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    Your CPU progression

    Pentium 133 Mhz - First family PC Pentium II 450 Mhz Slot 1 - First system I parted together from savaged parts) Athlon Thunderbird 1 Ghz - My first built gaming PC (For Unreal Tournament/Starcraft) :LOL: Athlon XP 2500+ Barton Core Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego Intel Core 2 E6600 Intel Core 2 Quad...
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    Comcast data caps are coming in January all over the place

    They most definitley will want to make that kind of move at some point but it wouldn't slide in some areas. Especially in NYC where I am at. They would get booted out of the city by the Governor lol.
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    confirmed: AMD's big Navi launch to disrupt 4K gaming

    Brass at NVIDIA when they saw these articles hit the net ....
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    Xbox Series X GPU is better than any Navi GPU released so far

    I can see it happening. It would be a bigger jump than the Xbox One X was when it launched but the Xbox One X was an absolute beast spec wise & that system had several shortcomings. Mainly the CPU. They've had more time to spec out this upcoming console than they did with the Xbox One X & seeing...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    The GeForce 256 DDR. It was my first GPU purchased ever & it was such a monster of a jump over the Riva 128 that came with the system my dad purchased for me. 2000 was the year that I also built my first gaming PC. So I have some very special memories with that system. Was a beast of a GPU for...
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Claimed it, thanks (y)
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    I expect to see a massive jump in ray tracing capability & performance but the cards overall performance over the current generation will not be as impressive. As long as AMD keeps coming up short with their offerings, Nvidia has little to worry about on the performance side. For now anyways.
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    Intel Announces Sunny Cove Brings 18% IPC Improvement

    It's looking pretty damn good to me -
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    Happy to see that the show is getting a season 3. The show gets a ton of hate but is nothing new as several of the other TV shows got a lot of hate as well. TNG was the one series that recovered the fastest from it. Still know " trekkie fans " that still hate on Voyager, Enterprise & Deep Space...
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    It also runs hotter & has a much higher power draw as well. I think most of us knew this was going to be the case although I did figure that it wasn't going to be a good GPU for overclocking. We'll see how the card shapes up once the drivers mature but I wouldn't bother purchasing the product...
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    Just looking at how things are unfolding for them, my guess would be late Q3/early Q4 (September - October). I don't see them being able to get it out any earlier than that since their focus will be Zen 2 during the early summer.
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    Pretty much the only video you need to watch prior to reviews coming out. Since he is one of only a handful of people that actually knows what they're talking about.
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    Really comes down to the buyer but if I were to look at both cards being the same price, I would favor the 2080 since the technological advancements would justify the high price tag. The only thing I would look at the Radeon VII for is the 16GB of Vram. Which should give it a considerable edge...
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    We'll have to wait & see where the performance lands but I doubt this will change much. If anything, we might see the RTX 2080 shift a tad bit so it's closer to that $699 price point but nothing will happen beyond that. Like most of us, Nvidia will be waiting for reviews to come out before...
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    That is just a sign of the times changing. People want to stretch their dollar as far as it can go. They want much more for much less. Which isn't a bad thing at all but man has it created some cheap as all hell individuals lol. While the GPU is more expensive than it should be, its performance...
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    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition review

    This is [H]ard|OCP, not Smart|OCP lol. The cards will sell well because despite how a handful of people feel about the cards, there will be people that want the latest & greatest. Since AMD will have no answer for some time, there is nothing really stopping these cards from flying off shelves...
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    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition review

    I highly doubt they will see many cancellations. For the people that do cancel, someone else will happily take their place. Considering that the upcoming cards are on a completely new architecture, the performance it brings to the table is a good starting point. It's only going to get better as...
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    RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti Reviews online

    Considering that the cards are being tested on early drivers, they are indeed quite fast. Especially considering that the GPU that it is being compared to the most, the 1080ti, is sitting on two years of driver optimizations. The performance is only going to improve as the drivers mature.
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    Origin’s Free Game Program “On the House” Has Been “Retired”

    It seems to get worse with each generation. You don't see it as much here but I've been part of the CAG community just as long as I've been part of this community. The level of entitlement in that community as of right now is off the charts lol. The anger is all over the place as well. A small...
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    Origin’s Free Game Program “On the House” Has Been “Retired”
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    Origin’s Free Game Program “On the House” Has Been “Retired”

