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    CBS All Access online TV Free for 1 month

    Yes or you can use paypal as well if I recall correctly.
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    Conan Exiles Is Free On the Epic Games Store

    For a dev kit it sure takes up a lot of space at 170+ gb
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    Justice Department Sues California Over Net Neutrality Law

    Why does the article state that it's the FCC correctly the first time, but then the rest of the time it refers to it as the FTC? Since Ajit Pai worked for Verizon formerly, it doesn't surprise me that the FCC is suing California as they're attempting to prevent ISPs from double-dipping and it'll...
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    FREE Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

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    [UPlay] For Honor Starter Free for limited time

    Ubisoft is giving away For Honor Starter free for a limited time on Uplay.
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    Guns of Icarus Alliance

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    Galactic Civilizations

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    Free copy of destiny 2 with purchase of gpu

    It's not actually free if you have to purchase something to get it.
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    YouTube Cracks Down on Far-Right Videos as Conspiracy Theories Spread

    How do you know he was joking? If you haven't been paying attention, or are just blindly ignoring all of the signs that show just what type of person your child-in-chief really is then I feel sorry for you because that is exactly the type of thing he hopes to aspire to as he'd be following in...
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    YouTube Cracks Down on Far-Right Videos as Conspiracy Theories Spread

    It's funny how you're referring to Hilary Clinton as Shitlary, but yet it's your President that's acting like one big pile of shit since he's been in office. You say say you've never seen videos about Trump and why Hilary is bad, yet there has been reports by every intelligence agency in the US...
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    YouTube Cracks Down on Far-Right Videos as Conspiracy Theories Spread

    You're forgetting to mention that he's now hoping that America will follow in China's footsteps and elect a President (I bet he hopes it's him) for life instead of just a 4 year term like we have now.
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    Bose Sound True Ultra Apple/Android Earbuds $79 instead of $129

    I think he's referring to this "Get $50 off instantly: Pay $79.90 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card" under price of the earbuds. The android version is listed at $99 with "Get $50 off instantly: Pay $49.00 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card" underneath the price as well.
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    UNICEF recruiting gamers to mine cryptocurrency for Syrian kids

    If you're interested in allowing UNICEF to use a part of your computer's processing power to mine ethereum to aid kids in war-torn Syria go to and click start mining to configure the mining software to your rig then download and install the software to...
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    Fingering Your Own GooBang

    Is amazon uk the only way to get one as I don't see it listed on their site?
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    Brave Software Will Give you Crypto Tokens to Use Their Browser

    IF you actually think about it, this could be a great way to support websites who's ads you block using adblock, ublock, brave, etc. From what I've read though, a website doesn't get paid until they accumulate $100.00 through visits to their website by users of Brave. I know there are users on...
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    World in Conflict: Complete Edition

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    New Senate Bill Includes Jail Time for Executives Who Conceal Data Breaches

    If that's the "Democrats MO" then I guess the Republican'ts MO is to make the rich even richer while screwing over the lower and middle classes while also bitching and throwing temper tantrums when they don't get their way.
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    Free HelloFresh Boxes

    I'll take one if you get any more
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    Watch Dogs free on Uplay (PC only)

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    Men of War: Assault Squad

    You have to download via an installer and play for 5 minutes before it's activated on your account.
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    Denuvo DRM Draws a Big a Grade

    I laugh every time someone makes the claim that piracy is destroying the entertainment industry, but the sad truth is, is that the entertainment industry is destroying the entertainment industry making crappy ass movies, games (buggy, half-assed, etc.), etc. Until they change, they deserve to...
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    Kaspersky Internet Security

    I tried it but even with the rebate it comes out as $24.99 after rebate. It's not showing up as free for me.
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    Rising Storm GOTY Humblebundle

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    Rising Storm GOTY Humblebundle

    Humblebundle is giving away Rising Storm GOTY edition for free. You can get it here...
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    Warm, Cooler master backlit keyboard and mouse $21 shipped

    Under specifications if you click show more it'll show that it's 2000 dpi
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    If either of the jagged alliances is available I'd take one of them
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    frys enermax watercooler\cpu

    Under shipping info though, it says "Not available online for shipping" so it looks like it is in-store only.
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    ASUS Prime X370-pro with 1700 overclocking

    I could be wrong but I think people either overclock through the bios or through ryzen master.
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    [HOT...?] Motospeed 104-key Outemu Blue RGB Mechanical Keyboard for $29.99

    The second review seems kind of suspicious since the reviewer has a female name (Laura) but calls her/himself a colorblind man but in another review for a chinese(?) made hiking backpack the person mentions having a husband. While it's possible there really is a husband and he used his wife's...
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    Amazon Bans Sales of “Pirate” Media Players, Will Destroy Them

    Here's the address for those logos so this is a really well played April Fool's joke!
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    Need intel mobo to oc non K cpu. Which mobos in Micro ATX would work Z170/270?

    You cannot overclock the non k cpus as they are locked. You'd have to get one of the k series cpus if you plan on overclocking.
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    WD 250gb SSD $20 DEAD

    Anyone who's willing to rip off other companies or even the company that made a pricing mistake regardless of the method (Citi Price Rewind, etc.) are pieces of shit that need their asses kicked on a daily basis.
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    Dirt Showdown

    It shows up as $2.99 for me on 1/17/17.
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    Mass Effect 2 Standard Edition Free on Origin

    Origin is giving away the standard edition of Mass Effect 2. I'm not sure when the promotion ends but grab it while it's hot!
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    The Original Diablo Is Being Recreated In Diablo 3

    I hate to break it to you but every game out is a rehash of other games. There aren't too many original concepts anymore that doesn't include rehashes from one game or another.
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    The Original Diablo Is Being Recreated In Diablo 3

    They are going to add the original music from Diablo as well. Here's a link from Shacknews verifying it.
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    Ubi 30 - Free PC Game Each Month in 2016

    Next free game will be Far Cry 3 : Blood dragon
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    Free Windows Software Bundle