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    Optical PCIe 7.0 expansion connector hits a blazing 128 GT/s

    Agreed, but i would just call it electrical to optical conversion. The data is digital on both sides being carried on analog mediums on both sides.
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    AMD Ryzen 8000G Processors Launched for the AI PC Era + 5 series updates

    Does that change the way windows updates works?
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    ASML ships first of its new units to Intel.

    Was this in the article? Intel 4 is intels new name for intel 7nm i believe. Which competes with tsmc 4nm.
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    DOOM Is 30 Years Old!!! John Romero Releases SIGIL II

    curious why. Doom was never hardware accelerated until source code was released and it got ports. To me playing doom with opengl on voodoo3 somehow doesnt feel retro. But to each his own.
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    Ryzen 8950X Zen 5 CPU Benchmark Scores Allegedly Break Cover And They're Really Good

    I may be mistaken, but didnt amd previously had chips that were same node and same architecture but had different series numbers? 6000 series was a node shrink from 5000 series right?
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    Canon stepping up to ASML

    Would be interesting if canon returns to leading node lithography equipment. Maybe nikon will come back too.
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    Microsoft Repositions 7TB 'Project Silica' Glass Media as a Cloud Storage Solution

    Is this concern greater than for crystal solids? (Since all solids change shape over time given non zero temps or other energy input)
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    Lunar Lake test CPU benchmarks show up on SiSoft

    The foundry is still part of intel right? Just a different business group. Unlike the amd spinoff global foundries. I think amd will use Whatever foundry is competitive.
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    Lunar Lake test CPU benchmarks show up on SiSoft

    Very cool. Do we have any tables with feature sizing density for intel 18A vs competition? This is going to be using all-around gates and backside power delivery right?
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    Two years after launch Windows 11 adoption is still waaaay behind Windows 10

    I'm assuming this is only for win 11 pro? I haven't seen this option on any of my laptops with win11 home.
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    AMD patent reveals complex chip design

    Don't know. I can envision a situation where TSMC still allows companies other than Apple to begin low volume testing on 3nm to prepare for future mass production.
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    Linus Tech Tips.... bad work ethics or just bad management?

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    RISC-V: The Game-Changer In Microprocessor Investments. Here's 3 Companies Riding The Wave.

    RISC-V is already replacing lots of embedded micrcontrollers in ASICS and FPGAs, despite this I doubt it will affect the stock price of a company like intel in the near future. I mean, they might use them here and there, and maybe they even license out some riscv cores ( do they? I haven't kept...
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    zenbleed AMD security bug

    Agreed. I'm just seeing posts that seem to imply that the language or the browser is at fault. Just want to make sure we're on the same page. The CPU is at fault.
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    zenbleed AMD security bug

    1) This is a Speculative execution bug. i doubt it's limited to JavaScript. 2) agreed with micharlz that some of you are confusing java with javascript or are being funny. JavaScript is what every browser executes by default.
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    Battery float voltage for DC UPS?

    Just want to point out that in battery backup setup at steady state in normal operation you WANT all of the power to be coming from the power supply. Otherwise that means you are discharging your battery even though you are plugged in.
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    zenbleed AMD security bug

    Zen2 based CPUs have a new bug discovered which seems pretty bad. Zenbleed. Ouch. list of cpus affected taken from ARStechnica
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    Chat/GPT-4 released

    Are there instructions on how you would train llama 2 on a set of documents? So that I can ask LLama2 questions about the documents it processed?
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    Battery float voltage for DC UPS?

    Is there a reason you want to trickle charge to lower than recommended voltage? Also your router that accepts 12V may very well work fine directly off the of lead acid battery, since it will have various regulators internally to regulate 12v down to 3.3v, 1.8v, 1.2v, etc. Those regulators...
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    Linus: You Can't Trust Apple's Performance Claims

    They've already been benchmarked right?
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    [DEAD] [SK Hynix SSDs] Newegg: Solidigm P44 Pro 2TB $105

    I have the 1TB drive in my laptop. No complaints. It has very good performance energy efficiency if that matters to you.
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    12VHPWR connector is dead?

