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    Netflix Gives Controversial "13 Reasons Why" Series More Viewer Warnings

    Nothing wrong with informing consumers about the product. Please keep finding more dumb shit to be outraged about. Sometimes it feels like half of the commenters here are this guy. Also Megalith.
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    Samsung May Replace Intel as World's Largest Chipmaker

    When AMD makes a product worth buying I will happily buy it.
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    Technologist Claims AI Will Replace Half of All Jobs in the Next Decade

    In the next decade? Oh come on. It's going to happen eventually but this alarmist bullshit is not helping anyone.
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    China Takes on Wikipedia with Its Own Online Encyclopedia

    Does someone have a specific example of bias on wikipedia? I'm interested.
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    Facebook Ads Target Youth and Others During Vulnerability

    I was both an early adopter and an early dumper of facebook. It was easy to see a long time ago that not only was it not healthy to know everything about everyone you have ever met but that anyone had access to that information if they wanted it. I would say I'm glad that a lot of kids don't...
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    Twitch Streamer Gets Swatted off a Plane

    That is one hell of a gamble. People occasionally end up dead from this sort of thing.
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    Microsoft's Surface Revenue Drops by $285M

    The premium pricing is going to limit the size of the market for them. Most potential buyers either have one already or are waiting for the next version.
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    Real Books Are Back: E-Book Sales Plunge Nearly 20%

    As much as I love paper books, ebooks are all around superior for me. I don't need 800lbs of fire hazard sitting up my attic.
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    Marissa Mayer Will Make $186 Million on Yahoo’s Sale to Verizon

    There seems to be way more complaining about perceived envy than actual envy here.
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    NVIDIA Gameworks FLOW DX12 Demo

    Very cool. Always nice to see graphical advances like this move more into the mainstream. Getting whiny fanboys in a tizzy is just a bonus.
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    How Juicero Evolved from IoT Tech Investment Darling to Mockery of Human Laziness

    This is an example of how spending a bunch of money on something convinces people that it's good. If you charged $3000 for a baggie of dog shit I'm sure some leftcoast hippie would swear that it's the best thing ever.
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    Activision Announces Call of Duty: WWII

    So video games have come full circle since the early 2000s and everyone is making WW2 games again. Cool. Now we just need Battlefield.
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    Google Will Build an Ad-Blocker into Chrome

    Probably because they don't control the market for any of those things. You may want to double check what monopoly means.
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    Digital Sales Now Represent 74% of the US Game Market

    There's no point buying a physical copy if you have to immediately connect to the internet and download/unlock several gigs worth of crap. Yeah isn't it amazing what happens when you actually give the market what it wants? Music, Movie and TV Industry? Are you there?
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    Russia Plans to Ban VPNs and Proxies Allowing Access to Blocked Sites

    I wonder if people will look back many years from now and wonder what it was like when the internet was not completely locked down by corporations and governments.
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    Steve Ballmer Drops Massive Data Dump on How Tax Dollars Are Spent

    As it should be.Taxing people with no money doesn't make a lot of sense. This is just another way of saying we should cut taxes for the wealthy and tax poor people more.
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    Comcast Drops F-Bomb on Customer

    There are not many things worse than parents of young children who feel that the rest of the world should sanitize itself for their snowflakes. Crapcast responded appropriately.
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    Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Detailed: "It's the Most Ambitious Game Ever"

    This a fair point. Whatever Star Citizen ends up being it has been completely successful in separating fools from their money.
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    11 States Now Considering Bills to Protect Your Right to Repair

    The top benefits in the long run when the people at the bottom prosper. Buying one less Ferrari every year is not going to hurt that much.
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    As Streaming Booms, Songs Are Getting Faster

    Correlation, causation. Blah blah blah.
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    FCC Kills Plan to Allow Mobile Phone Conversations on Flights

    Good. People are obnoxious and inconsiderate enough to each other already.
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    Farmers get Cornholed by DRM Software

    At some point the standard language in every single EULA becomes de facto law if courts uphold it. It's not like you have an option to buy an alternative if all three makers of Widget X have the same agreement. And you can't do business without Widget X. It's basically another way for...
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    How Playing on Wi-Fi Hurts Your Game

    No you don't. That's pure bullshit.
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    How Playing on Wi-Fi Hurts Your Game

    My reflexes are slower than they were 20 years ago and I don't play shooters much anymore so I don't really give a shit either way. If I ever get into e-sports(ahahahaaa) I will worry about 5-30ms of extra latency.
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    Germany Gives Social Networks 24 Hours to Delete Criminal Content

    The specific inclusion of "insults" is what upsets me the most. I guess Europeans really don't give a shit about free speech.
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    Voice Actress Teases Dragon Age 4

    Megalith. Always with the whiniest news posts.
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    The Real-Life Iron Man Jetpack that Actually Flies

    I don't even care if it's real or fake. That video is obnoxious to watch.
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    More Than 50% of Steam Users Are Now Running Windows 10

    I am very upset about what OS other people use. Let me tell you about vaping vegans linux.
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    Simulation Suggests 68 Percent of the Universe May Not Actually Exist

    I have a feeling that in this context "unproven theory" means anything you don't agree with based on ideological grounds. Rather than having any actual specific criticism of a given scientific consensus.
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    Tesla Aims for the Model 3 to Be the First Mass-Market Autonomous Car

    Too late. The government will be revoking your driving privileges and forcing everyone to ride around in a leaf green Smart Car EV next thursday.
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    Parents Must Identify Pirate Kids or Pay Their Fines, Court Rules

    Yeah that's definitely exclusive to California. Where was the affluenza kid from? Oh right, Texas.
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    Would You Consider a Disc-Free Console?

    It's going to happen eventually. Already has for PCs.
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    Google Is Developing yet Another Social App for Group Photo Sharing and Editing

    Google is really bad about throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.
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    Google and Social Media Companies Could Be Prosecuted for Showing Extremist Videos

    In the current political climate? I'd be more worried about being labeled extremist for accepting that global warming is real and gays and minorities are people.
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    Google and Social Media Companies Could Be Prosecuted for Showing Extremist Videos

    If sites make a good effort to remove illegal content they should not be held liable for what idiots post on them. 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time for an operation as massive as youtube. Unless the government of the UK wants to use public funds to assist google in monitoring content...
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    Amazon Will Collect Sales Taxes Nationwide on April 1

    Prices are not any lower in my local stores and you have about 1/10,000th the selection.
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    Rail Gun Goodness From Every Angle

    More likely they will hack some database and just built their own.
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    US Believes North Korea is Behind $81 Million Dollar Banking Theft

    If we attack without serious provocation China is going to lose their minds.
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    Senate Votes to Kill FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules

    I guess the good news is I just bought a year's worth of subscription with a reputable VPN service.