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    AMC Entertainment CEO Open To Allowing Texting in Some Theaters

    Please quit while you are 'a' behind...
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    AMC Entertainment CEO Open To Allowing Texting in Some Theaters

    Hey smart guy... We aren't talking about people have phones in their pocket. We are talking about them blasting everyone's eyes and ears in the theater. Apparently you are spewing from your mouth and not following the conversation. You might remove yourself and from theaters. You are probably...
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    AMC Entertainment CEO Open To Allowing Texting in Some Theaters

    The kinds of people you are highlighting can easily afford their own movie theater at home that is even better than a public theater. Stay there. Why pay money to go to a theater when you aren't there to watch a movie? REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE THEATER. Is that so hard? Or just trying to be...
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    AMC Entertainment CEO Open To Allowing Texting in Some Theaters

    Umm. When I make a special trip and pay lots of money to watch a movie without distractions, I have a hard time with you thinking that playing on your cell phone supercedes something I am paying for. If you need to use it during a movie, you can remove yourself from the theater at any time. I...
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    AMC Entertainment CEO Open To Allowing Texting in Some Theaters

    That is what I was wondering when I saw the news pop up. I have the next million $ idea... Start up a company that puts chairs in a room. Charge $15 for people to sit there and text. I'll even compete with the movie theaters. $5/hour to text. Dang. Why didn't I think of this earlier? :D
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    President Obama Announces More Key Cyber Security Administration Posts

    "As part of a $19 billion plan to boost defenses against hackers" Uh, I'm a bit confused here. Weren't they funding hackers by paying them to crack that stupid iPhone encryption? Kind of like Obama giving ISIS weapons then using that as a reason to send troops in against them?
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    Android Creator Invests Big In Autonomous Startup

    I was really looking to buy a tesla. I then saw the price and also heard they were putting money towards autonomous. I decided to not buy a tesla, plus sold all of my stock. Anyone still has yet to prove these autonomous cars can do any "real" driving and they have already spent countless...
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    ESPN Will Start Covering Drone Racing

    I would rather watch scale planes and jets race (which go much faster) than wanna-be helicopters. They never televised remote control car racing that I know of, so I'm not sure why drones would be popular. Hmm
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    FBI Paid Professional Hackers To Crack iPhone

    Wait a second... So the government, which includes "Homeland Security" (that sends out multiple warnings to companies about vulnerabilities), is now funding hackers? Umm... ok?
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    Stephen Hawking And Billionaire Team Up On $100M Quest To Find Alien Life

    Kudos to them for thinking of this, but... By the time we get any return signal (if anything is captured at all) - plus images taken at 134,100,000 mph... it may be fruitless. I would think we would have telescopes that can see those objects at that distance by then the way technology is moving...
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    Project Nightonomy: Autonomous Vehicle Testing in the Dark

    I think you're right. They kept cutting the shots so fast that you couldn't tell how was really doing. I guess they could have been hiding how wildly it was driving. The one part longer than 2 seconds showed it swerving from one side of its lane to the other. Scary. A lot of speculation on this...
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    RIAA Says YouTube Is Running A DMCA Protection Racket

    Has google, all the search engines, and all the ISP's been logging every minute they have been fighting the movie industry's "battle"? Countersue them for billions of $ for the time and labor costs they have been incurring for something that is not their responsibility.
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    Windows 10 BSOD Getting QR Codes

    And it will upload another full "error reporting" copy of your drives? ;)
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    Authorities Shut Down Linux Server Botnet

    It appears the daily "your paypal will be limited" broken english spam phish emails (LOL) are still coming through... :/
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    Project Nightonomy: Autonomous Vehicle Testing in the Dark

    Why would you want to drive without lights? Run over some pedestrians who try to cross without seeing a 4000lb car coming at them? Are they trying to offset the inflated cost of the autonomous equipment? Technology fail because T2 did night driving back in 1991... ;)
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    Best Buy's Geek Squad Swapping Beetles For The Toyota Prius

    I guess I would rather be smug than gay...
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    MPA: We’ve Reached A Turning Point On Piracy

    "If that is the case then Hollywood has probably come a long way. It certainly isn’t going to solve this problem on its own and having powerful allies on board will certainly help its cause." "Probably" LOL, which means you have no clue. More like come a long way to a road leading to a...
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    Google Fiber Ending Free-Internet Offer In Its First City

    So google is selling drugs now? At first it's free. Oops, not any more! Just kidding! Pony up your dough! $$
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    The Government 'Purchased A Tool' To Access iPhones

    Like how Obummer can't speak without a teleprompter? :) Drone Dem
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    Adobe Issues Another Emergency Flash Update After Ransomware Attacks

    Always try think about the positive side of things. Win10 users won't have to worry about their privacy any more. ;)
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    Google Expanding Self-Driving Vehicle Testing To Phoenix

