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    Netflix opening physical locations

    Maybe dine-in movie experience with Netflix originals/exclusives, screened weeks/months before it is available to stream?
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    Shadow Tech Facility Tour ... will PC gaming die soon?

    All multi-player games that do not include a dedicated server are dead to me. Long live dedicated server games like L4D, UT, etc!
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    Phoenix Point developers got more than $2 million for Epic exclusivity deal

    I don't really care who sells a game or what launcher it uses...the only thing that matters to me, other than the game being fun, is that it includes a dedicated server where I am the administrator. Lacking a dedicated server, it does not matter what game it is, they will not get a penny from...
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    Microsoft Workers Protest $480M Army Contract with Tech "Designed to Help People Kill"

    I suspect that tech companies may soon have a new form for new hires to sign. Something along the lines of... "As a condition of employment, you agree to do every lawful thing directed by management. Company reserves the right to use intellectual property for any lawful purpose it chooses...
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    Google Says It Is Discontinuing the Chromecast Audio

    Really disappointed. I currently have a 10 speaker stereo (5L+5R) setup in my home office using these with a combination of receiver amp with traditional speakers and self-powered speakers. I setup the various Chromecast Audio (CCA) devices in a group so they all act as a single device. I...
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    Half Life and Portal Writer is Back at Valve

    I don't care if they change any gameplay, I would be happy to spend money on a new batch of high quality campaigns for Left 4 Dead. Although there are a few excellent independently made campaigns out there, most are throwaways. Package the new maps up and call it L4D3 and I'll be very happy...
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    Frictional Games' Sci-Fi Horror Title SOMA Is Free on GOG

    Got this game on Steam a while back (played in 4K on 65" monitor for total immersion). It is possibly the best non-action game I have ever played. I've spent a great deal of time thinking about existence and what it means to be human, and this game pushed me even further. Tip... after what...
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    The Steam Blog Documents Its "Best of 2018" Lists

    Some of these games seem like they might be interesting, but any multiplayer game that does not include a Dedicated Server where I am the administrator will not get any money from me. It is such a waste to "report" griefers (team killers, jump off cliff, solo/Rambo types, cheaters, etc), and...