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    ASUS P6T @ [H]

    BIOS 0602 is out as of Friday.
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    ASUS P6T @ [H]

    Anybody try the new 0502 BIOS yet?
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    Found my next power supply! Only $650 and 2kW

    Read the second "product" review on that page...
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    Asus P5E-VM HDMI: best matx ever?

    Long time since I've signed onto here... I cannot for the life of me get a wireless card working in the single PCI slot on this motherboard. The wireless card(s) work on another computer. It is a D-Link DWL-AG530 with an Atheros chipset. It would always hard-lock when installing the driver...
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    My PSU died and I need a new one.

    Wouldn't that mean he'd get another one back? That would suck.
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    request - coolest, quietest, cleanest power

    Maybe add the PCP&C Silencer 610 to that list.
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    Goodbye Antec, Hello Corsair

    The PSU calculators aren't very accurate... but the 620W Corsair will be a nice upgrade, calculator or not.
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    Power supply for a core 2 duo

    Your mileage may vary.
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    Which one?

    A single 8800GTX should be fine on the HX520.
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    Actual PSU Amperage.

    Right underneath the chart: combined +12V 35A/420W Silverstone is pretty good with specs.
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    Power supply for a core 2 duo

    Unless you get a really shitty one and it blows up. You want a sick video card, yet don't want to spend a lot on the power supply that will be running it?
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    Ultra Xfinity 600w DR

    It is a pretty solid choice.
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    PowerTek 750W any good?

    People think it's good because of the high price tag. Newegg is probably making a killing on those. They still call it coritinuous wattage.
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    Can A Hiper 580W PSU Take These Specs

    Says the PCP&C !!!!!!. Why settle for less?
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    Do not purchase an Antec power supply, you will regret it!

    Brownouts will kill a lot of power supplies, no matter what brand, no matter how good they are. Blame the brownouts, not the Antec not being able to hold up.
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    Is my OCZ modstream 520 going to be enough?

    Why not? You do know that the Corsairs are pretty similar to the Seasonic you linked to (minus the modular interface mostly)... You're missing out on a lot if you skip the Corsairs.
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    Kingwin not recommended but gets good reviews?

    None of those are real reviews though. Plug it in and it works? 10/10! No you can't. Same goes for the second review, you can't trust software monitoring to tell you anythign. No idea how the third review got it's testing methodology. It's a dated ATX12V v1.3 design, as evidenced by the...
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    Need help choosing a new (quiet) PSU

    Out of all your candidates, only the Enermax is a good choice, the others should be avoided. The Corsair HX520 is a better PSU still.
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    My new PowerTek 750 does NOT fit my 8800 GTX!!!

    Powertek? I would take it back anyway. They spell it coritinuous.
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    Is the enough power for a core 2 due?

    More amperage over the Modstream.
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    Is my OCZ modstream 520 going to be enough?

    8800GTS and heavy overclocking? The Modstream 520W has only like 28A on the +12V. I would upgrade.
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    need your thoughts on psu for new build

    What are you used to paying then?
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    4-pin or 8-pin 12V

    You can plug the 4-pin ATX12V into the 8-pin EPS12V. It'll only fit one way. Or you could get a PSU that's suited for the job :p
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    Quality PS for a decent price.

    Any idea what you'll be doing/using in the future? That might be a hard question to answer, but let me be the first to recommend the Corsair HX520.
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    Another Antec blowed up real good

    Not all Antec is crap. Here's some food for thought if you don't already know, Seasonic is the OEM for most of Antec's current models.
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    Bad PSU cause random reboot?

    Prime95 for two hours is not stable yet. Let it run overnight at least.
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    520W Corsair takes 2 tries to power on?

    Good excuse to upgrade :o
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    Seasonic 500W Enough For 8800GTX + more?

    A single 8800GTX? I would say so.
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    520W Corsair takes 2 tries to power on?

    It depends more on the board. The A7N8X powers the CPU from the +5V.
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    520W Corsair takes 2 tries to power on?

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the motherboard powers the CPU with the +5V? You said it didn't have the 4-pin connector. It could be crossloading heavily?
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    Opinion on Rosewill

    What will you be powering exactly? Rosewill in general should be avoided.
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    Do not purchase an Antec power supply, you will regret it!

    It is not a 100% failure rate.
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    Will it fit?

    It's Lian-Li. The name is right on the front of the case usually. We need the model because they produce a lot of products.
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    Will this PS be enough?

    That will work easily.
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    Will the PSU handle this?

    The Corsair HX520 is one of the best overall choices out there.
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    Is this PSU any good? It certainly doesn't look like your average Enhance...
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    PSU Recommendation for HTPC

    The Seasonic S12-430 would be nice and quiet.
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    Coolmax 700w PSU

    I wasn't aware Lian-Li was a PSU vendor. Link please? They work good and quiet. It works, doesn't mean it's working good and quiet at 1000W. :o
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    Radeon 8500LE Modding [56K Beware]