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    Apple iPhone 15 Live Event "Wonderlust"

    Your obsession with people who use Apple, Consoles, or anything you don't like it very weird. As said multiple times... nobody gives a shit.
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    Diablo 4 review: The horror’s back, and we couldn’t be happier

    You obsession with running around shitting on games on here is odd. $70 just for the campaign (which is 30 hours) is worth it. You can spend 70 bucks just leaving the house on a Friday night. It is a stupid and nonsensical argument. Also, the endgame grind is no different than any of ARPG...
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    5700 xt and i3 kaby lake

    Working on an upgrade for a family member. Would like to get them to 1440p @ 144 with free sync. would an i3 bottle neck a 5700? My first inclination is that we need to move up to an i5 to make good use of that video card upgrade. thoughts?
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    The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is Brilliant

    A company owns a valuable IP and is maximizing profit from it OMG!!!!!! Alert the media!!!! You would do the same thing to.
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    Inside the Game: Unlocking the Consumer Issues Surrounding Loot Boxes

    The game industry screwed themselves. NES games were regularly $60 in the 80's and SNES games were $75 plus. Games are cheaper now based on the value of a $1 than they ever have been. They failed to raise prices when their costs went up due to more sophisticated programing, graphics, etc...
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    Decent online Multiplayer game that isn't rampant with cheaters?

    Hearthstone (card game) Overwatch (FPS) Heroes of the Storm (Casual Moba) League of Legends (Semi Tryhard MOBA) Dota 2 (Tryhard MOBA) MTGA (Tryhard Card game) Fortnite Most popular FPS on PC seem to have a large collection of cheaters. Almost need to just play on console to avoid them.
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    Jony Ive leaves Apple

    1. Shirley you can't be serious. 2. Whatever the hell they call their digital distribution platform now.
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    Jony Ive leaves Apple

    If we keep saying this it must be true. Except that what is there left to innovate? If it wasn't for battery degradation there wouldn't be a need to buy new phones (any of them) for 3-4 years. We have been in a technology boom since the 80's, it had to stop sometime. Am I the only one who...
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    Marvel Uploads a New Avengers: Endgame Trailer

    Life. Limited free time and have to make choices. I don't always want to go to the movies.
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    Marvel Uploads a New Avengers: Endgame Trailer

    It is what Marvel does. My biggest issue is how close the release is to Avengers. I am limited to how many times I can get to the theater now days and Capt Marvel will not be out in home before End Game drops. I will probably have to miss it.
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    San Francisco Uses Computer Algorithm to Dismiss 9,362 Marijuana Convictions

    Possessing and consuming alcohol is legal in all 50 states. Marijuana is not. I am not going to tell my kids to not possess and use illegal drugs based on some moral high ground. I am going to tell them to avoid it because the juice isn't worth the squeeze. Nothing good comes from a criminal...
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    Linus Torvalds Comments On Apple's Potential Move to ARM

    What a great post. I will add... I am not sure why people keep talking about hardware when it comes to consumer devices. Apple is a software/service/ecosystem company now. As a geek I have my gaming PC that I use daily for a multitude of things. But, if I implement anything into the...
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    Rumor: Next-Gen Xbox to Be Revealed at E3, Releasing 2020 alongside Halo Infinite

    Lol... the Hardforum mythical $500 PC that can out perform consoles.
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    Here Is the Path of Exile: Synthesis Official Trailer

    Until there is a full respect option this game will continue to be niche. I just do not have the time to invest in a game that I have to a) do end game research before I even start or b) play through the game only to realize that a decision I made at lvl 10 (not knowing) over 40 hours of...
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    Help choosing video card for new build

    Currently putting together a complete media room. One component will be a PC. My primary rig (at a desk for KB/M) is currently running a 1080ti on a Gsync 1440p 144hz monitor. Zero complaints, I love it. In the media room will be a Samsung TV most likely which has multiple options for...
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    Free-to-Play Games Were Responsible for 80% of 2018's Digital Game Revenues

    It is not a nefarious as you make it sound. They are not forcing you to buy anything. The model of charging X for a game and continuously supporting it or get shit on by the internet was not sustainable. Multiplayer gaming IS a service and the market has pivoted to a new model to support it...
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    Blizzard Hiring Spree Suggests Diablo 4 Is Being Fast-Tracked

    A skill leveling tree like PoE without a respec option is a non starter for a large production game. A skill system that you can screw yourselve before level 10 and and not realize until level 40 is trash. Or the fact you have to do research before playing the game to make sure you don’t Bork...
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    Free-to-Play Games Were Responsible for 80% of 2018's Digital Game Revenues

    Fortnite broke the F2P model. It is perfect and pure marketing genius. You get to play and do everything... you just don’t get to even choose your avatar. The game is so fun that people through some cash at cosmetics. All cosmetic/season pass.
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    OLED HDMI 2.1 VRR LG 2019 models!!!!

    Oh and I just realized... If you run everything through a stereo receiver that will have to have HDMI 2.1 as well. More waiting on updates I guess.
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    OLED HDMI 2.1 VRR LG 2019 models!!!!

