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    Phenom II 920 / 940 for sale @ NCIX

    I thought AMD was going to release a few today.. (12/16..)
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    AMD Invite Event in Chicago.

    AMD's motherboard partner of the month is Gigabyte - GB doesn't have a 790FX motherboard that has the new southbridge.. at least, not that I know of.
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    AMD Invite Event in Chicago.

    Macci! Awesome stuff.. I was hoping to go but wasn't able to this time around. How many were at this one? Glad you won. :)
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    AMD Maui

    AMD sent it to me for my brithday/Christmas present last year.. well my brother - he was in on it too. :rolleyes: :p Pictures of the actual processor are in that thread as well. Start a new thread and tell us what you are working on...
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    AMD Maui

    Is that what you've been working on?
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    Phenom is no more - Deneb to be "Phenom 2"

    Considering the email was sent to me earlier this week, I'm assuming that this is correct. I don't want to be a jerk or anything, but I won't post something original unless I know for a fact that it is or will be true. I have my credibility to worry about. As of 11/13, Anand, TG, PCMag...
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    Phenom is no more - Deneb to be "Phenom 2"

    Thanks.. :) Here is the source: ---- Senior Brand Marketing Manager Desktop Product Marketing Advanced Micro Devices As for AMDZone - Looks legit to me; I know that story is about a year old and not on...
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    Phenom is no more - Deneb to be "Phenom 2"

    It looks like AMD is trying to distance themselves from Agena/Phenom. Deneb will be known as Phenom 2. Watch out. :eek:
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    First Deneb preview!

    It might be possible that the NB clock is only 1.8 GHz or so and will likely be increased on production models - the power usage might go up because of this, but the performance should as well. Who knows; I'm probably wrong. :p
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    AMD CEO Hector Ruiz Steps Down

    Ruiz will still be the Chairman.
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    AMD Puma based laptop sighted

    My brother and I bought my dad a Puma based HP laptop last week - it is actually pretty decent. 4GB of RAM, ZM-80 2.1 GHz Turion, etc.. I'm tempted to go get one for myself.
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    The reason why >2.6GHz Phenom won't be out soon

    Just a heads up - AMD's Desktop Brand Marketing Manager has told me a few times not to extrapolate AMD"s numbering/naming scheme for future products. ;) I've asked him this very question a few times - once late last year and again in late Q1/early Q2.
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    "Griffin will not be able to touch Core 2 Duo"...

    I saw a an in depth presentation on Puma and its derivatives one day after Ruiz did back in June. They told me they were going to compete on price.. still, they do have a pretty significant number of design wins with it.
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    is there a Crucial rep. on this board? Rebate problem unsolved

    Same thing happened with mine - they said that something was missing - it wasn't though. Thankfully, they are letting me redo it.. Still kind of sucks though. :(
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    temperature software for x2

    Then in that case, the 81° F sounds more correct, assuming you are using conventional cooling.
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    temperature software for x2

    Are you sure those aren't Celsius temperatures?
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    AMD lays off 5%...

    I heard a rumor of a possibility of this from a decent source late last year.. bummer if true. :(
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    Gateway and AMD

    I was just at Best Buy and saw two halfway decent Gateway systems.. Both had Phenoms - one had a 2400 XT and the other had an 8800 GT. They looked nice too.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Please; thanks.
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    Why cannot AMD beat Intel by just underpricing them?

    Consoles are very similar to desktops. They have a processor, motherboard, ram, etc..
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    Why cannot AMD beat Intel by just underpricing them?

    1. They are selling everything that they can make. Why would they lower prices when they are guaranteed a sale at a more expensive price? 2. It is illegal. This could be considered predatory pricing - where a seller will sell a product for less than it costs them to make. This will make the...
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    QuadFX letter to AMD, no answer

    Are you sure that FASN8 was canned? I heard that too, but then again, I've heard just the opposite from certain individuals at AMD.
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    CPU-Z won't load; Phenom ES..

    We actually used 2.6 GHz B2 based Phenoms at the Lake Tahoe launch event. This processor is actually a 2.4 GHz ES, but the motherboard automatically went to a 13x multiplier. The markings below indicate the correct speed.
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    CPU-Z won't load; Phenom ES..

    I've tried this several times, 1.43 wouldn't work for some reason, but I downloaded it again yesterday and it seemed to work.. Before. After. :cool:
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    Q4-07 earnings on 17th Jan 2008

    I heard they did worse than they expected, will find out tomorrow. :( Time to buy stock early next week I suppose..
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    Heatsink pulls out processor when removing!

    Make sure to take off the heatsink while it is still warm - if it is cold, heat it up with a hair dryer or something. When you take it off - wiggle the heatsink back and forth for a few seconds, then pull up.
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    Just bought 200 shares @ 8.74

    I imagine that Thursday/Friday will be a nightmare.. :(
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    Please post youre opinions about amd/ATI.

    No - FX is still on the way - when, I'm not sure, but it will be coming out.
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    Phenom VS. Intel Quadcores (Q6600) ?

    I have a Phenom and love it. Most people here will tell you to go with Intel though. :rolleyes: FWIW - canned benchmarks:
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    My Phenom isn't pulling its weight. Help.

    Is multiplier set to auto? Set it to 11. If this doesn't work, try resetting the BIOS.
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    New diggs for 270 million in Austin

    I am definitely going there sometime in the future. :cool: Even Hector is getting a cubicle! The apostrophes on that page disappeared. :p
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    The "I've tried AMD Overdrive" Thread

    I absolutely love Overdrive.. It's open now. :D
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    When it Rains, it Pours - More Phenom Delays

    I heard from a halfway reliable source last week that there might be a delay. This was before the rumors starting popping up at places like DigiTimes.. Unfortunately, everyone I know from AMD is off until the 7th - or later.. :(
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    Phenom issues.. Has it been solved?

    Someone I know told me about the possibility earlier last week.. now it looks like Digitimes has picked up on it.. I hope it isn't true..
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    Phenom issues.. Has it been solved?

    Idk what the fuss is about.. word on the internets is that AMD might be pushing back the launch of the B3 Phenoms to Q2.. :(
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    Phenom issues.. Has it been solved?

    It's blown way out of proportion. Very few end users would run into it. You almost have to be looking for it to find it. For me (and I do have a Phenom..), the problem is virtually non existent.
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    CPU-Z won't load; Phenom ES..

    Good old fashioned AMD tech support. <3. Why can't Intel help out at one in the morning? :p
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    CPU-Z won't load; Phenom ES..

    I was planning on doing a writeup based around the processor and my experiences with it. I've tried a few other programs - one being CBId - that one claims that it is an Orleans based Athlon manufactured at 90nm with 0 L3 cache.