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    Panic button options for non-profit

    Keep a loaded 45 behind the counter?
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    I'm looking for thoughts on a build dilemma.

    Looks like it will use 6 cores so a 9600k seems a pretty good choice.
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    I'm looking for thoughts on a build dilemma.

    If you are buying right now and only play one game, you could check how many threads that game actually uses. If it's not heavily multithreaded then buying a speed binned 9600k would give good performance. However if it was me I would wait 6 months see what Intel and AMD does next.
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    Need GPU for wife

    There are a lot of used GTX 1070's for sale. Good if you can snag one for cheap.
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    PC upgrade

    That may be so but you won't be playing RDR2 on high 1080p 60 fps with it. I saw a review using a 9900k, with a GTX 1060 gets 32 fps.
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    PC upgrade

    Probably you would need a bigger budget for the rockstar cowboy game if you want to play it with good settings and resolution. With that budget you can play it on a console.
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    Is building a 2500k machine today worth it?

    I doubt you will find better performance / $ than a 2500k @ $30
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    Gaming PC Thoughts

    Just had a look at the MSI Unify, it does look pretty sweet. Definitely going on my list.
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    General Use Computer - Non Gaming - Pondering

    Well I kind of see what your saying, but it's just for me the term power user and 3400G just don't sit well together in 2019. Power user and high performance desktop to me say moar cores! Overkill is fun! Also a 1050ti is required for streaming Netflix in 4k
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    General Use Computer - Non Gaming - Pondering

    I'm confused could you explain to me how the build I specified is nothing like a high performing desktop with the best user experience imaginable?
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    General Use Computer - Non Gaming - Pondering

    PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor ($326.81 @ Amazon) CPU Cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock Slim CPU Cooler ($64.98 @ Amazon) Motherboard: Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard ($199.79 @ SuperBiiz) Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V 16 GB (2 x 8 GB)...
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    New PSU shutting itself off after boot

    Maybe when the old PSU went bang it took out the motherboard?
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    Help with upgrade dilemma

    I'm curious to know your thoughts on the upgrade you made?
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    Hello my first post. I have a question.
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    Hello my first post. I have a question. review recommends a 500W unit for that card. Maybe 450W will be enough but you may run into problems at some point.,8.html On Powercolors website they recommend a 650W PSU...
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    Hello my first post. I have a question.

    I did muck around with undervolting my vega 56 when I first got it, but got annoyed with the driver as it kept forgetting the settings after a restart and plus it didn't seem to make any practical difference due to my card having great cooling anyway
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    Hello my first post. I have a question.

    I had a similar thing with my pc when I had a 660W platinum psu which on paper should have been plenty enough for a vega 56 and quadcore cpu, and the online power calculators said it was more than enough but my machine would restart every time at a certain point on a particular game with the...
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    help me pls troubleshoot Ryzen 3600 gaming edge x570 Thanks

    From what I can gather from your posts, your system is unstable crashing with BSOD or Thread exception error not handled Ntfs.SYS or IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL Sounds like memory instability, you could muck around with the settings but it might be easier to return the ram and get a different set.
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    Thoughts before I RMA board?

    I couldn't get any of my Sandisk usb sticks to work with the Windows 10 installation media tool. I think there's something weird about Sandisk usb drives.
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    Will i5 3570k Oc'd to 4.5 bottleneck an RTX 2060 @ 1080p 144hz?

    Yes you would get a better framerate with a more powerful cpu. Should still be playable though depending on the game. I have a 3570k with a vega 56, the lows on Far Cry 5 are pretty bad, thats the only modern shooter I've played though.
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    Gaming PC build verification

    You can get a 1TB SSD for the same cost as the 250GB and 500GB ones that you have listed. That would be better I think. You should also be able to buy a perfectly good PSU for $100 rather than $125.
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    increase USB voltage

    Perhaps it is afaulty cable. I have a long usb cable it works with my gamepad fine.
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    Wondering if I made the right choice still.

    Hyperthreading doesn't do much for games, it's more useful for compression and encoding. It's the larger cache that gives a few frames more to the 9900k over the 9700k in gaming benchmarks.
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    Best hardware diagnostic tools?

    Companies manufacturing graphics cards provide lots of choice for us consumers. We can pay less and buy a card with adequate cooling and power delivery, or we can pay more for fancy cooling and power delivery. This is generally a good thing. If you want a card so you can watch Furmark running...
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    6700k died while deliding, upgrade to 7700k or do full system upgrade?

    Depends. If you are mainly gaming Ryzen will have similar performance to a 7700k, just buy one already delidded :)
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    Best hardware diagnostic tools?

    The thing with Furmark is it places a load on the GPU way bigger than any game ever would. This is fine for graphics cards with over-engineered power delivery circuitry and cooling solutions, but these things cost money and most people buy graphics cards to just play games.
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    Best hardware diagnostic tools?

    That's why I use a ridiculously oversized heatsink with two fans, so I don't have to bother cleaning it out lol.
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    Trying to choose between three DDR4 RAM kits

    I only looked at the bottom link where there is a $70 difference. For $140 I would get them for sure
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    Trying to choose between three DDR4 RAM kits

    Depends if a 1% performance increase is worth $70 to you.
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    RTX 2080 and 600W PSU

    I would like to know if your motherboard came with the latest bios(or one that supports Ryzen 3) out of the box or did you have to flash it?
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    RTX 2080 and 600W PSU

    I would use your current PSU and see if you experience any reboots, strange behavior etc. If so buy a more potent PSU.
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    Good gaming PC Specs?

    If you are going to build don't forget about static discharge. You must touch something metal and grounded like the computer case to discharge any static before touching components. A friend killed his motherboard a long time ago lol
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    Is a 128 GB SSD still large enough for Windows 10 in 2019?

    If you want a cooler NVME drive put a heatsink on it.
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    Pc crashing/re-booting, no blue screen.

    Glad you got your machine working again. I'm curious though as to what resolved the issue?
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    Is a 128 GB SSD still large enough for Windows 10 in 2019?

    I use a 1TB SSD for everything and an old 128GB SSD for data backup. I stream all my media now so no need for lots of storage.
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    PC build, eGPU?

    I would get an NVME SSD in addition. You may as well seeing as you will be doing a fresh install anyway.
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    Critique my next build

    It looks nice but too big for me as it wouldn't fit under my desk.
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    Critique my next build

    That case does look pretty good.
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    Critique my next build

    For Asus I think you have to pay a bit more (the Asus tax lol) something like the Asus ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING I quite like the look of.