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    Has anyone switched to a mirrorless camera?

    Keep it polite. We're talking camera systems, not video cards =b
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    durable mouse microswitches

    I have a Logitech M705 where the switch broke after about a year. I opened it up and shimmed the contact above the switch with a piece of thick tape, and it's been going strong ever since. I thought it crapped out again a few months ago, but the tape had just slipped. I re-taped it and it's been...
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    Has anyone switched to a mirrorless camera?

    I'll echo this. I picked up the 22mm kit when it went on sale, added the 11-22, and am using it as a travel and casual camera to complement my 40D. There are definite limitations, and while I wouldn't use it for a wedding or sporting events, I've used it to take some nice photos.
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    Sorry, I don't think I can move an individual post and put it in a different thread

    Sorry, I don't think I can move an individual post and put it in a different thread
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    Will we expect SSD prices to decline steeply

    The original MSRP of the 80 gig X25-M was $595, almost exactly 5 years ago Prices fell off a cliff last year but they're in a much slower decline now. If you wait a month or so the M500 and EVOs might drop a...
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    Help..Canon T3i

    If you're just learning, 50mm on a crop can be a little hard to work with because it's effectively a short telephoto. If you want to stick with a prime, the Canon 35 f/2 is a better general purpose focal length and relatively cheap. 35mm on a 1.6x crop gives you an effective length close to the...
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    Why isn't stock vanilla Android popular outside of geeks ?

    The ability to run stock android was one of the reasons I got the HTC First
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    Compact, portable, closed headphones?

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of portable (something small that folds flat) headphones for under ~$150 to use at home and on airplanes. No IEMs. I have a pair of Sony MDR-V6s, and a pair of Sennheiser PX 100-IIs, but I want a closed pair that's more portable than the Sonys. Comfort and...
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    Could newegg be lying to me?

    Since the item has been returned and a refund issued, I'm going to close this before the name calling gets out of hand
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    Just preorder Corsair Force GS 480GB for cheap

    It's pretty obvious that there's a mistake somewhere in the Amazon's system, either with pricing, or the item description/title. Let's leave it at that.
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    upgrade from intel 80gb x-25

    If you have to uninstall and reinstall games, I'd consider upgrading for convenience. From what I've read, the increased performance you get from a current gen drive vs. the X-25 won't make a huge difference day to day, but the extra space will be useful
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    upgrade from intel 80gb x-25

    I've seen a lot of sales on the Samsung 830 series lately, close to $1 per GB for either the 128GB or 256GB size. Are you running out of space now? I don't think you'll "feel" a huge difference if you upgrade, so if you don't have an immediate need for a larger drive you probably will get more...
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    hd replacement alternative?

    Pull the hard disk out and see if there's an interposer board on the back of it that connects to the drive's SATA port. You might have to pull this off and stick it on the new drive
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    Thinnest SSD?

    An intel 320 series will be 7mm tall if you remove the spacer and replace the screws with M2 x 3 wafer head screws. There's a store on ebay that sells laptop screws. Also, I think the Samsung 830 is a 7mm drive also.
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    Typo on Crucial memory package and stick?

    I ordered some Crucial DDR3 PC-10600 from a 3rd party retailer and it came with a typo on both the plastic package and the sticker on the module itself. Instead of PC3 10600, it says PC3 1600. Anyone ever see this before? Should I be worried that it's counterfeit? The retailer has already...
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    16:10 vs 16:9 - what you prefer?

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    DON'T Buy Intel 320 SSDs

    Leave the personal stuf out of the thread...
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    SSD for Lenovo X200?

    Thanks, I got that, but do you have a link to a part number, LCD brand, or any information about compatibility with different models? I have an X201, and I wouldn't mind doing the upgrade, but I'm only seeing a couple AFFS panels on eBay and they don't say anything about the x201
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    SSD for Lenovo X200?

    Sorry to take this off topic, but what's the IPS screen update?
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    OCZ Vertex 3 250 vs Intel SSD 320 300gb

    Anandtech does something similar They also run a light usage benchmark
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    Really (REALLY) "Special" Question This has images with a scale
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    Good Starter Lens for Canon 60D

    Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 + Canon 35 f/2 would be a good starter kit that comes in under $1k. If you want to spend more for build quality you could look at switching the Tamron for the Canon 17-55 and the Canon 35 for a Sigma 30 f/1.4
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    Canon XT: Error 99 on CF drive

    Have you used the card in the camera before? If not, have you tried formatting it in your PC?
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    What lens spends the most time on your camera?

    What type of pictures do you want to take? A telezoom or ultrawide are nice to have outside, or you could get a fast prime for indoor when you don't want to use a flash.
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    What lens spends the most time on your camera?

    If I'm outside doing landscapes, I swap between a 10-22 and a 70-200. Indoors it's a 35 or a 24-70, depending on whether or not I'm using a flash.
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    New lens, need a filter Double check the filter size for lens before you buy anything, but I think it's 52mm
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2010 **

    Honolulu before sunrise
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    Canon 85L f/1.2 II vs Sigma 85 f/1.4

    How's the autofocus speed on the Sigma?
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2010 **

    I haven't been shooting much this year, here are a few of the California "fall colors" ;)
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    First macro lens for Canon?

    Canon and Sigma make 50mm macro lenses for ~$250
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    Need help with Camera and Lens suggestion...

    Rebel XSi + 55-250 lens could be a good combo if you're able to move about the sidelines fairly easily. You'd have a harder time getting players faces, but you'd be in the ballpark for a $700 budget.
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    Nikon 24-70mm lens? What to do with it?

    Sharp, fast, good focal length on full frame
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    Need some help with my settings

    The grain happens when your camera sensor doesn't have enough light information to determine exactly what color the pixel should be, and the image appears noisy. You can use noise reduction programs to remove it, but it'll be at the expense of detail. You can drop the ISO and use a longer...
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    How can I achieve such clarity in my photos?

    He does a good job of white balancing the photos so they don't have the sodium/tungsten color that a lot of night shots have. I'm not sure if these are "long" exposure, but I'd say they're all exposed well. When they're sized for the web it's hard to make any calls about sharpness. Can you...
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    Need some help with my settings

    Post some examples, along with shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focal length. Most likely you're running into trouble because your lens is slow and your sensor is small, but that's the nature of digital point and shoot cameras.
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    Memory cards

    Costco has pretty good prices on some of the new Ultra cards that do 30MB/s
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    Canon Rebel xsi

    With or without a lens?
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    Help my girlfriend decide

    From the Canon side, a Rebel XSi + 35mm f/2.0 is a good start. The 35mm is a good length on a crop camera and fast enough to use indoors in lower light.
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    Possible Lenses and Recommendations

    What kind of pictures do you want to take, and what's your budget?
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    Upgrade Suggestions

    That's a tough combination, even 2.8 can be too slow when you're using available light. I have a Sigma 30mm f 1.4 that I'll use at f/2 and ISO1600 a lot. If you don't mind shooting ISO3200 or higher, the 2.8 zoom might work for you, but it depends a lot on how much light you have and what...