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    FS: Civilization: Beyond Earth - Steam key

    Civilization: Beyond Earth - Steam key - $33 I haven't sold a bloody thing on here since 2008! Thats over half a decade. I feel old. You'll find my 24-0-0 Heat here: And as you can see, my forum account is over 8 years old, so if you don't trust...
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    Steam 2014 Winter sale is here! runs from December 18th to January 2nd.

    Congratulations, you've just moved another sale for them. :)
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    The Fight Over Online Sales Tax And How It Impacts You

    So.. what is stopping a business from moving into a state without a sales tax and setting up shop and not charging any of its online customers tax? ... taking the online businesses unfortunate enough to be present in other states for a fleecing? Or an overseas business? I already buy from HK...
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    Wikipedia Kicks Off 10th Annual Beg-a-thon

    just paid my dues.. it's the most helpful site on the internet Whether I want to know real historical info on a character in a historical fiction book I just read or the property differences between 7075 and 6050 aluminum alloys in my bike, tent poles and trekking poles. Wikipedia fulfills...
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    Secret World 24.99$ GameStop PC download

    be an apologist all you want-- I was one for Funcom for 3 years during AoC .. no more Guild Wars 2 launches in 1 hour and 43 minuets. The fact that the game has dropped from $50 to $25 in the timeframe that it has should be speaking volumes. And the fact that the only raid is now being...
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    Secret World 24.99$ GameStop PC download

    fyi, before you start **Funcom just laid off 50% of it's staff-- **this game has no raids yet-- **the endgame is running asininely difficult dungeons over and over, with 16 hour lockout on the first boss kill (out of 6) per dungeon (total of 6 dungeons)-- **due to high lockout timers, endgame...
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    Considering what other video card makers provide from reference- I find listing the comparative specs between them a moot point. The real reason I'd pick an ASUS is because of the intangibles and the following list I've gleamed from previous ASUS product ownership: ---#1: The several video...
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    OCZ RevoDrive 230GB (PCI-e x4 SSD) - $229.99 (MIR)

    I am. [H] seems to have filtered out the first part of my link.. I guess its a competing review site? -- but really, this shows more on the insecurity of [H], imho =/
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    OCZ RevoDrive 230GB (PCI-e x4 SSD) - $229.99 (MIR)

    I put $20 on it being a response to: http://.com/latest-buzz/mushkin-beefs-up-ssd-portfolio-with-performance-size-and-form-factor-selection-ces-2012-update/ Good things ahead for us older motherboard holders!
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    Dead space 2 (PC Download) for $5 @ Amazon!

    in for one, thanks OP :)
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    Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu Ray set $49

    I didn't say I didn't buy it .. for my 103" screen and 7.1 :) .. I'm making a party out of it actually with a couple folks, but I've been saying that since I got it on black friday.. lol.. gotta get the ppl together.
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    Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu Ray set $49

    black friday it was $40, then shot back up to ~$85 .. I guess its down to ~$50 now, not sure why, I bet its popular as heck, but a lot of ppl were unhappy about changing disks in the middle of a movie, as it does break immersion.
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    Nintendo, Sony Back Off of SOPA Support

    If you hate this bullshit guys, and I mean seriously oppose it on ethical grounds, there are a couple things you can get involved in. I belong to these non-profit lists and sign my name to worthy campaigns and talk to my congressfolk/FCC/senators.
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    Nintendo, Sony Back Off of SOPA Support

    The logic is simple.. they want taxpayer money, instead of their own, to be used to protect the greedy, not the needy. (And I don't mean the pirates are the needy ones, I mean like the homeless, seniors, and every social service out there) They want taxpayer cash to pay for courts, lawyers...
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    Crysis 2 $9.99 at Amazon

    thanks op, snagged a copy, when it was $10 :) yesterday
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    [HOT] Brooks Brothers Peal and Co (C&J Handgrade) Shoes $100+ off

    Interesting thread.. a kind I would not normally read, but is too intriguing to pass up. CP3 -- All humans follow conditioning, whether nature or nurture, and none of us, you included, are immune-- and while I admittedly don't know leather shoes, I do know people, and I don't believe you're as...
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    Jos A Bank Suit - Signature Gold 3 Button Suits - $238 + tax (FS)

