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    Seasonic X-Series: X-850 Power Supply Review @ [H]

    as always..Great review !!!!
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    SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

    I had a M12D 850watt PSU that I bought 4 years ago back in 2009, I Live in North Carolina, and we have quite a few Storms here annually, needlessly to say, a Big Lightning Storm came through My area back in early September of 2010, I wasmt ho,e at the time (at the hospital...
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    was i fooled or what?

    because im poor :rolleyes:ol im waiting for my Poor Uncle whos on welfare to pass away............ that way i can inherit is duo core e8600 cpu:confused:
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    was i fooled or what?

    i really do have that rig, but im so poor right now, but im gunna save for a core 2 duo cpu or something like that? i just instslled my Gainward fx5900xt that has been bios flashed to a fx5950 ultra woot woot now im really in the groove now Bros:D
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    was i fooled or what?

    yea i dont get it, why put a review on a card thats impossible to find? yea i guess i do need a new pc rig and sig right? btw how is AMD, are they still the "top Dog"?
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    was i fooled or what?

    saw the review on the ASUS GTX 660 DirectCU II OC i jes got out of a coma and was wondering did i jes get fooled on this card? i cant fond it anywhere?:o Did KB slip one on me again?:rolleyes:
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    AMD Phenom & Spider & Intel QX9770 Comparo @ [H]

    i totally agree I've seen a Vid of a person representing the H about 10 months back, talk with the Benchmark staff at AMD and thought they were on good terms, (AMD even praised the H) and even though the Benches (Synthetitics are just Balogna with no real world meaning), a little less...
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    AMD Spider Videos

    i always though that the Wrath from a woman was BAD, but it looks like AMD is about to hand out Intel a Butt whippin.............LOL
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. Recently i saved my money for 2 and a half years, and made a rig for my wife (see sig) for an 9 year Anniversarry Present. it's all i could afford being that i am disabled (Legally Blind) and am on Disability Social Security. I'm still trying to save up for a Great Video Card for her(mee...
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    4GHz on AMD's 65nm process!

    only one word to say..................AWESOME! and Congrads!!! wait thats
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    AMD Announces new HPC Microprocessor

    i knew or had a feeling that AMD was up to something with their latest tech and aquisition of ATI. This is purely a foreshadow of things to come. i can only expect this technology to get better, and yes trickle down to the enthusiast and consumer market. If all is marketed and planned well...
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    Is AMD Really a Sinking Ship?

    well lets just wait and see what these products can do before you get all hyped about something that looks like its gonna fail. amd athlon xp 3200+ was at 2.2 ghz, but it still gave the P4 3.0 cpu a run for it's money, so lets wait and see what happens when they come out and THEN you can...
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    No 2.6GHz Phenom Before 2008?

    oh man that fanboys are gonna eat this up.LOL i still have faith in AMD that they will pull through and gives us consumers what we want.
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    Is AMD Really a Sinking Ship?

    i think its funny how alot of posters here talk like they know internally whats going on with AMD and their Technology.LOL Like as if they work there or something?..LOL Lets not forget that this Technology takes Years to develop and test, it's not like they thought it up yesterday, and then...
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    $50 Power Supply Roundup

    What about "Ultra" PSU's? i have an 500watt X-connect that cost me less than 50 clams and the Quality and Performance is awesome. Even on the V-Series the PSU are High Quality and great performance. why is Ultra always overlooked?
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    what AMD AM2 Mobo has the best Video

    Thanks Buff, say will this be on all 690G boards, this Bios Upgrade, or is it a select few manufacturers? Thanks
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    Bit-tech tests Bioshock

    Cmon Guys lets show some respect at Kyle Bennets House, he doesnt go to your house and argue, please dont do it here....please?
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    Interesting article on AMD's site about new AMD chipsets/2900XT integration

    man i hope AMD does wipe Intel a new piehole, we need competetion here Gang!!! Besides Intel hasn't always been the King of the Hill for the last 10 Years............AMD handed them their Bootys quite a few
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    what AMD AM2 Mobo has the best Video

    what kinda upgrade does the 690G come with? i dont understand? tnx
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    what AMD AM2 Mobo has the best Video

    Hey gang, i need some help please. I am looking for an AM2 Mobo that has the best onboard video out there, can anyone please help me find such a motherboard? i currently have the Biostar Tforce 7025, is this really as good as it gets? Thanks
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    Intel Pulls “Racially Insensitive” Ad

    reminds me of the time BenQ made an ad with the resemblance of the World Trade Towers crumbling in their ad, they wanted to emphasize that where there is Destruction, there is always Hope, But of course people got on the Band wagon about that, and all heck broke loose, and BenQ was flamed for...
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    AMD Say No Recall Is Needed

    as long as there is a fix, i dont see no problem, just hope it isnt a difficult fix, now that can be a Problem, but if the average Joe like me can fix it........who Cares?
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    AMD shows off 3.0 GHz Barcelona with 3x2900 XT?

