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    Thermaltake Kandalf PC Case

    sorry, was having trouble getting used to hardforum again. I just posted the link with the photos in it.
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    Thermaltake Kandalf PC Case

    It has been forever since I've been on this site but here goes nothing. I was gifted a thermaltake kandalf case that was sitting in storage. I'm looking for 80+shipping OBO for it as its mint condition. Below are the pictures. Let me know if you have any questions...
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    Get Free Shipping at Amazon with Minimum Possible Amount

    amazon prime is sickness (prime member myself)
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    IPv6 internal Networking

    you can easily change to IPv6 and if your router supports it transcode that to ip4 addresses for the outside. Just make sure all the stuff you want to use on your network supports ipv6.
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    2950 Switches have arrived

    in addressing your question of if it matters... Personally that could have been 160 dollars saved. All you need to pass your ccna is GNS3 and a self study guide. I read the official cisco study guide, used GNS3 and talked on some forums and got my CCNA in 3 months.
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    Ppolycom units through untangle?

    5060 is used for sip so I would make sure that is open as well. If you need a SIP provider, I just happen to work for one so PM me if needing service :p Never messed with Untangle, does it have any SIP ALG stuff like sonicwalls do? That will mess with transmission and registration with a pbx as...
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    Sonicwall VS Untangle

    sonicwall is the biggest piece of shit on networks
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    Best Practice? our company and mobile phones

    we are given phones and told to use them here at my work and we don't pay for anything as users. But my position is different because our tech team, which i'm part of, rotate on call status and have to be able to reached at all times while on call.
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    Cheapest place to buy iphone 4 and ipad wifi 3g 64gb come on guys...
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    Firefox and IE wont start what does this indicate?

    you have asploded the internet, which clearly seems to be the problem. sorry, no fix :p
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    help with asdm with asa 5500 series firewall

    1) pool is - .10 2) not important because its for servers to contact things without vpn (notthing set up for vpn) 3) Public IP 4)blade has vm's that are on public addresses and the VM servers are on private IPs
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    help with asdm with asa 5500 series firewall

    sorry. Don't have visio loaded yet :p.
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    help with asdm with asa 5500 series firewall

    OK. so now I have a new problem... The VPN works and all my acl's work as well as NAT rules I have setup. Once I am connected to the firewall on the outside interface through VPN I can ping all public IP addresses that are connected to the firewall. I cannot connect to anything on the...
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    help with asdm with asa 5500 series firewall

    yeah, we just deployed a radius server with a new product we are delivering but this is vpn for management of our internal team which will only be 3 users. Thanks for the heads up though.
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    help with asdm with asa 5500 series firewall

    update: I've got it working now. you login with the cisco vpn client with the group user name and password and then it prompts for the individual user name and password which works for me :) What I'm looking for now if anyone knows of such a program is something to simulate traffic over a...
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    help with asdm with asa 5500 series firewall

    I have an asa 5520 I'm trying to setup vpn on. I have the ipsec vpn setup and it works with login and pass. I confirmed that you can't ping the firewall inside address and then after connecting via VPN you can ping devices behind the firewall and the inside interface, so I know it is working...
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    FS: Sealed Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360)

    I'll do 20 for Red Dead.
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    Clear iSpot

    I saw this posted at engadet and did a little research since I used to work for t-mobile and remember the office for clearwire being next to t-mobile in st. louis. I checked their site and they have 4g service where I live in St. Louis and i'm wondering if anyone can chime in as to how their...
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    help configuring cisco 5520 asa firewall

    Nevermind, figured it out.
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    help configuring cisco 5520 asa firewall

    does anyone know how to allow all traffic from specific public IP addresses from outside in on the firewall in asdm. I am having a hard time finding out how to do that. I can do static rules to allow from one server the ports I need to work but once I try and do this for two ip addresses I get...
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    help configuring cisco 5520 asa firewall

    ok so aside from what I said in my first two posts I have got into the device. I worked with a cisco reseller that does business with us and I can use him as a tool to help configure the device. We loaded the new asdm and os on the device and I have asdm up and running on the device. I'm logged...
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    help configuring cisco 5520 asa firewall

    if it helps to give an idea of what I'm trying to achieve (because it is very simple) I need to update the firmware on this 5520 asa firewall first then I need to set up rules that will do the following with the setup I have I have a blade server behind this firewall and that is it as far...
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    help configuring cisco 5520 asa firewall

    HELP! My work knew I had a ccna and are expecting me to know how to configure a cisco asa 5520 firewall. I brought the device home tonight and minus the fact that I don't have the female to male adapter to even be able to console in to the damn thing I'm having 0 luck. Also, the fact that I have...
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    Amazon to acquire Woot

    never wooted but I am an amazon credit card holder and a prime member. I hope some of my benefits offload to woot now.
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    Ridiculous DDR3 prices?

    Seriously guys? I paid 450 dollars for a ddr1 xms pc 3200 2 gig kit for my p4 5 or 6 years ago... 100 bucks is nothing to me for memory prices.
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    Redbox Testing Higher Priced DVD Rentals, Offering Games

    I think he was reffering to rain or snow.... No one wants to have to drive back through snow to return a 1 dollar dvd.
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    Redbox Testing Higher Priced DVD Rentals, Offering Games

    I have netflix and I still use redbox sometimes for that I need it now movie once in a blue moon. This company would get all my video game rental business if the prices are as low or near what their dvd's are...
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    EVO vs iPhone 4

    3gs and iphone 4 is the way to go can anyone say background voip?
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    Students! $30 Windows 7 Upgrade is Back!

    If I have a copy of windows xp non upgrade can you fresh install on the upgrade? Is there an option during installation to verify my old copy of windows, I absolutely DO NOT want to have to install XP and then install 7 after that everytime I reformat...
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    What is the cheapest way to extend my wireless range?

    get a linksys or cheap router and put wddrt or tomato on it and put it in repeater mode of some sort. It will grab the signal and amplify it and resent it out. That is going to be your cheapest route.
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    Cat 5e cables (tons of different sizes)

    I have everything known to man cable wise. Those things you are refering to are called boots. I have cables with and without boots in a variety of colors ranging from dull grey to neon green :p.
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    Cat 5e cables (tons of different sizes)

    Bump, just got another huge box of cables. I have a TON of above 10 foot cables now.
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    Does my network guy ride the shortbus to work?

    plug in a router of some sort and buy a 24 port netgear switch and call it a day. If you want something more simple with more features then get a small little machine and run something like ipcop or pfsense on it. done. edit: -1 on the sonicwall, terrible terrible devices.
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    New Mac Mini

    The new low end is the old high end. I would be pissed if I just bought the high end for 1k and now its 700.... I'm lucky. I bought the low end 33 days ago and now the low end is 100 dollars more for a 200mhz difference. The harddrive size is not a concern to me because I have a 2TB external.
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    New Mac Mini

    I just moved from my sig pc to a new mac mini. Sucks they just updated it. I bought mine exactly 33 days ago. :(
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    Cat 5e cables (tons of different sizes)

    I have a lot of different lengths. Mostly around 10 to 12 and lower and beyond that I have 1 or 2 cables that are 50ft's