    Ralph Lauren are my fav suits.. such simple, classic design, and fitted better to straighter, more euro bodies, like yours truly. They usually are however 400+... too bad Syms went out of business.
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    $30 - Class 10 32GB SDHC Card

    Same card is 29.99 and w/prime on Amazon.. but the bad part is the reviews.. really shitty, 16 1-star reviews.. I would not dare use this for risk of losing my content.. I honestly only use Transcend and don't even risk the rest...
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    hp to sell touchpads on ebay (December 11th.)

    Comparing the tablets and such, I didn't even want this... honestly I don't understand how ppl can not understand the value of an IPS screen on the Kindle Fire's when they buy these tablets.. once you go IPS, you don't go back.. and I hope Fire goes on sale this x-mas, cuz I want one :) .. its...
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    Olympus E-P1 Camera and 14-42 Lens (Refurb) - $349

    Get the Sears deal above, its nuts. However, to your statement, you CAN use your old DSLR lenses on the E-P platform :) -- Thats right, convert to 3/4 on the fly, I use this...
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    Olympus E-P1 Camera and 14-42 Lens (Refurb) - $349

    That is a killer deal... This lens is a must-have btw: -- Its a Panasonic lens but its for the E-PL1 too, and Lumix - bleeping amazing for the cost, and its 45-200mm ...
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    Olympus E-P1 Camera and 14-42 Lens (Refurb) - $349

    This is not higher end than your E-PL1 .. this is its predecessor that didn't have built-in flash or External Viewfinder compatibility (which is awesome with this camera). My E-PL1 is marvelous - the best professional bang-for-the-buck cameras out there, period, especially with the amazing...
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    Computer Science is the Hottest Major on Campus

    got my MS in MIS, came to it from working largely the hardware/lead support world and the description of it being the middle ground between IT and CS is true. Most in this major became business IT analysts, IT auditors, some IT security, or the like. I became an Info Sys Mgr who is responsible...
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    Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 - $40 Amazon

    bit while it was still $40, thanks OP :)
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    Lord of the Rings extended Bluray $49.99 Amazon

    bit, thanks OP - I will be hosting a party with this now, and my 103" HD projected screen, 7.1 audio, and 4 bottles of Russian Standard :)
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    Harry Potter Complete 8-Film Movie Collection set [2011]: Bluray=$47 shipped, DVD=$39

    Old news, check that it's not region restricted -- this is how I got my box sets of Planet Earth, Matrix, Stardust, and Underworld.. Blu-Ray there is naturally much cheaper b/c ppl refused to get ripped off like us. Its why they try to enforce region restrictions on most things now...
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    World's Leading Bitcoin Exchange, Mt.Gox, Acquires

    More-so than your gas pump spending?
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    Google+ Reportedly Hitting 18 Million Users

    Somehow almost my entire network of friends, workers, and relationships ended up migrating to Google+ .. even when it is just invite only. And I invited no-one ... the word is spreading somehow and its spreading to non-tech ppl, so they must be doing something right. I will be more than glad...
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    Amazon Says Gets OK For California Sales Tax Referendum

    What? .. that was not an attempt to rebuff Buffett. I did not say what his argument was.. for or against.. I mentioned his facts and proof. Buffett agrees with the opinion of those who say the tax on corporations needs to be raised to equal to those of the working class. I was...
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    Amazon Says Gets OK For California Sales Tax Referendum

    Your uninformed opinion is baseless. I believe it was Warren Buffett who said "I pay less in taxes than my receptionist and cleaning lady". And proved it. To be fair, it was a percentage, not a total. Meaning, he paid around 17% of his income in taxes, while his receptionist and cleaning...
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    Amazon Says Gets OK For California Sales Tax Referendum

    During WWII when the military bought a tank it paid a fair price.. now they pay contractor prices that are inflated into the thousands of percent and used non-compete contracts during much of the GW administration. If you think $100 for a Hammer or $1000 for a Toilet Seat is a lot, you...