    This is all so confusing. So this TV is coming out in 2019 and will do 120hz at 4k? What about at 1080P (the Samsung Q6N from last year had 120hz 1080P with a input lag of 9.4). Any idea when these will hit or what they will cost? What about input lag? Sub 10ms? Lastly, price point? I am...
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    Twitch Streamer Ninja Made Close to $10 Million Last Year

    Only people who say this do not have something that other people want... idea, skills, etc. If people didn't want so much money then we wouldn't have anything that we currently enjoy. Food, cars, video games, etc. It is mind bottling how many people on a tech forum fail to understand that...
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    Fortnite Developer Allegedly Made $3 Billion in 2018

    Multiplayer games are a service... sorry you are still stuck in the doom on dwango days but those are over.
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    Fortnite Developer Allegedly Made $3 Billion in 2018

    Do you drink? Smoke/vape? All consumable that you don’t need and has no resale. Candy? Soda? Red Bull? I could go on... you have something you spend money on that people would say the same thing. That you waste your money.
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    Fortnite Developer Allegedly Made $3 Billion in 2018

    This place regularly spends $600, $800, or $1000+ on video cards to play games and wants to be uppity about people spending money on skins or dance moves for a completely free game. How is that a waste again? So you want your daughter to learn that you shouldn’t be rewarded/compensated for...
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    Fortnite Developer Allegedly Made $3 Billion in 2018

    Except it is not a "stupid terrible game". It is the best battle royal game that you can completely play for free. If battle royal ain't your thing then fine but Fortnite is pure genius and they deserve every penny.
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    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    But it is still gambling. I can pay $50 for this card or $2.99 and try and get the card. It is the same thing.
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    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    Baseball cards have been around for 100 years. Where were they when I was spending my allowance on Magic the Gathering cards? This could crush CCGs and kill revenue that supports AAA development costs. Will be interesting to see where you goes. I have always felt the sweet spot is cosmetic...
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    Activision-Blizzard Stock is Tumbling

    :p Agreed. Those were the days. Now if you don't mind I have to get back to playing Super Mario 64 for the 1000th time on my $2K gaming PC.
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    Apple Confirms That the T2 Chip Blocks User Repairs

    LOL BMW uses special bolts and requires special tools to do many things in order to make it cost prohibitive for 3rd party repairs. Sure you can buy the tool but it is ridiculously expensive. BMW also uses this fancy "maintenance schedule" which they keep track of at the dealership (only the...
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    Activision-Blizzard Stock is Tumbling

    This. This is what this forum fails to grasp. The more you try and cater to the audience here at [H] the tougher it becomes to make money and profit. You guys seems to want $5 dollar AAA games with lifetime of support. That model does not work anymore. The requirements to keep these games...
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    Activision-Blizzard Stock is Tumbling

    Dealing with minority bed wetters over the mobile announcement. It was stupid to announce it in that way but that platform will boost revenues and profits a lot. Curious what the numbers will be on BO4. Gaming is in an interesting place. Small studios develop a hit and then sell out to big...
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    Apple Confirms That the T2 Chip Blocks User Repairs

    You are correct but like most on here fail to see the problem with servicing complex products. People take the product and try to do something to it which breaks the functionality and then want Apple to fix what they broke for free. Same with third party repairs, they will take it somewhere to...
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    Final Fantasy XV DLC Cancelled as Studio Head Hajime Tabata Resigns

    Square Enix is trying to remain viable. They are losing money and made the decision to get the game out and then try for DLC revenue. The others not so much. EA has made 1.58B in EBITDA in 2018. Activision/Blizzard made 2.5B in EBITA for 2017. What is happening is they are pivoting away...
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    San Francisco Passes Proposition C Also Known as the "Homeless Tax"

    You keep saying this and it shows you have no clue what the CRA required banks to do. Also, there wasn't any law on the books that forced people to take loans on houses they could not afford.
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    San Francisco Passes Proposition C Also Known as the "Homeless Tax"

    Who signed both of those bills? Mr. Clinton. So cut spending? Once again during one of your veiled (both sides do it but but republicans) attempts to come off as a "concerned moderate" has failed. You don't fund tax cuts as it is not your money to begin with. All of the countries you love...
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    The Supreme Court Has Refused to Vacate Net Neutrality Ruling by Lower Court

    The lack of understanding of what this so called "net neutrality" was on this forum is astounding. The government is not going to give you true net neutrality. None of the major players (ISPs, Facebook, Google, etc) want that. They want bureaucracy to transfer costs over to the "other side".
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    Apple Revitalizes the iPad Lineup and Announces New Mac Mini and MacBook Air

    So much apple butthurt on here that some can't see straight. Go find me a comparable laptop for significantly less. That would be an Asus Zenbook or dell XPS. They are just as expensive. Its not overpriced nor is it some cult. I hate to break it to you but IRL people generally do not care...
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    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    Yeah no... I worked for what I got and no one gave me shit because of who my daddy was. You severely overestimate just how much of an insurmountable challenge people can make of living... it is so easy to be average it is comical. Maybe take all that money you spend on pcs, home theater gear...