    I think the Peeps Here that don't Believe what Steve Posted On this CPU, are Probably the same people that Believe that Man did not land on the Moon......ROFL Cmon People, Cut AMD some slack will ya? Nice Pictures though, man i can't wait!!!!
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    AMD shows off 3.0 GHz Barcelona with 3x2900 XT?

    Oh Yeah Baby, AMD is on the right Track, I Look forward to seeing what they will do with their latest Stuff, ......whats that i Hear?...........It's the Fat Lady Singing.......LOL
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    what Cooler is Best for S AM2?

    I have a AMD X2 6000+ that i am building, and i need the Best cooler out there, i have a Mid tower Case that Looks Like it could be a server case, so room is not the Issue, i dont want water cooling, Just the Best air cooling thats out there, I Have no Idea what to use, and need your Help...
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    what is agp aperature, and what setting do i use?

    Just Curious if anyone knows what AGP Aperature is, and what setting should i have it at? Thanks!!
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    socket A systems

    yeah i was gonna hang on to my Parts and Build me that Ultimate Abit System with the parts i had, but when i saw how cheap DDR2 Memory is, and then the X2 Cpus are so cheap, i went freakin Bonkers, and sold everything, except for my wifes MSI Kt6v-lsr w/athlon xp 3200+, and when it was all said...
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    socket A systems

    i Just sold an Abit AN7 for $143.00 and 2-3200+ XP Bartons, one for $133.00 with a Thermaltake Volcano9, and the other for $144.00 w/ a Zalman cnps70000a yes you can still get alot for them, I actually sold those and a couple of more stuff that was socket A parts, and...
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    Need new video card, please help

    Which ATI card is better, the XT or the Pro? and do ATI Cards run well on a mobo that has an Nvidia chipset? Thanks
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    Need new video card, please help

    I have $160.00 to spend, and i need a Vid card, which do i Buy? ATI or Nvidia? I want a Fast Card for Gaming, and it has to be PCI Express. are 7950gt 512mb Good? or the X1950 Pro 512mb Better? Thanks for your replies!!
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    Best Glide Games

    does anyone remember "Slave Zero"? i still play it on my k6-2 rig in Glide Mode, man that is still an awesome game to play. here is my old rig specs: AMD K6-2+ 570mhz Powercolor p561a Mobo 768mb PC-133 2x Diamond Voodoo2-12mb SLI Mode Aureal SQ3500 Turbo Win 98se 400Watt PSU
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    i just want to know, is this card destined to be a Flop like windows ME? or is there still a light at the end of the tunnel and hope for a ressurection?
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    thanks for pointing that out, i was going by the test setup and neglected to look at all else.thanks for the heads up
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    Hey Kyle, here is what digitlife has: Latest News | Platform | Coolers | HDD/DVD | Video | Sound | Network | Imaging | Monthly | Mobile Hot Deals | Rightmark Tools | Search | Forum | Mailing | Links | Advertise | About Us Latest Articles: AMD/ATI DirectX 10 Series: RADEON HD...
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    Hey Kyle, just going by what your review says: System Test Setup For evaluation we are using an EVGA NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI motherboard; an Intel Core 2 Duo E6800 2.4 GHz processor; 2GB of Corsair XMS2 Dominator CM2X1024-8888C4D at 4-4-4-12 1T; the latest chipset drivers available; and...
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    so does the 2900xt perform better with a 2.9ghz duo core cpu?.someone please explain.hardocp used a 2.4ghz, and digitlife used a higher cpu and the 2900xt shined................
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    i just noticed that the digit-life review that shows the 2900 beating nvidia, they have a 2900mhz CPU compared to Hardocp using a 2400mhz CPU.......can that be what made the difference?........makes you kinda wonder?
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    April Nomination for [H]ard DCer of the month

    so like what do you have to do, to get nominated?
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    more ram is better?

    yeah my mobo does have dual channel support (slots 1 and 3) so you are saying, put the 2x512 rami in those slots, and the 2x256 ram in slots 2 and 4 (non Dual channel) and run my system that way? even though the memory is not dual channel? please hurry, i am holding my Breath!!.........haha
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    more ram is better?

    well, unfortunately i dont jave Dual channel memory, i said before, i have 2 sticks of 2x512 wintec pc 3200, and 2 sticks of 2x256 pc3200 Kingston memory, all are OEM 1 sided mem chips. so it is better to run Just the 2x512 wintec by them selves, and not add the 2x256 PC3200...