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    Multiple Hard Disk Activity LED's?

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    What Computer Case Do you like the best??

    I personally like the Tt. i just wish it had a square window instead of that ugly X thing. oh well, i never see that side of the computer anyway :P
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    How long does Newegg take to deliver with fedex saver shipping?

    if i order early 1 day, it's to me by 3:00 PM the next day. that's with super saver shipping. (i never use any other shipping from newegg :D living in san diego rocks for that purpose, but sucks otherwise :P)
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    How Do You Pronounce "Lian Li"

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    oy...10000000 conditional statements...

    woooooot... i finished... least i hope so. got some wierd compile error at the end, told it screw you, deleted the make file and all the other crap, imported all the files into another new project. no compile errors, and it works perfect :D EDIT: unfortunately, it kicked my ass at...
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    oy...10000000 conditional statements...

    doh, sorry, C++. ya, it's a school project. basically, it's game War. each player has 3 cards, and play till deck is exhausted. as they play, they get more cards. human player is allowed to choose whatever cards they want. currently, machine player draws a random card of his 3 cards...
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    oy...10000000 conditional statements...

    anyone know how to do this without resorting to the ugliness that is a bunch of if statements? i need to compare 4 ints. 3 in 1 situation, and 4 in the second situation. maybe i should explain the prompt a little better.... this is a game of the cardgame War... i'm writing the...
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    Refrigerator Case - electronic cooling

    ya, sounded like that to me too. (talking about vortex tubes now) it's really impressive (at least to me) that they can separate hot and cold air just by blowing it into a tube. though you might not like the idea of a high pressure high velocity hot air stream being randomly blown into...
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    Best case for under $100?

    i'm gonna be building a new rig in about a year... if nothing better comes out by then, it'll go in an antec slk-3700 BQE
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    Rambus Ram, confused, help if you can...

    because we were dumb to invest in the initial launch, and are pissed that it flopped. the machines we still have work for our purposes currently, and we wont be upgrading beyond them yet. (running 4x256 pc1066 Rambus)
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    went from 3400+ to 3200+ should i go to 3000+

    guy at frys is an idiot. never trust salespeople. on die memory controller, improved cache timings, more done per clock cycle on the 64 chips. check benchies...even in 32 bit, 3200+ a64's stomp 3200+ bartons.
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    little help with vectors... (c++)

    ya. multiple words in an 80 character char array. i need to break em up by spaces into individual words, to store in a vector of strings. (that way, i can flip em around and type em back out real easy... not very practical, but it's what the prompt asks for..)
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    little help with vectors... (c++)

    alright, i'm having a new problem. i'm trying to turn a char array into strings of words that are in the char array. i used the getline function to read a user inputted line of code... now i have to turn that line of code into a vector of strings. rather embarrasingly, the only way i...
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    little help with vectors... (c++)

    alright, i just did it the dirty way i described... wasnt that bad. i'll have more questions later :P
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    little help with vectors... (c++)

    alright... i'm looking for a more elegant way of doing this than what i have in mind currently. okay.... i have a vector of strings. i need to find a certain string's location within the contents of the vector, and return that location as an integer. i just want to know if there's any...
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    Difference between 8mb & 2mb cache?

    it's quite noticable in general. i went from a 120 gig 2mb cache, to a 160 gig 8 mb cache. for the same amount of data, the AV scan time went from 40 minutes to 12 minutes.
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    AWESOME and Recommanded Guyz and Girlz

    well he's right ;) perhaps one should correct his spelling of prescott. course, i dont use i like to think i dont use them... *hides the dell under his desk*
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    winRAR alternative?

    i want the ability to use rar files (multi-file archives, better compression) but i dont want to pay for winrar. ideas?
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    Cerulean Studios member support

    hmm...even when i got banned from anandtech, and WASNT particularly civil in my emails to them (wasnt abusive, just wasnt civil) they were still at least civil to me... trillian is a piece of crap. i'm gonna try another messenger client on next reformat. (1 week) so what's the word on...
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    weird airflow, turbulance in case?

    heh... i had a slightly similar experience with my homebrew case... i had had simply 1 intake fan, no exhaust fan... i turned it around, because it was reccommended to me to do so, and my case temps rose 0.o. then i turned it back around, and they fell to normal. i then added 2 60 mm...
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    burning divx to DVD?