    Off topic, and also not an expert, but I just did a little research and want to point out that that is the basic definition of how IQ score is defined. Basically that statement says more about the IQ test scale than the intelligence of...
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    Wunderkind builds 'fully compliant RISC-V computer' entirely inside Terraria, then plays Pong on it

    😳 ok that actually impressed me. I would think in-game simulation would have much worse performance. memory is not too bad either.
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    AMD Screws Gamers: Sponsorships Likely Block DLSS

    Yes, the conspiracy runs deep. This upscaling technology could disrupt entire economies.
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    AMD Screws Gamers: Sponsorships Likely Block DLSS

    I dont know what happened to previous thread. However from my point of view that thread was a pile of garbage consisting 1% actual information and 99% ego trash responses. Let's see how this one goes.
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    gamers who live close to MicroCenter stores can now pick up RX 7900 XT at $699

    To be fair everything in Los Angeles is 1.5hrs away :p
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    RTX 4060 teaser

    Look at the video above yours at 15:00. A lot of these cards are already below MSRP.
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    AMD says its FPGA is ready to emulate your biggest chips

    Were you mistaken here? or maybe I need some schooling. Which apple CPU has an FPGA on the same package?
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    NVIDIA H100 GPUs Set Standard for Generative AI in Debut MLPerf Benchmark

    Hey Erek, sorry not related to the news article. For SEO do you basically just try to paste as much text into the post as possible? Does it necessarilily matter what it says or what order? What I mean is say you add to your post above entire paragraphs about mattresses and how soft they are...
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    AMD says its FPGA is ready to emulate your biggest chips

    But the question becomes: do you really need the CPU and Programmable logic to be on the same die or the same package to do video encoding/decoding? They make PCIe add-in FPGA boards, you can plug them into your pcie slot on your x86 machine and program it to do whatever you want. Is video...
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    AMD says its FPGA is ready to emulate your biggest chips

    The Versal parts, like the Zynq parts before them, have an onboard ARM CPU that is capable of running linux. Does that count?
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    Hiding Memory Latency With In-Order CPU Cores OR How Compilers Optimize Your Code

    I think you forgot code format blocks for the code portions. It's kind of hard to read, also some of the code in your post is wrong. For example the very first loop is missing the array indices for a,b, and c. But actually I think it's just better to leave the code to the link.
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    For DC circuits: Like your image shows, P=I^2*R is just P=VI with V=IR plugged in. You can calculate it either way , P=IV, or P=I^2*R, you'll get the same result. Also, P=I^2*R Ionly applies to ohmic devices. For example you cant use it to calculate power through diodes, BJTs, FETS. In...
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    Conversation With ChatGPT Was Enough to Develop Part of a CPU

    Huh? Vivado/ Quartus/ Diamond will generate netlists of signals and primitive blocks connections. Often this file is flattened with no module/component heirarchy, so it is quite large. If there is some unexpected behavior or some synth/P&R error sometimes I have to dive into this file, find...
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    Conversation With ChatGPT Was Enough to Develop Part of a CPU

    This is a question to me? I only use generated verilog/vhdl netlists as a last restore when I need to track down what my synthesizer decided to do. It usually is a pain.
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    Conversation With ChatGPT Was Enough to Develop Part of a CPU

    yeah GPT4 and GPT3.5 are identical. Inputs and outputs are by default type wire, so you can just omit it
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    Conversation With ChatGPT Was Enough to Develop Part of a CPU

    I thought I knew verilog unitl I tried to decypher whatever on earth that is. Certainly doesn't look like any shift register I'd ever code. Kind of strange actually, because in my experienec chatGPT creates very human looking code, it just doesn't always work correctly. This doesn't look...
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    User Reports 12VHPWR Connector Melting From the PSU Side

    I mean, i've seen plenty of EPS12V and PCIe 6 pin and 8 pin connectors that were burned. But that's not what I'm asking. Actual numbers from manufacturers. Returns, warranty claims, etc. What's the actual failure numbers from the new connectors (regardless if they are pushed in correctly or...
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    PC games are starting to require SSDs

    Yeah, I remember getting a WD raptor 36GB 10k drive. Aside from the impressive whine, it was pretty disappointing. Then when the 80GB intel x25m came out I got that. Single largest performance difference I had ever seen in day-to-day general windows use. Now I think it's rediculous that...