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    Wii STOLEN!!! HELP!!!

    Good luck with this, but if you don't want people's opinions, then don't ask for it. Keep emailing Nintendo, and notify authorities if you need to.
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    What happens if the PlayStation 3 fails.

    Quit whining. If the PS3 fails....then it fails. We can't sense the future (well...most of us ;)), so we'll just have to wait and see.
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    EA what a joke

    This thread delivers..... ....bullshit straight to my email inbox. Thus it's closed.
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    HELP! Daemon tools buned to a DVD issue...

    Sorry, no help here man. Asking for help on circumventing school computer security is not quite looked up upon here. Ask the tech for help on it. If he they won't help you, then it's not allowed, and you'll have to find your own solution.
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    Replacement Media for games

    It's your fault the discs are gone, NOT EA's. Sure it'd be nice for them to help out, but they are not going to, and, frankly, I don't see why any company would send you extra discs. It's nowhere in the warranty that they will replace the discs you lost.
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    will vista continue to be this slow?

    I run Vista Home Premium on a 1.6 dual core pentium, 1 gb RAM, ATI200M and things run smooth as can be....
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    Vanguard Saga of heroes..

    yeah, because it's been out for soooo long, right?:rolleyes: Don't be a jackass.
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    Vista photo gallery look the same no matter where I view them.
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    Supreme Commander Thread!

    No time to clean up now, but the shit had better stop, otherwise the thread will be closed and offenders will be dealt with.
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    Wii Can't Set 480p

    Closed then.:)
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    Wii Can't Set 480p

    Hey Movieesa....cut the crap.:rolleyes:
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    [X360] Gamexpert Cooler King

    Well, USB ports are meant to power devices, it simply acts as a USB hub. As for the A/V connections, it feeds off the signal from the console and simply passes through the video/sound data. I'd imagine on the side we cannot see in the picture, there are connectors that lead from the...
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    The question: Gonna get Vista?

    I'll be getting Vista sooner than later, maybe in the next month or so. I don't game on the PC much, so DX10 isn't THAT huge of a thing to me. I guess I'm just lookin' for something new.
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    Bill Restricting Minors From MySpace

    That's not the site's purpose, and it's an "account deletable" offense to post anything like that. Even so...if your kid happens upon a porn site account on myspace, they could've just as easily typed "www.(insert any word that has to do with something even slightly derougitory here).com" and...
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    Bill Restricting Minors From MySpace

    It's's in the same league as the whole videogame ban thing; it's not gonna happen. Myspace isn't a fucking porn site for goodness' sake. The site's purpose isn't to sell porn videos, it's free, and, some kid ending up in across the world because they conned their parents into...
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    Get WoW or Everquest 2?

    Guys, calm down. It's not like the quote was taken totally out of context and then changed as to show YOUR view of things. It was edited in a sarcastic way as to show the opinion of the person who quoted you. Let it go.
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    BF2142: Northern Strike Booster Pack Announced

    Defiant007, I have an idea: If you don't want to be on topic and contribute in a useful manner, then get out of the thread.
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    PS3 really wants to NOT sell units...

    Why don't you all STFU FTW? :rolleyes: This thread was facing downhill to start with...
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    Crackdown xbox360 demo

    I played it today. I'm actually impressed so far. I like the feedom of movement that you get with the game. I don't mind the targeting system, as it has auto-aim and all. The vehicle physics could use some work, though I kinda like the tightness of the handling-you have to work a little...
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    The monitors are more than likely HD, and when fed an SD or ED signal, HD monitors tend to look like crap due to the monitor having to stretch 480i/p to their native resolutions.
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    The OFFICIAL Oblivion mod sticky!

    NP! This is a great thread with tons of content.:)
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    MySpace To Send Out Amber Alerts

    Myspace isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It'll be like the whole politician vs videogames thing; it just won't happen. It's plain and simple; it's not Myspace's fault for what happens to slutty little Susy. It's her fault for doing things she thought she was prepeared to do, but...
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    The OFFICIAL Oblivion mod sticky!

    As per request, merged and stuck.:D
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    MySpace Sues Spammer

    I use Myspace, and I see my friends profiles get hijacked left and right. One of their friends will post a retarded "OMG FREE RINGTONES" bulletin and they'll click on a link that leads to what seems to be a myspace login page. They'll put in their information, it'll send them to the page they...
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    Good Lan Party Games?

    They're stating the you don't care about the rules? Use your brain.:rolleyes:
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    Note: I changed the thread title to include the Wii, as someone mentioned it a page ago, and it's a good idea.:)
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    Video conversion...

    Hey I'm looking for a quick (free, legal) way to convert .AVI or .WMV to MPEG4 or .MOV. I'm trying to get some video files onto my phone so any help would be appreciated. BTW: Yes, I searched, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Thanks in advance.:)
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    I need some cash ASAP FS thread!!!

    Bump! Thanks so far everyone.
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    MySpace Sued Over Online Predators

    I didn't read any replies in the thread, but my views are and have always been this: Watch your kids. If they're on Myspace, make sure they aren't hooker-ing off with some old dude in Isreal via a plane ticket that you "UNKNOWINGLY" ended up buying for them.:rolleyes: You don't even have to...
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    I need some cash ASAP FS thread!!!

    For those who have PM'ed me/sent me payments so far, I will be off of the computer for a while and will ship any and all itmes as soon as your payment method has cleared and will have tracking info/receipt pictures available as soon as shipped. Thanks a lot for helping out! I will only ship in...
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    What are you guys expecting from Dead Rising 2

    The only thing I can really think of is to fix the save system. Other than that, I had no real problem with the game.
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    No Crysis For Consoles

    Damn...I was hoping I wouldn't have to build a new PC for this game...:( This may be the very first time I build a new PC for a single game... ....dammit!:mad:
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    whats up with your ds lately?

    Same here. About 7 hours in. All on company time.:D
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    Wii Tennis girl ... ZOMG

    This has nothing to do with gaming...
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    Woman Dies For A Wii

    This has nothing to do with gaming, per sey.
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    PS3's online sucks?

    This topic is done.
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    PS3's online sucks?

    Those who have crap to put in threads, do me a favor; reroute yourselves to a damn bathroom. Keep the thread clean.:rolleyes: