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    A+ Certification Question

    First off, holy crap this is one hell of a thread bump lol. Secondly, I've been a member of [H] for almost 10 years? WOW. I remember when I first found this board, I was trying to get help troubleshooting my first PC build. AMD 2500+ (OC'd to 3200+), 1gb of RAM, 60GB hard drive, and a Radeon...
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    I have a TrendNet tew-639GR and it sucks. Can anyone recommend the best wirless n gigabit router? This POS won't work with my ps3.
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    Rate my HTCP Build

    If you have a 1080p/24 setup, the i3 chip has issues with it. Check here for details
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    Any good RPGs lately?

    As the FF whore that I am, FF13 is really really bad. Def the worst FF Ive played. I'm about 13 or so hours in and it's just a chore playing it.
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    What would you do with 48 cores?

    Make sweet sweet man love to it
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Anyone with the tew-639gr get it work with the PS3 under WPA2 mode? I don't think it's compatible.
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    Dynamips/Dynagen Official Thread. CCNA/CCNP/CCIE equipment questions... come here!

    how'd you do it. I'd like to have gns3 on my macbook but have dynamips on my server. on the gns3 mac client it seems it won't let me type in a server (gives a pre-populated selection)
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    Bill Gates Makes $10B Vaccines Pledge're saying we should let those people die and invest 10 billion in trying to effectively kill off a couple billion people?
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    Bill Gates Makes $10B Vaccines Pledge

    Dolla Bill is my idol /swoon
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    Changes to CCNP

    because it's not a normal multiple choice question. there's 15 ways to troubleshoot the same problem. and i'm supposed to answer it the way cisco says i should troubleshoot even if there's an alternative that also works. It's not about being tested on my ability to troubleshoot. it's being...
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    Come see our latest creation

    Ill go to the Apple store and check it out. if it makes my weiny wiggle, I might get one.
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    Changes to CCNP

    Im retaking my ccna next month (hate that these shits expire) and was kinda pissed to hear they're changing the exams since i already bought the ccnp books. but since they overlap i'll take the bsci, bcmsn, and tshoot and be done with it. tshoot is gonna be hard for me, i hate these fucking...
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    Dynamips/Dynagen Official Thread. CCNA/CCNP/CCIE equipment questions... come here!

    I'm still a little confused on how to connect to the switch and do configs. can anyone help? nvm, looks like i found what to do
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    Setting up a used Iphone

    If you're on ATT, it's not hard at all. Inset sim in iPhone and connect it to your pc/mac, install latest version of itunes. Let it find the iphone then update the firmware on the phone if needed. It's not dificult at all. You pretty much hit next 5 or 6 times and tada, you have a new iPhone :)...
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    FTC Sues Intel for 'Anticompetitive Tactics'

    Jesus Christ some of you guys are fucking idiots /facepalm
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    I bought a tew-639gr and my ps3 can't connect wirelessly when I have any kind of encryption on. I updated the firmware on my router but I can't figure out wtf the prob is...anyone having the same issue?
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    How much do you pay exactly for your iphone bill?

    65/mo unlimited everything....fuck AT&T!
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    Reinstall OS?

    felix how hard is the process? I'm doing my 1st mac backup/format/restore so i wanna make sure i have my ducks in a row. i hope i didn't lost the damn osx disk tho...
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    CCNA duration ?

    I passed mine over 4 years ago (didn't even know what a dns server was back then). I think it took me 3-4 months of INTENSE studying. But like I said, I didn't know shit back then. I'm doing my CCNA again, plan on studying 30 days to get caught up and gonna start my ccnp. My plan is to do a...
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    Dynamips/Dynagen Official Thread. CCNA/CCNP/CCIE equipment questions... come here!

    I'm trying to the etherswitch sample lab but not sure how to connect to the switch. when i do a list in the dynagen server it list n/a for the port to connect to SW1 (shows 2000-2002 for r1-3). Also is there a way to change the port dynmips uses to connect to the console? I want to access...
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    Dynamips/Dynagen Official Thread. CCNA/CCNP/CCIE equipment questions... come here!

