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    Newegg Year-End Blowout

    Thanks, can't wait to join the SSD party, as late as i am.
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    Newegg Year-End Blowout

    I've been a bit out of the loop recently. Is that Sandisk SSD a decent deal? I have about $100 to spend on a SSD if I can find something worth it. Won't kill me if it doesn't compete with the Intel or Samsung ones. I'm still working with HDDs over here.
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    Diablo 3 Gold Buying Web Sites are scam?

    In games where it is considered cheating to buy gold/items like wow, it sure as hell is cheating. In games like D3 with a real money auction house it is not cheating, unless you use a 3rd party website to buy money for hardcore in which case, yes it is cheating. If a multiplayer game wants...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I kinda wish it was being unlocked at like 5-10pm my time instead of 3 am. I'm prolly not going to bother staying up to play for an hour or 2 before going to sleep, and it just seems so wrong to start something like D3 in the going to see some highly anticipated blockbuster movie in...
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    14 hour flight. Whats my entertainment options?

    Wow, until I read this thread I had no clue that flight attendants were in general completely open to sex with the passengers. I guess I just never thought to ask. :rolleyes:
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    EA Announces Expansion of Its Always Online DRM Policy

    Yup, ever since TW2, when I see a discussion like this I'm more pissed at pirates than I am at the companies implementing this shit. Fuck pirates.
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    Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

    I found myself criticizing the game and enjoying it, but not loving it while playing it. Now that the beta is over, I need to play more.
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    "Dark Souls : Prepare to Die Edition" coming to PC.

    Yup, fairly sad, especially knowing that there were valid reasons for using GFWL. I don't blame people for hating it and I don't blame them for using it in this case, but it feels like it's just not going to work as well as it should have.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Could allow for some trolling but I doubt it'll be a widespread problem and it's better than having mav riding. I'm sure there's better fixes though, but apparently they can't figure them out.
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    Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition April 17th

    I was hoping that there would be mods for the UI at this point. I'm sure I can google it but if anyone knows of some good ones, links would be appreciated.
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    Latest BF34 patch utterly ruined the game.

    I hate to discuss this patch in a thread obviously started to get a reaction, but here it goes... I've been reading about BF3 a lot lately as I'm just getting back into it, and I swear I've heard multiple times that tank's HP was nerfed. I don't want to put the burden of proof on you when...
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    Ubi: we don't see us investing hugely in a mouse and keyboard setup for Ass Creed 3

    What I don't get is why significant effort would need to be applied to achieve decent kb/m support anyway. I'm no programming expert (yet!) but I would think that a layer of event handlers to translate input based on control scheme wouldn't be all that hard to implement, if you design that way...
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    Pro Counter-Strike player slams CS:GO: “It’s not fun. It’s a terrible game right now.

    I don't see why it wouldn't improve accuracy. Maybe you want to argue that the time in which you can go from moving to stopped to achieve the aim bonus is a bit too quick, and I might not disagree, but it's certainly a lot closer to reality than walking around shooting with nearly the same...
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    What's your BF3 FPS running a 7970 ultra preset?

    I hate you. I'm happy if I stay around 40fps. I feel like the BF3 experience would be at least twice as enjoyable at a constant 60fps. The thought of 120fps on a good 120hz monitor makes me drool.
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    Pro Counter-Strike player slams CS:GO: “It’s not fun. It’s a terrible game right now.

    It's funny because while the battlefield series may go for realism more than CS, the CS series almost definitely has closer to real shooting mechanics. In CS it is VERY difficult to control full auto on a gun and hit the target at anything past close range. In BF3 you can spray a lot of guns...
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    Dark Souls Announcement

    Quite excited about the possibility. I think I remember signing some random petition for this awhile ago. I had no desire to get a current gen console until I started hearing about Dark Souls and Demon's Souls. How well would the controls translate to a PC? If I need to I'd probably get a 360...
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    Love Letter to PC gamers from Claptrap

    This thread has be depressed about the PC gaming community, though I can't say the attitude surprises me. What's funny is how non-standard many of these features have become, which friggen sucks, but when a company says, "okay we'll use the standard you guys expect" they get shit on? Really...
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced for release on 11/11/11.

    As someone graduating from college soon, you're making me sad. There never seems to be a happy middle ground. It's either, plenty of money for games/rig and no time to play, or no money and plenty of time.
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    Love Letter to PC gamers from Claptrap

    I agree that these things should be standard and no, you shouldn't get excited about standard features being included, but I don't think being all pissy about it is appropriate either. Maybe a nod of approval? An "okay you fucked up the first time but I'm glad you realized that and are putting...
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    What is the most retarded community for a game that you've experienced?

    I'd argue that that attitude is what makes a lot of communities shitty. Everyone else is retarded aren't they?
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    What is the most retarded community for a game that you've experienced?

