agree. I highly doubt my Athlon XP 2000+ and Radeon 9700 Pro will have a huge difficulty running it at 1024x768.
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    $75 = dx9 card?

    I believe that the GeforceFX 5200 is DX9, and you could probably find one for around $75. However, its a horrible performer and you're better off keeping your existing video card. If I were you I wouldn't look to buy anything less than a Radeon 9600 Pro. Thats probably not what you want to...
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    My 9600XT was compared to a 4200

    It probably won't give you vastly different performance in terms of FPS, but you will be able to make games look better by enabling FSAA and AF without crippling performance.
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    It's here!! On my way home to test..ehhehe *PIC*

    Enjoy it man. Nothing gets me more giddy then when I buy a new video card and run it through all my games.
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    2001FP - The Picture Thread!

    Looks like an 1800FP to me, which is what I have.
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    Offset mapping performance on the x800PRO!!

    Awesome, thanks.
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    I'd get the PowerColor one simply based off of the fact that I have never heard of Info-Tek.
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    Offset mapping performance on the x800PRO!!

    If I download this map, will I be able to see the same affects as you with my Radeon 9700 PRO?
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    far cry demo oddness [pic]

    Fixed in the full version of the game.
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    Unreal Engine 3 footage from NV40 launch

    OMG :eek: That was amazing. Farcry looks freaking amazing right now, but thats much more impressive.
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    9700Pro or 9800Pro

    Get the 9700 Pro. Damn I spent $365 on mine when it came out and you're getting it for $75:(
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    geforce fx 5900se vs ati 9800

    I'd take the 9800 if you got the cash. Free is good too.
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    FAR CRY's Water Rendition (vs. competitor's Engine)

    Uhh..... I'm sure they will include water in the Doom 3 engine since a lot of games are going to be based off of it. Not to include water in Doom 3 would just be stupid.
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    SoF2 FOREVER!!!

    Yes, SOF2 multiplayer rules.
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    OMG..Far Cry Bathroom Lifted from Doom3

    I don't see how its overrated. Graphically its the best game out. Period. People like seeing a game that finally pushes their high end systems. Secondly the level design and gameplay are beyond excellent, making it an incredible fun game to play. The story is no Half-Life, but it doesn't...
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    This Changes Everything (Farcry)

    Pre-orderd at my EB this afternoon. Demo blew me away, and I've heard nothing but good things from the people who have the full version. Damn, I bought my 9700Pro when it first came out thinking it'd last me through college, but after playing Farcry I'm wanting more.
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    Farcry has deformable terain

    AHHHHH!!!! Its driving me nuts waiting for this game to be released, I can't wait to pick it up.
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    Best drivers for ATI?

    I use the 4.2s cause they are the most recent.
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    worst graphics card you have used

    I had an 8MB TNT2 in the first computer I owned. Looking back it was crappy as hell, but I didn't know anything about computers at the time, and didn't mind running all my games in 640X480.
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    Cold cathode durability?

    Got mine last year around November. I've had it on whenever my computer is on, which is usually 8 or more hours a day. Still going strong.
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    Is the ATI RADEON 9600 PRO.....

    9600XT is a good card. It'll run all the games you mentioned well, just not with all the eye candy. If you can afford the 9800Pro, its a better card and you will notice the difference.
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    Anyone still play SOF2

    Still play it once in a while, although now I'm in college so I don't get as many opprotunities. That game was great at LAN parties, I remember playing 4 V 4 all night on many occasions.
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    UT04 fps?

    I run at 1280X1024 with 16XAF and no FSAA and I get about 30-40 on average. Sometimes in a really big firefight it will get to 25FPS, but never lower than that. Oh yeah, and I only play onslaught so thats probably why my FPS are a bit low.
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    9800 pro vs 9800se

    Even if it is only the fourth best, it still is an amazing card. Hell, I still think my 9700Pro is a top of the line card. Runs everything I throw at it fine.
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    Legacy of Kain: Defiance... Which one to buy!

    I'd get it on Xbox if you aren't going the PC route.
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    radeon sucks on CS and HL

    I have absolutley no problems, but I guess some do.