    I'm confused on the section about switching in dynamips. i get an ios image for a 3640 router and tell dynamips it has multiple NM-16ESW cards? Is that it? Would it have all the functionality of a switch (outside of multi-layer features?) I wouldn't have any issues configuring vlan, stp, etc...
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    Who's a CCNP?

    please do, I'm just hearing about it from this thread. was getting ready to drop a couple stacks on some routers but I'd rather save the money and use software instead if possible.
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    Who's a CCNP?

    Im starting my CCNP this week actually. Finally done with school and now it's time to get my certs out the way. I just ordered the books and hopefully I'll see yall soon in CCNP land. EDIT: Vito & others, how long did it take you from the 1st exam to get yours?
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    KZ2 Owners - Thoughts?

    I'm almost done with SP, on the last stage and I'm pretty unimpressed so far. Graphics, story, emersion, etc. The last 2 chapters were a whole lot better than the first 6 in terms of mood and feeling, but I was still pretty let down. I'm still looking for a FPS to give me the same feeling that...
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    Xbox 360 - Avatars. How to make them standout from Mii's...

    I know it's not as large, but they got some good features that sony was trying to achieve in a shorter amount of time (especially since now the hype is new for it). Specifically the whole party theme of launching games and movies together. They 1 upped them something awful. Microsoft's...
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    Xbox 360 - Avatars. How to make them standout from Mii's...

    Im interested to see if everyone clamoring over the possibilities of MS's avatar were saying how lame Home was. I'm guessing it's good they announced it first, but they should have gotten Home out a long time ago.
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    Ipone 3G crackable?

    2.0 beta was cracked when it was released, so i'm 99% sure it'll be cracked day 1. My friend's getting one tomorrow so I'll try to jailbreak/unlock and put my sim in. if it works I'm gonna go sell my 8gb iphone, buy the 16gb one, and just cancel and pay the fee. EDIT: link...
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    Metal Gear Solid quetion for those who have played all of them

    MGS 2 isn't skippable on any level. w/o mgs 2 you wouldn't have been introduced to raiden, liquid ocelot, the patriots, solidus (for the most part) the s3 project (which becomes the SOP system), vamp, and bunch of other key story elements explained in mgs 4. As a rakim fan, I expected more...
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    The way MGS4 should have ended **spoilers**

    he wouldn't have been killing himself to run from something he's killing (aka sacrificing) himself to save humanity. his enitre life he's been trying to stop WMD's, now he's become one.
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    The way MGS4 should have ended **spoilers**

    i was hoping he'd go out in a blaze of glory. something like he's left on shadow moses while i nuke goes off. or ocelet putting a bullet right through the back of his head or something. Oh well. Hopefully in some capacity he's in mgs 5....staring ninja raiden
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    should I get windows server 2008?

    if you can get sbs for cheap, i'd go that route. if you'r not confortable with *nix, i'd advise against going with a linux server. like others said, it might be best to get a consultant (or if u have an IT friend who'd do it for cheap) go that route.
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    Most anticpated game of 2008

    JUNE 12 BITCHES!!!!!
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    After 17 years, it has finally been accomplished.

    i remember that stage it wasnt that hard. its all about timing
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    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L ram question

    I just bought this motherboard and 2x2gb sticks of ddr2 667 memory. For some reason I can't get a video signal. I swapped video cards and the only thing connected now is the motherboard, cpu, and video card. The mobo supports ddr 1066 and I assumed the fsb would just be underclocked. Do I need...
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    Weird Vista to XP downgrade problem

    I "upgraded" back to Windows XP on my laptop from Vista Home Prem and I'm having a weird problem. I had my drive partitioned and most of my data was on D: I left the D drive untouched and reinstalled XP on C. Now when I try to access the D I get an access denied message. I took ownership of the...