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  1. J

    Fs: RX580 4gb, dell e7470, 2x4gb (8gb) ddr4 3200 sodimms.

    can a new battery be installed?
  2. J

    FS: AMD Ryzen 9 3950x

    were around ny are you? 13090 here
  3. J

    Wtb Ryzen 3200g and 3400g cpus

    yea ive noticed but nearest one is 6 hours from me
  4. J

    Wtb Ryzen 3200g and 3400g cpus

    pms replied still looking for a 3400g now
  5. J

    Wtb Ryzen 3200g and 3400g cpus

    still looking pm with prices hopeing for 200ish range but kinda in a spot so if i gotta pay more i do just dont wanna be in the 300-400 rage like most us sellers on ebay
  6. J

    FS: Asus her0 x570 mobo w/3950X

    second slot closest to the socket is bad just doesnt register anything. the cpu socket work as im using it now just has some broken plastic around the edges from them taking it apart.
  7. J

    FS: Asus her0 x570 mobo w/3950X

    the good: Mobo works cpus is perfect. The bad: Mobo has had a rough life purchased from Facebook marketplace has a bad ram slot and the socket has been taken apart and put back together. Asking $615 shipped for the combo or $515 for just the cpu.
  8. J

    Wtb Ryzen 3200g and 3400g cpus

    Looking to purchase a total of 5 Ryzen 3200g or 3400g cpus. let me know what ya have heatsinks not needed but will buy them if they go with them so your not stuck with them.
  9. J

    SOLD- FS: Three (3) AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPUs (OEM)

    pulled from like dell machines or custom builds?
  10. J

    Wtb-x99 mobo

    Looking for an x99 mobo 100-150 range shipped to 13090 paying with PayPal don't mind F&F if you have good heat
  11. J

    *** gone to ebay ***

    willing to sell mobo cpu and ram
  12. J

    Wtb Mobo for 7700k

    looking for a mobo that will accept a 7700k only real requirements is atleast 2 ram slots 1 pcie slot and must have i/o sheild m.2 and wifi would be a bonus
  13. J

    FS: closed for now

    Bump for a good buyer/seller
  14. J

    2080ti and free cyberpunk 2077. cant find my game now

    So like alot of people I purchased 2080ti brand new with the free cyberpunk 2077 game that would come with on release of the game> i remember taking all the steps to redeem the game but now I cant find it on any of the game platforms steam epic origin any one know what game platform...
  15. J

    WTB 7th gen i7/i5

    7700k 200 shipped obo
  16. J

    DDR4 ECC 16 and 32gb sticks, 7700kcpu

    Have 2 ecc kits for sale pulled from dell R730 servers 1st kit 64gb 4 sticks 16gbs each pc4-2400t $100 2nd kit 64gb 2 sticks 32gbs each pc4-2400t $120 I7-7700k $200 Free shipping if paid with Friends and family through paypal or $5 shipping usps priority.
  17. J

    WTB: Lenovo Thinkpad t series

    i5 t540p?
  18. J

    FS: Dell G7 7790

    TTT one more time
  19. J

    the Thermaltake Tower 900

    i used a 3x120 fractal aio in mine worked great had a huge xalman 9900max on it for a while and it was fine just change out the top mounted 140s to something that moves more air the stock fans didnt move to much air.
  20. J

    FS: Dell G7 7790

    TTT price isnt set in stone feel free to make reasonable offers.
  21. J

    FS: Dell G7 7790

  22. J

    FS: Dell G7 7790

    Just about a year old specs as follows I7 9750h 16gb ddr4 2x8gb 256gb ssd 500gb storage 17.3in screen 1920x1080 1660ti + intel 630 graphics Rgb keyboards killer network Asking $1000 shipped like new no markings
  23. J

    Who is buying a 3080 and 3090?

    Going 3090x2 just because its there last non quadro card thats going to support multi gpu. I know no games use it but i like the look of it in my case
  24. J

    DDR4 Memory p[ulled from my R730

    TTT only few more sticks left
  25. J

    DDR4 Memory p[ulled from my R730

    TTT 6 more sticks added
  26. J

    DDR4 Memory p[ulled from my R730

    Ive got 4x sticks of 32gb 2Rx4 PC4-2400T-RB1-11 Asking $70 per stick shipped obo will discount if buying multiples. 4x 16gb PC4-2133T sticks $35 each or $110 all 4 shipped 8x 32gb Sticks sold to sMiLeYz 6x 16gb Sticks sold to bwang
  27. J

    WTB x79 and x99 mobos

    looking for 2 mobos 1x79 and 1x99 no chinese ebay mobos but actual atx mobos dont care about accesories just mobo and i/o sheilds