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    Best way to add SSD RAID 1 for 2003 Server OS

    Have you checked to see if there are any mapped drives showing up that reference a nonexistant folder or path? Explorer will try to reach every mapped drive and will sit waiting until it times out before the window responds again. It sounds exactly like what you're describing.
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    What's your HTPC Software of choice?

    Mythtv Runs well on older hardware, is OS, supports mulitple frontend pcs from one backend and plays just about everything. No cable/dish so the recording features are pretty much irrelevant to me.
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    Wake on LAN scheduler

    I know this isn't exactly what you were asking about, but if you want the machines to wake up on a schedule, see what the bios has for options. Many of them will have a setting for scheduling this.
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    Wake on LAN strange problem

    It seems like the router is the source of the problem. According to cisco ( this isn't a supported feature for the 320n. So it looks like you have a couple of options: Set the bios in the computer to wake up at a...
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    Wake on LAN strange problem

    How long do your dhcp leases last? How long is 'a while'?
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    Media Server Chassis

    Try an off lease corporate desktop. Even the recent sff ones should still be able to take 2 hard drives which will almost certainly give you more drive space than an older poweredge. Plus they're dual core and most will have pcie slots. It all comes at a small fraction of the power, space and...
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    Media Server Chassis

    Just got rid of PE 4600 and 2600 boxes. I'd planned to convert them both to sata, but by the time you modify backplane, power, chassis and everything else, you're out enough cash that you could have picked up a decent low power server box or enough parts to make one. Even if you could...
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    MythTV hardware requirements?

    Should run it. Might be a bit slow, but more ram should fix that.
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    New pfsense (1.23) box: Dell Optiplex GX1 PIII 533 512 MB RAM Onboard Intel Nic PCI Intel Nic
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    TeraCopy FTW!

    Amen! But before you install it at work, check the licensing. I think the free version is only for home/personal use.
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    FreeNAS Chronicles!

    I think that's 8 drives between the two systems, 4 per box. Doing the Raid 5 with Freenas will put the total useable at 4.5 TB per box, right in line with the OPs storage target.
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    WHS primary drive failed, now what?

    Sure does. The first one relys on both ntfs and share settings for permissions, but the second one only uses the ntfs permissions. Your share permissions are probably set to 'Read Only' instead of 'Change' or 'Full Control'. 'Change' would probably be the most appropriate one.
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    Rant of the day...backup exec

    Yosemite. Even comes with a free 60 day trial. I haven't used it personally. Just heard others rave about it.
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    WHS primary drive failed, now what?

    Seems like this would be a good topic for the sticky whs questions thread.
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    Anyone getting Technet renewal offers?

    Got my renewal notice for $249 I think. In any case, the price went down this year. Wish I could say the same about a few other things.
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    Vipre Enterprise

    Been using the consumer version for more than a year now on my home stuff. Seems to catch the nasties and doesn't use a lot of system resources. It's been reviewed on zdnet and a couple of other places. Also apparently rated pretty well by some independent rating lab (can't remember which...
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    Replicating a Pseudo-WHS with Server 2008?

    Vail is built on Server 08 (R2 I think.) What don't you like about it? From what I understand, the only differences with Storage Server 08 vs vanilla 08 are SIS (Single Instance Storage) and IO tuning.
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    Server 2008 R2 Antivirus

    If you're looking for an server AV that doesn't break the bank, try Sunbelt Vipre. You can get a site license that lets you install on every computer in your home for $50. It works on Windows Server and XP/Vista/7.
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    What are some reasons to want better than normal switches for home/personal use?

    Who on this forum actually needs a reason to buy better hardware? We want it to play with, test and figure stuff out. Just don't make the mistake of telling your wife that anything cheaper will do the trick and you'll be okay. "Yes dear, I really do need a $600 24 port GB switch. No, the $200...
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    The need for multiprocessor builds

    Combining hardware also produces software licensing savings (up to a point), especially for Windows clients and servers.
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    Good Packaging Software that isn't Expensive?

