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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    Yeah that is what Dan is referring to. If you read the post where he mentions GPU's he states that there is not standard as to how a company measures the length of the GPU. Some measure from edge of bracket to edge of card, others don't include the extra ~5-7 mm that the bracket adds to the length.
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    Silverstone Modular 450W SFX (ST45SF-G) - Now has a product page - NextQ = When?
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    M3A2 Beta Project: Discontinued This seems like it would work nicely. There are also 2 molex->1 8pin right angle from the same seller.
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    M3A2 Beta Project: Discontinued

    This looks amazing Cmadki4! I've been following this since the beginning and its awesome to see all the progress since the initial concept. Still a long way to go but just wanted to say great work so far!