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    The Balls on Intel...

    Good, because the EU makes a habit out of fining companies as a means of "taxation" to make up for budget shortfalls. Maybe they'll think twice before their next round of fines...
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    8TB WD Easystores all time low $130 at Bestbuy ~ ENDED

    I just picked one up today in store for 130, so the deal is still alive.
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    “Star Wars” Heading For Box Office Record Of $215 Million-Plus In US

    The last thing I need after a 12 hour shift is to come home to you jerks being internet dickwads. Let's keep the spoilers out of this thread, huh?
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    Court Orders YouTube To Remove Anti-Islamic Film

    This whole thing turned into soapbox territory real quick.
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    Debt-Ceiling Shutdown Will Close Some Gov’t Websites

    Because this dissolved into a bunch of namecalling.
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    Internet Meeting Spurs Controversy

    This isn't the soapbox...
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    FCC Eyes Tax on Internet Service

    This isn't the soapbox.
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    Blizzard on Cheating In Diablo III

    Quit acting like children
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    Best Buy CEO: We're Not The Authority In Electronics Anymore

    I know it's an election year an everything, but why has everything in here turned either racial or political in the last few days? Let's try to keep things on topic, huh?
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    Ocean Marketing Guy Files Suit Against N-Control

    No one needs a PR war with this guy.
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    Yahoo To Lay Off Another 2,000 Employees

    I said way back in 2008 that they should have taken Microsoft's money and ran!
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    Epic Marketing Meltdown of the Day

    No, no. Just some of the posts in general. Should have made that clearer.
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    Epic Marketing Meltdown of the Day

    Here's another customer to which he did not act very nice: Also, watch the namecalling/insults in this thread. I know emotions are at a tipping point here, but I would hate to have to close this thread because some people cannot keep it...
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    Best FedEx Delivery Ever: LCD Monitor Edition

    I think this has about run its course
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    SOPA Violates The First Amendment

    This isn't the Soapbox...
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    Witcher 2 Dev Talks Piracy and DRM

    I knew you guys couldn't keep this thread open for very long. Idiots.
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    Top ISPs Agree to Become Copyright Cops

    I'm closing this before I have to get any of you idiots banned
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    Google Hiring Twelve Lobbying Firms

    You know, you guys make my job super easy sometimes. All we have to do is post a story about ads, and all of the people begging to get banned for ad blocking come out of the woodwork. :)
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    Apple Causes ‘Religious’ Reaction in Brains of Fans

    You guys just can't be civil, can you?
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    Even Celebrities Get Crappy Service At Best Buy

    I go to Best Buy once a week for new movies, since the price is comparable to online and I get it that day. Also, I'm a member of their reward zone, so it's like free money back to me, since I'm going to spend it anyway. I don't buy any real electronics there! As for the paparazzi comment...
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    Even Celebrities Get Crappy Service At Best Buy

    I was behind her in line. Didn't even realize it was her. True Story!
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    24 Geeky Wisconsin Protest Signs

    As much as I enjoy your "bickering," this isn't the Soapbox
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    Amazon Pulling Out of Texas Over Sales Tax

    Yep, this got political and devolved into namecalling
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    Banks to Be Targeted by Wikileaks?

    This has turned into a soapbox thread...
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    Verizon Fires Legal Shot Against Net Neutrality Rules

    Soapbox thread, now available in Front Page News Oh wait, "NO!"
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    Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    SLI is buttery goodness!
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    PayPal Cuts WikiLeaks from Money Flow

    You know what you guys did
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    Texas Sends a $269 Million Tax Bill

    I never really order from Amazon. There's a couple of reasons, but one of them was this looming ordeal. Amazon does have a physical presence in Texas, since they have a warehouse here. That means they SHOULD have been collecting taxes in Texas for a while. They never have, because they claim...
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    Seven Inches is Enough, RIM Tells Jobs

    Let's try to at least keep it semi on topic guys!
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    Facebook Co-Founders Give $170K to Pro-Pot Measure

    Keep it in the Soapbox :rolleyes:
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    Day of Remembrance: September 11, 2001

    This is not the soapbox
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    4chan Take Down Anti-Piracy Groups

    I don't think any real discussion is going on in here anymore.
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    MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5OC GeForce GTX 460 $209 Shipped

    I had to make sure it was the one WITHOUT the Starcraft II trial coupon for it to work, but I'm in for one! :)
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    CIA Drones Could Lead To A "PlayStation Mentality" About Killing

    This isn't the soapbox, guys. :rolleyes:
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    Could Apple Get in Bed with AMD?

    It really depends on the processor that you're talking about. If Apple buys the "e" series, which are just about impossible to find in quantity, then FingerSlut has a point about power consumption. If you are talking just regular quad cores, then AMD and Intel are pretty even on TDP as far as...
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    Chinese CE Factories Treat Workers Like Prisoners

    Yeah, I think the discussion got way off topic.
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    Do You Suffer From Hourglass Syndrome?

    I'm a little mad at the last line. I'm going to be a doctor, and I know about that kind of stuff!
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    More States Propose Internet Sales Taxes

    This is not the Soapbox...
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    Israeli Raid Called Off After Facebook Slip

    Alright, for those of you that are slow on the uptake, don't quote stupid posts, since that just makes more work for me later.