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    Best PDF Reader for Windows 7?

    Seems like a lot of people have old info on this one. Thanks for correcting that one.
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    External storage. Regardless of unit you're still limited to USB speed

    The new ones do come with four FW800 ports, but even FW400 is faster than USB2 in real life (just not on paper).
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    Warning about eBay 2.5"-3.5" drive adapter bracket

    I think he's talking about the outside holes and getting them to fit the drive rails for mounting in a case. Most hd rails only use the first and third holes so the spacing on the third hole is critical to getting them to fit. In this case, the spacing is out enough that it looks like the...
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    Network pics thread

    Probably better off with a few satas. With a decent controller, performance would be about the same,.especially if they were raid 10. Fraction of the cost too.
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    Home Network "Node 0" Refurb, Network Cabinet and Fibre!

    Check here for the rest of the pics:
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    MAC vs PC - Network issues

    If your testing determines that the usb adapter is the problem, try replacing it with a wireless pci or pcie card. I've never had very much success with the usb ones.
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    Industrial PC using multiple CPU daughter cards?

    That's exactly the conclusion I came to. Too much effort for a rig that could be bested by a $399 desktop from Dell. But it was fun to tinker with.
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    Industrial PC using multiple CPU daughter cards?

    The backplanes that I've seen were designed to accommodate multiple processor cards. How many you can put in will depend on the slot configuratation. If you picked them up from work, check with whoever looks after your electrical or instrumentation stuff. They should have some documentation for...
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    Upgrade? G to N

    The 4965 is a solid performer. Plus, it's AGN, so it'll connect to pretty much anything. There's also the Intel 5300 that gives a 50 percent bandwidth increase, making it an option as well.
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    How low can you go? (No Limbo Contest)

    Is 512 the most that will work or is it what the specs say for that model? I ask because my Latitude c640s and c840s all spec 1GB as the max RAM, but I've had them up to 2GB.
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    How low can you go? (No Limbo Contest)

    Ran Vista on a Latitude D600 1.4 Ghz single core with 1 GB RAM. Performance when using Office and other productivity apps was acceptable. It would even handle some older games (C&C Generals). Running 7 on a Latitude C840 2.0 P4m with 1 GB RAM. Performance is decent for average use. Boot...
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    Which email client do you use and why?

    I was wondering what happened to all the Notes users. Work: Lotus Notes 7.03. It's no that bad. Really... No, actually it is. Home: Gmail, Yahoo, Live, etc.
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    How will Win7 Run on my laptop?

    Windows 7 runs fine on my Latitude C840 with a 2.0 P4m and 1GB of RAM. As long as you're not running anything else that's memory intensive, it should be okay. That said, more does make for a nicer experience.
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    Why you chose linux

    I use it as a Media Center since it's not as particular about its hardware as Windows is.
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    Desktop firewalls inside a domain

    I work for a large forestry company (about 3000 PCs altogether). Our standard practice is to disable it by policy on all XP workstations. Too many of our core apps have problems with it. We just spend a bit more time ensuring that the AV/Spyware is properly updated on the workstations. Past...
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    High throughput capable wireless routers?

    If it's overheating, you may want to aim a fan at it during the lan parties to keep it cool. Or, if you feel like tinkering, you could open it up and install better heat sinks and a fan.
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    D-Link DGL-4500 Firmware Fiasco

    Amen. The 4300s are still very good routers. The only reason I stopped using mine was that it had a problem with the Nortel IPsec vpn client. Otherwise, no complaints.
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    Backing up Windows NT/2000 server onto ext hd

    I'd probably go with a bootable cd with Acronis TruImage or Ghost (or insert your favourite disk backup program name here) that will support a USB or Firewire drive. I use HDClone since it has a bootable cd image and will read from and write to external usb drives.
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    LAN Party Networking

    I've seen the old HP Procurve Switch 4000Ms with 80 ports on eBay for about $40 bucks. They're only 100mb and loud enough to drown everything else in the room, but they'd do the job.