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    Discussion about the future of the [H] DC team

    I've been inactive for a couple of years. I'd be happy to bring some stuff back online but without a clear 'main project' I can't see much happening. Besides my 4P is probably useless and most of my GPU rigs are in storage.
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    mtnduey, only 4 days left to 1 billion points

    Amazing stuff man! Fold on!
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    Congrats to tear!! 1,000,000,000 points F@H

    Amazing work tear, the F@H community is privileged to have you as a member! The hundreds of hours you spend helping fellow folders must easily account for many times your personal points contribution. All hail tear! :)
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    Oct 13th: Gentlemen, mark your calendar

    Epic work brilong! :D
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here: 100 Million overall!
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    Guess what makes this happen: 8102 Min TPF=6m40s, PPD=1009134

    Unless 62xx chips can now be OC'ed it must be an extra spicy 61xx or something.
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    News from PG re GPU benchmarking

    Maybe GPU folding will be viable in the future then? Reminds me of the old days: I still have most of the gear laying around.
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    I wish to say thanks to a coupple of my Heroes

    What Grandpa said! Thanks for all the help guys, it's a wonder you can bear with such a "Linux n00b" as you like to call me :rolleyes: Tamale's all round!
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    AMD 7xxx Cards CrossFired + Eyefinity Questionaire

    Model: Sapphire/Gigabyte HD 7970 Quantity: 2 Display: 5760x1080 (Triple Head) Drivers: 12.7 beta, 12.8 WHQL, 12.9 beta CAPs (if applicable): CAP 3 with 12.7 beta and 12.8, CAP 1 with 12.9 beta GHz BIOS (if applicable): No Issues (if any): BF3 freezes shortly after starting on all tested driver...
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    AMD 7xxx Cards CrossFired + Eyefinity Questionaire

    In my quest to find a working relationship between AMD drivers and CrossFired 7xxx cards with eyefinity I have found a great array people encountering issues and a smaller number who have found fixes that work for themselves and maybe a few others. If possible I would like to create a basic but...
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    AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta Are Out

    I am running 2x 7970s and 5760x1080. In BF3 with 12.9 beta I get only 1 GPU usage at 1920x1080. On 5760x1080 I get both GPUs used however the game freezes almost straight away. Same issue I have with all the other drivers :( Is there anyone with CFX 7970s and eyefinity who has a working driver...
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    New 4P G34 Planned, Need advice for memory, video, and OS, please

    How will you fit that board in a HAF-X? I thought only 932's worked because of the space left for the top mount PSU.
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I have been using Mt.Gox and then using BitInstant to transfer everything to PayPal. They do charge about 6% in fees however :(
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    Love me some Heatkiller

    Sweet stuff. I'll be cooling 2x 7970's with the Nickel version and a bit of a colour modification for aesthetics as well as the backplates and single slot IO brackets. I will upload the results.
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    Raditor requirements for 2600k + 2x 7970

    I sure will. As long as SWMBO doesn't stop the project half way through :eek: It looks like my folding and mining might be getting the chop soon due to the Australian energy prices. My excuses of "But it's for science, humanity, the greater good" etc. have worn off and most my bitcoin savings...
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    Raditor requirements for 2600k + 2x 7970

    I decided that I want to keep my 360 rad in the old loop for another boxen. The case I am using for the new build is a PC-P80R which is just a red version of the normal P80 with a spider window on the side. So I think drilling out holes for a 480 rad and getting an RX480 is my favourite option...
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    Raditor requirements for 2600k + 2x 7970

    I am planning on going 2x 360 as I already have a 360 rad that I can re-use from an old build. 2x 360 would however block out all of my 5.25 bays and HDD bays so I would have to mount the HDDs on the side of the case. Would a single 480mm radiator be enough for this setup instead? It would...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    My heads getting a bit cold... Kendrak? 22 Mill for [H] with 60 Mill overall.
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon

    I am in Aus but if I won a gift card I would just have it sent to a friend in the US who can use it when I make a newegg order (for team 33 folding parts), it that ok? Also, great work on setting up this contest!
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    Big Beta Kaput?

    Spoke too soon. 6904 followed by an 8101 :(
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    Big Beta Kaput?

    Been getting only 6903s lately with the odd 6904 or 6901.
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    Best thermal paste for WC?

    +1 for MX-4. I buy mine in packs of 5. I am a bit weird when it comes to spreading it, I will either use a card to create a thin layer or just put a dot in the middle and end up removing the waterblock to see how it turned out :o
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    Lian Li PC-P80R ATi CFX - Water Cooling Project

    Would I be able to paint the SS (?) surface on these blocks red?
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    Lian Li PC-P80R ATi CFX - Water Cooling Project

    I just read about it but 5 minutes ago. Blocks shall be changed ;)
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    Lian Li PC-P80R ATi CFX - Water Cooling Project

    So I decided it's time to do something with this old case that's been collecting dust: A review with pictures of internals if you want a better understanding of what I am doing: I can fit a 360 down the bottom...
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    Summer pause

    We pay $1400 every 2 months...
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    Just a small fish!

    tear's spoiling all my fun! My mission is to be the biggest producer on a single update for [H]. Might need to up the OC for that tho... At least I broke 700K for a single WU.
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    Just a small fish!

    I carefully selected the sort which made me look good :P Glad to be part of the world's most awesome folding team :)
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    Need build advice for a new F@H box

    You would need XEON's for a 2P.
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    4P Borked!

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    4P Borked!

    Seems to be working fine now. One of the fans was pushing on the board a bit so that might have annoyed something on the board. Now it's back to folding 8101s :(
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    4P Borked!

    I figured I don't need a GPU. I could have used one of my external exhaust cards but they have better uses. Memory is all good by the looks of it.
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    4P Borked!

    I am getting 1 long beep that started a couple of mins into folding and now happens the instant I turn the machine on. I had just added some extra fans and booted it up and it lasted about 5-10 mins. Any ideas? I will play with it later but just in case you can save me the hassle... H8QGi-F...
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    P8101 is now mainstream -bigadv

    Since they came out all I get is 8101 (3 so far). At this rate I might as well use the 4P to render home made porn instead... Are other people just getting 8101's as well?