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    Intel Security Positioned As A Leader In The Gartner Magic Quadrant For SIEM

    Anyone using the product here that would be willing to leave a high level review? Is it the cats pajamas or is Gartner derping?
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    Modders Moving Sale

    I sent PM about the Hitachi HDD.
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    FCC: Wi-Fi Blocking Is Illegal

    I would say decriminalize, but yes, this. Property rights don't exist in this world. Bring on the fascistic democracy, woohoo!
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    PSA: No-IP got shot by Microsoft's Nerf Cannon

    It's easy to answer. Government. Yeah, fascism is amazing like that. Just because it's your property doesn't mean it's your property. Hello! We all signed that incredibly legitimate and binding social contract with our very own baby blood.
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    poe switch for home lab

    +1 for 3560.
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    The Digital World Is Not As Democratic As We Think

    The last thing the internet needs is a democracy...
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    Survey Says Hackers Are Winning

    Gotta justify all this loss of liberty somehow, right? ...
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    Mozilla Claims To Have Fix For Net Neutrality

    Leave the internet alone. Stop regulating. Get out of the way so more ISP's can be created and let competition be the regulator. The fascistic democracy we are currently living in doesn't work.
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    re-visit network monitoring

    Cisco ISE + Cisco Prime (Not windows) Accelops
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    The Console Wars Won’t Be Anything Like You Expect

    It's not often wise to use that word never.
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    Bitcoin Prices Continue To Plummet

    LMAO! No, the USA is not capitalist.
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    AT&T: Kill Net Neutrality For Cheaper Internet

    It's always nice to see statists getting butt hurt by my comments. The free market will always be better than any sort of government manipulated (with the smiley face aid of corporations) illusion of a free market. Free markets have built in regulation and just because none of the statists...
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    AT&T: Kill Net Neutrality For Cheaper Internet

    Net Neutrality = Government Regulation = Bad. The problem, though, is all the other crap these big companies have gotten into the law books. So it's not even remotely a free market where idiotic practices can be corrected through market forces.
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    Career Interview - Network Administrator

    1. Would you describe yourself as a nerd? 2. What's your favorite thing about administering a network. Security and Design. I am also strangely attracted to structured cabling, you know, when it resembles art more than it resembles a bunch of cables, that's hawt. 3. What's the part of...
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    Former Apple Security Engineer To Apple: 'Fix Your Sh-t'

    Apple security? ROFLMAO! That's a great joke.
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    I Need Your Old Computer Hardware!

    If I didn't have to pay for shipping... :P I have too much crap.
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    Could The Net Neutrality Ruling Affect Your Gaming?

    Sounds like the worst idea ever. Get government out of it all. The problem is fascism and the over reaching arm of government and their marriage to big companies which in turn push out oppressive regulations that erode free enterprise. Net neutrality laws are a silly joke. If the free market...
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    Carmakers Keep Data On Drivers' Locations

    It's as if we are all seen as money dispensaries. :p The fight for your money is among the strongest of all fights.
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    It Pays to Be America's Most-Hated Companies

    Ummm..... This is the nature of fascism. This is hardly free enterprise. A more interesting graph to see would be profits in relation to lobbying or profits in relation to how many politicians have been bought. Free enterprise would actually fix this problem.
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    Utah ISP beats Google to the punch.

    Check it out. This ISP is offereing gigabit for the same price as google fiber and they are offering it right now. - From what I can tell they will indeed allow you to run servers and you get to control...
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    Securing files by passwords...How secure?

    Good read: You can always use TrueCrypt and create an encrypted file that you can mount like a thumb drive and drop your file(s) into.
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    Looking for a cheap IPSec appliance - Ideas?

    Get an old (new if you want?) computer, slap 2 intel NICs in it then install pfsense and go nuts. You can do both OpenVPN and IPSEC either/or/both/none. (second post today with this same comment. :) ) I had a Dell precision 380 with 2 intel pro 1000's inside. I was pushing over 300 IPSec...
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    Route Between Networks

    Grab a crappy computer, slap 2 intel NICs inside and install pfsense. You can do everything you are talking about with it and it will cost you very close to $0.
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    always on VPN for offsite server

    I would go IPSEC (super easy in pfSense), but if you can't put in a firewall at the DC it sounds like OpenVPN would be best for your situation. You would install the OpenVPN client on your CentOS server and the OpenVPN server can be pfSense. Then you just need to configure it the way you need...
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    People Who Buy Apple Products Are Narcissists

    I think it has a lot to do with emotion. People want to feel like they made a good purchase. Apple has positioned themselves in such a way that a lot of people make emotional connections with their devices, some sweet sweet robot love. This is also the same problem we have with politics. People...
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    Internet service??

    100/100 No Limits $45 (Doesn't include the subsidy the city charges everyone through taxation though)
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    How Netflix Decides What You'll Watch Next

    To me it feels more like they are trying to shove certain things down everyone's throats. My guess is because they get more money for doing so. Some sort of incentive is driving the system and has nothing to do with taste or matching... /opinion.
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    Senate Panel Votes To Study Video Game Violence
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    Cybercrime Can Cost Economy Up To $500B

    You gotta justify all that enforcement and bureaucratic spending somehow. What better way than to make things up?
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    Most Android Phones Are Crap

    I love how much emotion is tied to this topic. Too bad there's rarely any room for reason or logic. :(
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    My home network rebuild

    I like the wall art :)
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    encrypted IM server

    +3 -- OpenFire + Spark = Win. :D
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    White House Weighs Options For Expanding Wiretap Laws

    There aren't many cops around that know how to do good honest police work, but that's by design. Who else would go after their own neighbors, friends and family by the simple order of their boss? 2001 did happen and is the result of a lot of this crap, you can't deny that. If you do, you are...
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    HTC One vs 50 Cal Sniper Rifle

    Perhaps some of you are taking this a little too seriously. We all know this is a marketing strategy. See it for what it is and maybe turn the rage down a little.
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    Provo Utah Getting Google Fiber Next

    Not really. Government has no business running any business... period. Not even the beloved utilities. They didn't have much choice about Veracity. Either Veracity bought the competition or the competition went out of business on their own. Other ISP's wanted nothing to do with iProvo and for...
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    Provo Utah Getting Google Fiber Next

    It's easy to understand. Provo failed miserably trying to be a government ISP. Land owners take the hit for the bad policies and continue to pay the bonds off. Provo politicians save face by selling the city fiber network to google for $1. Google gets a $30 million + jump start on laying fiber...
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    Cops: U.S. Law Should Require Text Message Logs

    What happened to good police work? Everything is a crutch these days. Freedom is so obnoxious.