    There were only really two sources of hate in DAoC. #1 was the VN boards, which the large majority of people didn't go to, but that's where most of the drama was. #2 were elitist gank grps (which I was a part of because there was nothing in the world more fun than running around with an 8 man...
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    Skyrim Modding Megathread

    Did they ever come up with a solution to hotkeying for dual wielding? I just want to be able to switch between my weapon and a that so unreasonable? :( I saw some video on youtube where you can make a hotkey for switching the left and the right hand, so it could technically work...
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    I remember games back in 2006 or so, particularly Oblivion, stuttered a ton, especially if the OS and game was on the same drive. At least in my mind it felt way better when they were on separate drives. I think over the last few years devs have gotten way better at streaming resources in...
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    Valve 'Steam Box' Gaming Console

    I kinda like the idea but I'm not sure that there's a large enough market for it. As far as I understand it, its pretty much a way for people to get into PC gaming without all the complexity. They could probably have recommended settings on all steam games for their steam box so that it would...
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    WASD: Why???

    I tried switching to ESDF several times and just couldn't do it. I have big hands but I feel like my left pinky is just not up to the task. I'm sure if I kept it on ESDF for quite awhile, the muscles would develop but I've had it there for up to a week and it still felt really awkward.
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    Been in jail for 7 years

    I'd say it's more like an antique collector claiming that things used to be built better in the past. There's truth to the claims of superiority, but there are also reasons (consumer centric reasons as well as for profit reasons) that things are done differently these days. I personally still...
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    Which Do You Prefer For Gaming: 16:9 Or 16:10?

    I do programming/web browsing/gaming all on the same computer, so 16:10 because of that. If I was purely considering gaming, I don't think I'd care nearly as much as I would if I was purely considering programming or web browsing, as it doesn't make nearly as big of a difference. If I had to...
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    Amnesia 2?

    Grit my teeth and got past the water part in the first one. Haven't felt the need for self inflicted trauma since then. Great game though. Deserves a second.
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    Skyrim simulation of Super Bowl Giants vs Patriots

    My friend argues the same thing and I think he's friggen insane. As you can see by my post above yours, I'm a pats fan. If it was indeed worthless, as you say, then why would Belichick take the rather serious risk of doing it? He was fined $500,000, which to him I'm sure isn't the end of the...
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    Skyrim simulation of Super Bowl Giants vs Patriots

    Google Belichick Spygate. They got caught video taping the defensive coordinator or something early in the 2007 season. I'm definitely pissed at him for doing it and won't defend it for a second, but they did dominate the rest of the season without it so I don't think you can argue that it...
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    Minecraft server

    If the minecraft client running on the host machine can connect, but one running on another machine can't connect, the most likely answer is that the port forwarding isn't set up right. I won't be around anymore tonight but I'm guessing people will suggest looking up a guide for port forwarding...
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    Spoony's Ultima 8 review.

    Hate to continue with the big bang theory digression, but I do chuckle whenever someone acts condescending towards that show, considering Neil deGrasse Tyson said it was his favorite show awhile ago on reddit. That's not to imply that most of its scientific references are accurate (I don't...
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    IPS Craze - I Don't get it - for Gamers

    Your arguments may apply to the IPS vs TN discussion, but are not all that relevant to the OP. He never criticized their price. Price vs performance may be somewhat relevant, but your argument seems to be strictly about price. Also, he makes it clear that he is strictly talking about gaming...
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    Hackers banning legit BF3 players?

    LOL. Yes, they will realize their mistake in leaving you and come crawling back. Just keep waiting for it, I'm sure they must realize at some point.
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    LA Noire PC sucks.

    This thread is blowing my mind. It appears that different people have different opinions on whether a particular game was entertaining. Who woulda guessed?
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    Fail's Great "Change the Franchise" thread

    Saw this on reddit the other day.
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    BF2 vs BF2142 vs BF3

    I played bf2 recently, and as much as I still prefer the overall feel over bf3, I really noticed a lot of the things that used to be annoying years ago, and it just pisses me off that they never fixed them. Give people 1 less grenade and slow down how fast they get them back from a support kit...
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    Skyrim Acceleration layer

    I really thought they needed to move on from the Gamebyro engine because it was so outdated and had the same problems for so long. When it became clear that skyrim was using a heavily modified version of Gamebyro, I gave them a bit of a break, assuming they overhauled the problem areas, which I...
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    Your Skyrim rules?

    With all my future chars I made the rule that I'd only every get smithing to 60 to enhance magical stuff, wouldn't craft gear with it, and I'm not touching enchanting because it makes it feel too easy. That way, questing for gear and getting good drops really matters. On my first char, it...
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    Is Cinematic Mod for HL2 series worth it?

    Was it part of the mod that made Highway 17 or whatever it's called a night map? If so, that's my least favorite part of the mod. I never get eye strain but trying to see in the dark for that long and with the shitty friggen battery on the flashlight gave me a big headache. Other than that...