    They gave away quite a few good games. The service itself isn't bad at all. At least not from what I have noticed & I have been using it for awhile.
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    Unreal is 20 Years Old

    Unreal was the first game that caused me to switch from console gaming to PC gaming permanently. I remember seeing the flyby intro at a local CompUSA back in the summer of 1998. My jaw hit the floor. I saved what money I could from my summer job to build my first PC just for this game. The...
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    Apple to Start Paying $16B Tax Bill

    I've been following Louis for awhile. He is always putting Apple on blast & unlike most that just jump on the " Apple Sucks " bandwagon, he actually knows what he is talking about lol.
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    Halo Online - ElDewrito 0.6 - Anyone playing?

    The game is starting to pick up some steam. A post on the Team Beyond forums has sparked some interest among current & former pro Halo players with a few of them looking to stream the game. Summit1G is the first big Twitch streamer to stream the 0.6 version & is currently pulling 20K viewers. So...
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    Scott Herkelman Confirms NVIDIA GPP Tactics

    Nvidia sure seems to have dug themselves into a deep hole. With that said, I'm still looking forward to their next gen GPU's. As long as they continue to put out the best GPU's on the market, they will continue to get my business. Doesn't excuse the BS that they have been doing for years now but...
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    NVIDIA Starts Disinformation GPP Campaign

    I'm going to guess that Nvidia will be sending you pretty much nothing to review going forward lol. Nvidia is simply too big to give a shit at the moment. They'll get a slap on the wrist at best but will continue their shady ways since AMD simply can't do anything about it.
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    Maybe not at the moment but anything is possible in the future. Especially when it comes to computer hardware & the software that is linked to it... :sneaky:
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    Yes, finding the cards on shelves will still very much be an issue but the fact that a dead card due to mining will be a complete loss might discourage a few people. Retailers are going to sell through their stock regardless of what Nvidia request them to do so they will have no real control...
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    It's Nvidia, it would be wise to never doubt what they are willing & capable of doing lol. Jensen Huang is very much the type of guy that would not see mining in the same light as Deep Learning/AI Programming.
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    I would not be surprised if Nvidia starts to do what some of their partners have already started to do. That being that your warranty is automatically voided if you use any of their next generation GPU's for mining. Not sure how they would go about doing that but it does seem that is where...
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    Overwatch League Pro Suspended for Homophobic Insult against Opponent

    Just shows that nothing will ever replace the smash mouth in your face Unreal Tournament, Quake III, etc LAN competitions from back in the day. Hopefully he has learned his lesson & going forward, he abides by the rules. Even if doesn't agree with them.
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    Intel Bug - Did this actually tip the balance for any AMD CPUs?

    Competition is always good & this is an excellent opportunity for AMD to gain any ground that it can. This is both good & possible very bad for AMD. Good in the sense that some people will switch to an AMD based build for at least one generation. AMD will need to invest as much as they can into...
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    From ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility @ [H]

    We'll have to see what comes out of this but I will give credit where it's due. Considering what Raja had to work with during his time with AMD, he pushed out some decent products. Obviously it wasn't on the level of Nvidia based hardware but Nvidia has a lot more manpower & resources to work...
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    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    Saw the Unreal Flyby in a Comp USA in 1998. My jaw legit hit the floor. I had your standard family level PC at the time. Would save up all of the money I made from a summer job I had in 1999 to build my first PC. I would end up not getting Unreal though as Unreal Tournament & Quake III would...
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    Patch in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Removes Windows Media Player

    I haven't used it in years. My knee jerk reaction is usually to install media player classic every time I do a clean install on one of my systems :D
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    AdoredTV: NVIDIA’s Performance Improvement Has Dropped from 70% to 30%

    Pretty sure I can recall a Geforce 2 Ti model. Not sure if the Ti meant the same thing but I do believe it started with Geforce 2.
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    Xbox One Fans Can Expect More Japanese Games

    The Xbox 360 had a very strong library of Japanese developed games. Some of them being exclusive to the console such as Lost Odyssey & Blue Dragon. I can understand why the Japanese developer support was lack luster on the Xbox One however since console straight up sucked. The Xbox One X however...