    uh...ahem... yeah... i need to burn a few divx's to DVD's. and i cant seem to find a good way to do it. i think i did it once before, but i dont understand what i did then, and now i cant seem to figure out how to do it. i have nero6 if that helps..but it doesnt want to convert divx's...
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    little help with arrays?

    i'm working in c++, where we get a wonderful string class that makes things 10,000 times easier...except in this project. it's ok tho, i now have it to where it reads into the char array, then makes that into a string. it compiled okay, but now for some reason it kills and terminates the...
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    little help with arrays?

    ya, but remembering where you failed before does ;)
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    little help with arrays?

    alright..i've been googling this one and i cant seem to find the proper syntax for getline to read into a string. everything i see is char arrays.. not a string. and unless i'm mistaken, i cant pass arrays to and from functions. 0.o
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    little help with arrays?

    i <3 you. why the hell didnt i think of that.... *sigh* thanks very much! you just saved 1/5 of my project.
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    little help with arrays?

    alright, i got that one item working ( suddenly worked 0.o) but the string i output at the end still doesnt work. here's how my code looks for the whole project. apparently it wasnt my problem :( #include <iostream> using namespace std; // Program takes a user inputted 7...
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    little help with arrays?

    being that i've never heard of this before, and it wasnt covered in any lesson, how would i get around this, accepting that i have to have values based on those appended to a string at some point?
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    little help with arrays?

    gawd, this project would be so much easier if i could just use a switch... anyway, can someone tell me why this: outputs a period? quite literally, it puts out a "." :( i've traced my problem to this..i've tried every damn way i can think of to init the array, every time results...
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    1gb or 512mb for gaming?

    I play lineage 2.. that game is the most memory intensive thing i've ever seen... it loads texture maps, but doesnt know how to unload them. so to keep from crashing every hour, gotta have a gig. (and last maybe 3 hours between crashes?)
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    PHPBB 2.0.8 help?

    they just implemented that in 2.10 i got usergroups worked out pretty well.. it works nice. just the damned multiple admins. oh well, dont matter, i gave everyone who needs admin access to the admin account and gave everybody normal accounts.
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    PHPBB 2.0.8 help?

    hmm..i was thinking there was an easier way.. i know when i used IPB i could do that... but in IPB i could also have multiple administrators :(
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    PHPBB 2.0.8 help?

    help.. i'm administrator to a phpbb board.. but i cant seem to find the setting to require posters be active members for posting... ideas? yes, i'm an idiot. i already know that.
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    Videocard Fire Sale - (Ordered by Girlfriend)

    i dont know if you guys understand this, but in relatively moist environments, and Atlanta IS a moist environment, ESD isnt a real problem unless he really charged up beforehand. the water in the air conducts away static electricity and grounds it before it gets a chance to build up to cause...
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    $800 Gaming Rig

    budget about 100 dollars for a quality set of those 2, or accept a little less and go dumpster diving for the case and budget 50 for the power supply. (enermax and such.. good cheap high power ps's)
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    Is my new computer running too hot?

    could be the mobo's onboard temp sensor is giving out high estimates of temperature. I know my bro's unoverclocked barton 2800+ doesnt go 70 under load, but the mobo says it does. I installed the heatsink, i put the system together, i reccommended the case fans. but still, the mobo says 70...
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    Where can I get ATI Catalyst cleaner? Having 4.8 issues.

    use the faq on how to remove drivers. then re-install...
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    K7S5A Pro and an original Tbird 1000 Ghz

    I visited that board when i was working with my k7s5a.. good board. i never did the bios flash, or the northbridge heatsink replacement, but it's working very well for my father. hasnt crashed in over 6 months so far.
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    Lian Li Case Rumor?

    Ah, CompUSA.. the assholes who told me windows ME was the best thing ever. i told him ME was the most unstable thing ever, stop spreading that shit.
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    Thornton vs T-Bred

    the thorton is the barton core with half the cache. so it has the barton optimizations, but the tbred cache. so thorton.
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    Overclocking Guide

    "One MHz is one million clock cycles per second, so a 3.2GHz processor can go through 3,200,000,000, or 3 trillion two hundred million clock cycles in every second. Pretty amazing, right??" your text is off by about 1000x :P 3 billion, 2 hundred million clock cycles.