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  1. Tawnos

    Have an old Klipsch 4.1 speaker system? Did it die? I bet you can fix it!

    Most recent thing I have discovered is that the rubber in my subwoofer cones is now dry and cracked. Completely removing it sounded better than the farting it was doing, and there are apparently cheap replacement kits available. However, this was the last hurrah for my Klipsch system. Instead of...
  2. Tawnos

    OMG why is Win10 install still glitchy! need help!

    It is, but for some reason you are doing a bunch of unnecessary steps while trying to use MBR instead of GPT. PEBKAC.
  3. Tawnos

    WTF microsoft

    True. I should have said "if you have a device where you already paid for the codec licensing fee. The OP had already paid for it by getting Windows 10 while Microsoft still paid for it, and that link is meant to be for those who have devices where the royalty has already been paid (whether by...
  4. Tawnos

    WTF microsoft

    Isn't it still free if you have a supported device (i.e. your xeon)?
  5. Tawnos

    Windows 10: Remove Networks Associated With Disconnected Network Cards?

    It looks foreign when you first start, but there's a pattern to it. Powershell commands are supposed to follow Verb-Noun syntax and parameters are always prefixed with hyphen. Aliases are available for common commands, and tab completion is available for almost everything. Common shortcut syntax...
  6. Tawnos

    Broken UWP icons in Windows 10 Start Menu

    Followup: it's definitely a problem stemming from irfanview, and goes back to Win7: You should be able to fix it by opening your default apps and resetting the "lnk" (link/shortcut) files so that they're not associated with the program.
  7. Tawnos

    Broken UWP icons in Windows 10 Start Menu

    This appears to be caused by irfanview.
  8. Tawnos

    Windows 10 right click bug

    Can you try using AutoRuns and look at the "Explorer" tab to see what extensions you have installed? My random guess is that there's some plugin a program installed that registered a desktop context menu and isn't behaving well when repeatedly queried.
  9. Tawnos

    HDR color problems in Windows 10

    If you haven't done so yet, can you install the LG monitor driver for its color profile?
  10. Tawnos

    HDR color problems in Windows 10

    Can you upload the dxdiag output? It will provide valuable insights into things like what your driver and monitors claim they can do, as well as the color space being applied. Further, the "looks great but pinkish" may be an issue due to a number of things: the monitor may be more efficient at...
  11. Tawnos

    HDR color problems in Windows 10

    A few important questions that may help your issue: Can you run dxdiag, save all information, and paste it here? Are you using DisplayPort? HDMI 2.0 can work, but I've seen more issues with it vs DP. Does it look weird when you are looking at HDR content? It appears you are looking at...
  12. Tawnos

    Windows 7 x64 keeps forgetting my USB DAC's abilities

    The modified inf couldn't be used because its catalog signature no longer matched the inf file's hash. I've had similar issues to what you are describing, but caused by monitors (!). Though they're not supposed to do this, some models "reverse probe" the hdmi or displayport and then cause a...
  13. Tawnos

    Is this R3@L L1F3 ? Micro$oft???

    Then please don't threadcrap.
  14. Tawnos

    What happens after windows 10 ends its support in 2026?

    BS Guess you're right
  15. Tawnos

    SK Hynix Inc. Announces 1Ynm 16Gb DDR5 DRAM

    Found this:
  16. Tawnos

    Microsoft's October Update Failure Is Holding the Whole PC Industry Back

    What you are spewing came from the other end of the horse. If you had evidence, you could share a case or something else beyond "my friend said" to show that we have any such "tied house" policies. Back up your claims with some data, or shut up and stop making defamatory claims.
  17. Tawnos

    Microsoft's October Update Failure Is Holding the Whole PC Industry Back

    ... and you want to repeat a lie because it plays to your preconceived ideas. For fuck's sake, we have Linux running on Windows - does that mean those repair shops can't work on Windows boxes because they're "legally required NOT to work on systems with Linux"? We endorse linux images and...
  18. Tawnos

    Microsoft's October Update Failure Is Holding the Whole PC Industry Back

    I've personally talked to police officers who have told me, as fact, that you can get a DUI on a bike in WA. That is despite there being both a law explicitly preventing that as well as court cases that both say that isn't true. People will commonly make claims of fact that aren't backed by nor...
  19. Tawnos

    Unknown service

    Is there signing info on the file, what other software do you have installed?
  20. Tawnos

    Why is my Windows 10 loading very, very slow?

    To expand on the replies here - you _don't_ want to turn off hybrid shutdown unless you want to check that your "shutdown" behavior becomes the same as "restart". When you restart the machine, Windows always does a FULL restart. When you use shutdown, Windows usually does a "hybrid" boot...
  21. Tawnos

    windows 10: lag when saving/deleting files

    So you never learned what was wrong but assume it was Windows that is at fault, even though a clean install of the OS works which indicates it was a piece of software running on top? Sure, makes sense...
  22. Tawnos

    VERY VERY Strange mem usage problem, PLEASE help!!

