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  1. trick_m0nkey

    HF FS/T scam - thoughts / a nod to the community

    Use F&F with extreme caution. I normally don’t bother with sellers who insist on it, good reputation or not. I’d rather pay the extra percentage (assuming the deal is still good) if that means I have some small degree of buyer protection. You only need to get burned once to lose thousands...
  2. trick_m0nkey

    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang hints at ‘exciting’ next-generation GPU update on September 20th Tuesday

    Y axis = relative performance, which to be honest is completely meaningless. I want to see numbers, not "relative performance."
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    EVGA no longer making GPUs!

    The whole reason to buy EVGA was American support. The few times I needed them, they were awesome. Welcome to the era of shitty Chinese/Indian support where you will wait 2 weeks for a poorly worded response to clarify your issue. Fuck man. This sucks. Good job nVidia, you short sighted...
  4. trick_m0nkey

    Extreme Cooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    To be completely honest, the "extreme cooling" mods have been out of style for a long time. This thread last had interesting entries nearly 10 years ago. Off the shelf cooling solutions have gotten much better over the years, and CPUs/GPUs are so fast that it hardly warrants the effort for...
  5. trick_m0nkey

    Extreme Cooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    Right? At first I thought someone necroed the ghetto mod thread. This new entry is about as extreme as a glass of milk.
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    Selling Steam Games

    OEM keys often come "free" with a purchase of hardware, it was a figure of speech. The part of what I said that is relevant is "regardless of how they are obtained." It doesn't matter how someone got that Steam/Origin/Whatever key. If it's not violating TOS, they are free to sell them and you...
  7. trick_m0nkey

    Selling Steam Games

    OEM keys have market value, regardless of how they are obtained. Deal with it.
  8. trick_m0nkey

    Selling Steam Games

    Most of the time, people have gotten either codes from a package deal and they are selling an unactivated code. You can't unactivate a game on Steam. You gotta sell the entire account.
  9. trick_m0nkey

    Hey. I purchased that keyboard at a gaming event second hand sometime in 2014. Unfortunately I...

    Hey. I purchased that keyboard at a gaming event second hand sometime in 2014. Unfortunately I wouldn't have been able to provide you with that information even at the time I sold it to you 6 years ago. Sorry about the USB hub, good luck.
  10. trick_m0nkey

    FS: 9900k, ASUS Maximus XI, Corsair H150i, Corsair RM850x

    CPU sold. Dropped prices by a decent amount across the board. Get MB + PSU + Cooler for $200. $180 if you're in Austin, TX or want to meet me in Dallas next week when I come to visit for Christmas.
  11. trick_m0nkey

    FS: 9900k, ASUS Maximus XI, Corsair H150i, Corsair RM850x

    For sale is the following: * Intel 9900k CPU: Owned for 2 years, solid as a rock. Never overclocked. **$275** * ASUS - ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) (Socket LGA1151): Solid motherboard, no issues. **$150** * Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler CW-9060031-WW: Hosted...
  12. trick_m0nkey

    How to handle this situation....

    This is why used cards that still have a transferable warranty command a higher price than cards out of warranty. Plus he said he was mining with it? Tough shit. Only he knows what he did with it. Not on you OP.
  13. trick_m0nkey

    Cyberpunk 2077 for $26.69

    Agreed. I love this buggy af game. I haven't put over 100 hours into a single player game since Mass Effect 2.
  14. trick_m0nkey

    Thought the rules of this forum was not to be a storefront to make a profit.

    We said that [H]ardforum is not a storefront, we didn't say anything about profit. We're just stating that our FS/FT forum is not a place for you to unload your 20 3080s that have never seen use, never even been unwrapped, that you purchased with a bot for double the MSRP. That is not within...
  15. trick_m0nkey

    Dead Thread My bad

    See rule 26. Do not post something for sale that you do not have physically on hand. Saying you have 2 items "on the way" and you can "run to the store to totally buy this thing that's hard to get" is not a viable FS post.
  16. trick_m0nkey

    FS: Alienware AW3418DW, Austin TX (Local Only)

    For sale is my Alienware AW3418DW ultrawide monitor. I am selling this monitor mainly because I've decided that ultra-wide resolution is just not for me (just too much issues with certain games, particularly older ones), and I just picked up an Acer XB323U that checks all the boxes that I was...
  17. trick_m0nkey

    Is International Parcel Forwarding safe for a Seller?

    The Western Union comment was a joke. Anyone requesting a western union money order online is scamming you. PayPal cares if the buyer received what they payed for. If you ship to a parcel forwarder, and it doesn’t arrive at the buyers true location, PayPal considers itself being removed from...
  18. trick_m0nkey

    Is International Parcel Forwarding safe for a Seller?

    The use of a parcel forwarding company is a bit of a red flag for me. Paypal will only protect you to the point of where the package arrives (which is the parcel forwarder address), and not where the parcel forwarder will be ultimately sending it. So if the parcel forwarder "loses" the...
  19. trick_m0nkey

    How this forum looks currently

    Also I'm locking this thread because this is not a tip, trick, or troll. If you seek general discussion, go to Genmay.
  20. trick_m0nkey

    How this forum looks currently

    It's a pandemic. There's a shortage of everything, and manufacturers have stopped making anything for weeks. Sellers who may have sold in normal times are holding on to what they have. Sellers who are willing to sell and have at least a 7th grade education understand the concept of supply...
  21. trick_m0nkey

    Dealing with bad eBay buyers....

    I stopped using Ebay years ago for the reasons already posted. For all the fees they make you pay, they are super anti-seller. Fuck them.
  22. trick_m0nkey

    nothing to see here

    I think this thread has served its purpose.
  23. trick_m0nkey

    nothing to see here

    Thanks responding in this thread. All I have to say is to have some empathy for your buyers in today's climate. This can be avoided if you respond to them back promptly, even if you have no positive update. 99% of the buyers and sellers here are understanding, and know that they aren't...
  24. trick_m0nkey

    Nagmier no response for four days

    That's up to an admin, I'm working on that. What I can directly do is mark nagmier as a bad trader, which is now done. He has failed to respond to me as well, the chance is passed. OP, congrats on getting your refund. Also, for OP and anyone paying attention, The first red flag was...
  25. trick_m0nkey

    Nagmier no response for four days

    nagmier has been pinged and I'm giving him an opportunity to respond to this thread. I agree with OP, lack of communication is suspect and no way to conduct business.
  26. trick_m0nkey

    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    This thread has gone way too far off topic and is getting into personal territory.
  27. trick_m0nkey

    FS: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC ULTRA

    Bump. Photo add.
  28. trick_m0nkey

    FS: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC ULTRA

    Switching to a hybrid model, so I’m offloading this one. Has been in my rig since 09/2019. Plenty of warranty left, ran default speeds. My heatware is my name, but with confidence. Price:$925 shipped I will upload photos on my next bump.