    The "fear" is that when this technology fails, someone will get injured or result in death - for a single or multiple people. Plus damages to property in the thousands to millions of dollars (such as trucks with merchandise). Can you understand that? Again, I realize you are trying to protect...
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    The Government 'Purchased A Tool' To Access iPhones

    George is right. The Democrats want everyone to be drone workers so they can control them with the government. Republicans are the critical thinkers. Not confused. I'm following along. I was around in those days. The difference is you were accessing something that was your property. This...
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    Google Expanding Self-Driving Vehicle Testing To Phoenix

    Are you going to throw a sandbag in the gutter? Oh wait... That makes them drive into the sides of buses. Nevermind. Carry on.
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    The Government 'Purchased A Tool' To Access iPhones

    Isn't the reason for encryption to prevent copying? "copy protection"?
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    The Government 'Purchased A Tool' To Access iPhones

    I do. You didn't? Slysoft DVD Ripper Owner Found Guilty in Criminal Action "Slysoft owner Giancarla Bettini was found guilty of providing tools to circumvent AACS encryption"
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    The Government 'Purchased A Tool' To Access iPhones

    Is Apple's encryption protected by any law? Something to the idea of attempting to break/hack encryption as a crime? Breach of computer security? I would say this falls along the same lines as someone who tries breaking a government computer's encryption... am i right? The government needs to...
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    Google Expanding Self-Driving Vehicle Testing To Phoenix

    Why haven't they put any in North Dakota in the winter instead of perfectly marked lanes and perfect conditions? Hmm, I wonder. "In February, Kirkland, Washington, which is home to significant wet weather, was added as a testing site." Oh, now we have a challenge. "wet" weather. LOL. So they...
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    Windows 10 Update Notification of the Day

    Mainly companies, such as in the article this is for. All it takes for home PCs is for one person to go to a "bad" link or attachment and it installs a trojan, which downloads anything it wants and spreads from there. Unfortunate world we live in.
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    Facebook Bans Name Of English Town

    I guess "google" needs to be blocked for "ogle". Google no more google ads on facebook. woohoo!
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    Amazon Expanding Prime Same-Day Delivery

    Oh, Amazon is making sure they are putting an entity in every state so they can charge sales tax... I'm sure a multi billion dollar tax break. The one in the state I live in has never sent anything to me, but yet they make sure they still charge sales tax... So, getting charged tax for...
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    Windows 10 Update Notification of the Day

    Do realize that a virus can proliferate itself throughout a network without interaction? I take it you have not been in the technology world for very long. Manually running updates tends to fall off the plate in a lot of IT departments.
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    Windows 10 Update Notification of the Day

    Umm, you mean then being vulnerable? I guess you aren't responsible for security of computers. It's possible that the OP is a standalone PC though.
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    Amazon Expanding Prime Same-Day Delivery

    Gee, surprise surprise. My city is not listed. They have an entity in my state, thus I get charged tax, yet NOTHING has EVER come from that site within my state. Shipments take almost two weeks. Freaking rip off... Worst. Shipper. Ever. I only ever order from them for certain rare reasons.
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    Windows 10 Update Notification of the Day

    Microsoft is SCUM. I've been using and support M$ products for over two decades. They need to roll over and die now. I'll just teach myself Linux like I did with M$ stuff. There are tons of job searches for Linux these days. I expect that number to increase. If we can port all of the new games...
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    Uber Driver Naps While Passenger Drives, High Speed Police Chase Ensues

    Doesn't seem too funny to me. Pretty serious IMO. Plus when you are getting paid to do something, someone else should not be doing your job for you. And especially not illegally. I heard of a guy hiring an Indian overseas to do his IT job for him. The company found out and I believe he got sued.
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    Movie Studios Want to Copy Megaupload’s Servers

    So they can count how many times each file was copied, and fine him $250,000 and 5 years in jail for each copy of every file. Then the movie studios will realize how many hundreds of trillions+ of dollars in money they "lost"... (not an expert though)
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    Windows 10 64-Bit Dethrones Windows 7 64-bit On Steam

    You were the one that was basically telling us we should be forced on automated updates because "well... phones always have", thus by your logic, we should all have to throw away our keyboards and mice. A "digital" keyboard is not a keyboard, and a touchscreen is not a mouse... You are probably...
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    Obsession With "Female" Digital Servants Needs To Change

    Why do we even attempt to give them "human" voices? It's a lie! And so is the cake! All computers should only have electronic voices. ;) Especially those stupid automated computers that keep calling our houses. Do they really think they are fooling us with computers that respond to us talking to...
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    Windows 10 64-Bit Dethrones Windows 7 64-bit On Steam

    Phones don't have keyboards and mice, so we should get rid of them for PC's too?
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    Google Removes April Fools' Day Prank Email Feature

    If gmail (or any free) accounts are used for business reasons, they go down several notches in my book. Doesn't the EULA say these free accounts can't be used by businesses? I laugh if someone using it for their business got stung by it. Although if you are using it for personal reasons, I feel...