    There's a memory leak in the killer suite that you can avoid by only installing the driver and not the suite and/or disabling the network data usage driver: Also, killer acknowledges it's their issue:
  23. Tawnos

    VERY VERY Strange mem usage problem, PLEASE help!!

    Is it used, allocated, reserved, or something else? If it's being used for caching, then the above statement is equivalent to saying "I'd rather the RAM I bought sit idle rather than be used to speed up my system"
  24. Tawnos

    windows 10: lag when saving/deleting files

    Try using autoruns to see if you have shell handlers registered from the various image & sound tools installed.
  25. Tawnos

    Win10, low writes, 2 x ssds raid0

    It seems you're just hitting normal variability with SSDs that are being repeatedly subjected to synthetic benchmarks, what are you expecting that isn't happening? How old are the drives?
  26. Tawnos

    HICKERY Xcopy not working in windows 10

    What doesn't work? Which files do you expect that aren't copied, etc? You _have_ to give a bit more info than you have when we're trying to help, right now it's like extracting teeth to figure out what's wrong. For example: what file wasn't copied, what are its attributes, what are its ACLs...
  27. Tawnos

    HICKERY Xcopy not working in windows 10

    You would need to add /s (include subdirectories with files) or /e (include all subdirectories, including empty ones). The /copyall flag relates to what flags are copied (attributes, acls, etc). If you want to mirror your internal hard drive to your external (removing any files that don't exist...
  28. Tawnos

    FitMetrix Leaks User Information

    Many of those are required to be collected and for payment transactions and some details stored for things like fraud protection, refunds, product recalls, etc. A key difficulty is educating those who think "data collection" means actively querying or acquiring that data not typed and provided...
  29. Tawnos

    Amazon Scraps Biased Recruiting AI

    We can inadvertently inject our own biases into our machine learning models. For example, there was an issue where LinkedIn "discovered that high-paying jobs were not displayed as frequently for women as they were for men" because there was an existing relationship between people with those jobs...
  30. Tawnos

    FitMetrix Leaks User Information

    How would you log onto websites, store data that is submitted to forums, send emails, etc? All of that counts as collected data and seems quite fundamental for the functioning of the web.
  31. Tawnos

    Steve Wozniak: AI Will Never Be Smart Enough to Drive a Car

    I'm telling you that a human is more likely to miss a thousand other things about themselves that are more dangerous than ladder dumbass. For example, the effect of stress, being tired, having an argument with a spouse, thinking about other tasks you need to do, etc. All of those distract human...
  32. Tawnos

    Steve Wozniak: AI Will Never Be Smart Enough to Drive a Car

    The thing both of you miss should be so obvious it's a no-brainer. Something doesn't need to be better in every regard to be consistently better in most regards. It's much easier to get a good set of safer, consistent behaviors built into a machine than a human.
  33. Tawnos

    Linus "I'll Never Be Cuddly" Torvalds Responds to CoC Controversy

    * Account created last week. * Justifies racial bias based on bullshit claims. E.g. "like everyone else does" - okay, what other nation is based on race? * Only other posts are similar in nature, but have nothing to do with [H] Survey says... idiot, bot, or troll.
  34. Tawnos

    Where can I look up these BSOD error codes?

    Have you updated your BIOS?
  35. Tawnos

    Microsoft Announces Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    This explains why those errors popped up: This is the followup that briefly mentions the fix and that it also works for cube roots:
  36. Tawnos

    Windows 10 - Reboot and Select proper Boot device.

    Please read rule 4. Given the intermittency of the issue, I'd guess cable or power issues (e.g. failing capacitors on mobo or PSU).
  37. Tawnos

    Microsoft Improves Windows Notepad

    Most of the time, but not always
  38. Tawnos

    History behind Windows and the man who should have been Bill Gates

    You keep claiming that, but I went and looked it up - HPFS wasn't developed by IBM for OS/2, it wasdeveloped by an engineer at Microsoft (Gordon Letwin) for OS/2. NTFS took those ideas and added additional features such as ACLs, transparent encryption, and transparent compression. It wasn't...
  39. Tawnos

    SHOCKER - Autopilot Buddy Deemed Unsafe

    If that's the case, why is it "news" when a self-driving car is in an accident, but the 100+ vehicular deaths per day are not? Expecting stupid behavior doesn't change how dangerous the behavior is, increase our reaction time to it, nor is it an insurmountable engineering challenge to have...
  40. Tawnos

    SHOCKER - Autopilot Buddy Deemed Unsafe

    I'm beginning to think your job is "car salesman to the uneducated". You spend more time posting about your hate of self-driving cars or electric cars and how much you hate "progressives" than you do on any other topic here (I just checked to make sure it wasn't because I primarily see your...