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  1. EchtoGammut

    Another day, Another Rumor of Valve being Acquired

    I was curious what estimates were for Valve's value and I feel dumber having read those reports. The Bloomberg report, which is the origin of the $6.9B valuation literally makes no sense. They are saying Valve is worth roughly 2/3rds it's average annual revenue. Once Bloomberg published that...
  2. EchtoGammut

    Police discovered a secret crypto-mining operation beneath a US high school

    Honestly, if he just put a rack of ASIC rigs in a closet with a "high voltage do not touch", no one would have asked any questions. There are probably dozens or more such setups sitting in plain sight all over the place, that people have no idea what they are and don't dare touch.
  3. EchtoGammut

    Fusion reactor actually put out more energy than it consumed for the first time ever

    My Dad worked on NOVA and NIF, designing the targeting adjustment system. To be honest I kind of wrote off NIF, as much of the team had moved towards trying to find commercial application for the research and seemed to be abandoning the original core research.
  4. EchtoGammut

    I Bought an RTX 3060 Ti Today!

    I decided it wasn't worth bothering trying to get a card until next year, I'm just glad I didn't buy the 2080Ti. That aside, back in the day, Hybrid Theory was one of those CDs I'd play on my Alpine/MB Quart car stereo so much I had to burn multiple CD copies because the CDs had a limited play...
  5. EchtoGammut

    After Ampere Launch Survey

    I'm going to wait on the 3090 numbers. With the ultrawide 49" (5120X1440), I would like to be able to drive the titles I've been playing the most AC Odyssey (probably Valhalla soon) and other similar open world titles closer to 100fps. If the 3090 has the headroom to somewhat justify the price...
  6. EchtoGammut

    Multi-function Laser Printer Recommendations?

    Thanks, everyone. I ordered the Canon, because it was available from B&H for $80 off MSRP and the generic/OEM toner was widely available. A couple of the systems I looked at, finding replacement toner was a PITA. I couldn't find anyone that had the Brother ins stock or with a definite restock date.
  7. EchtoGammut

    Multi-function Laser Printer Recommendations?

    So 1 for Brother 1 for Canon. I guess, it's a bit of a flip of a coin or maybe just what is currently in stock.
  8. EchtoGammut

    Multi-function Laser Printer Recommendations?

    I need to pick up a new MF Laser printer for my home office, preferably color. Budget is under $750. It doesn't need fax functionality, but definitely must be wireless. So far looking at: Canon ImageClass MF644CDW (cheap and seems to do the job, but my experience with Canon drivers and software...
  9. EchtoGammut

    Samsung Odyssey: 49" 5120x1440, 240 Hz, HDR1000

    Level1 has a DVI that will support 4K @ 100hz+ and starts around $300, but as burburbur mentioned you can't do side by side. I've used software based KVMs and they all have flaws that make them a poor substitute.
  10. EchtoGammut

    Samsung Odyssey: 49" 5120x1440, 240 Hz, HDR1000

    I really wanted to order this monitor or it's predecessor as 120Hz is fine. However, the lack of KVM switching is a deal killer. Both the AOC Agon AG493UCX and LG 49WL95C-W have integrated KVM switches. For me this will be a work/game monitor, it seems a bizarre oversight to not include a KVM at...
  11. EchtoGammut

    Astronauts From Failed Launch Will Return to the ISS Today

    Everything is a tube, friend. It's just a question of where the tube ends.
  12. EchtoGammut

    Astronauts From Failed Launch Will Return to the ISS Today

    What's this Flash Player you link to? In Soviet Russia we don't approve of players flashing others online.
  13. EchtoGammut

    Astronauts From Failed Launch Will Return to the ISS Today

    3 hours... damn, I couldn't do it either, I would have to take a piss and I'm not using astronaut diapers.
  14. EchtoGammut

    Samsung Loads McAfee Antivirus Onto Smart TVs

    I was literally debating between the LG C97 and the Samsung Q900 75 for my living room TV. My long adversarial relationship with McAfee just made that decision easy. If they decide to do this with the S10, I won't be nabbing one of those either.
  15. EchtoGammut

    Far Cry New Dawn Physical Sales Just a Quarter of Far Cry Primal's

    If you disable iCue, it doesn't turn dark, but you can only use the static themes. There is a video of how Corsair envisioned it working where the keyboard would flash and react to what was going on in the game, but from the comments it doesn't work for anyone. There is a new patch out, but I...
  16. EchtoGammut

    Far Cry New Dawn Physical Sales Just a Quarter of Far Cry Primal's

    I've been enjoying the game, however the level 1,2,3, elite weapon class thing is annoying. With a level 1 weapon, every level 2 character or animal is a bullet sponge, but once you get a level 2 weapon everything level 1 is a one shot kill. The other annoying issue is my Corsair keyboard goes...
  17. EchtoGammut

    Linus Torvalds Comments On Apple's Potential Move to ARM

    This generally falls in line with Apple's project "Marzipan" which is unifying library bases across IOS and MacOS. The notion is to have seamless app integration across all Mac devices. This isn't really new and there are many kludged together implementations like Electron, Windows Bridge...
  18. EchtoGammut

    The Making of Metro Exodus - Part Three

    4A is the studio that developed this. Deep Silver is the publisher that bought up their IP assets after their previous publisher, THQ, went bankrupt and liquidated all their assets. So, if you opt to not buy this title on Epic, you are punishing Deep Silver (a division Koch Media). However...
  19. EchtoGammut

    Here Is the Metro Exodus - Artyom's Nightmare Trailer

    The comments of one hot headed developer shouldn't influence your decision about whether or not to buy the game. These guys literally went through hell to make this game (such as leaving their home country and moving the studio to Malta after Russia invaded Ukraine, their publisher going...
  20. EchtoGammut

    Ubisoft Changing Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC Following Forced Relationship Furore

    This pisses me off, they still haven't address my identification as a non-binary asexual hedgehog. As a Spartan non-binary asexual hedgehog I want a realistic existence in Spartan culture, so you know, forced gay pedophilia til the age of 13 when I'm married to woman and forced to repress my...
  21. EchtoGammut

    Take-Two Interactive to Pay NBA up to $1.1 Billion in Licensing Fees

    They are going to have to sell a lot of loot boxes to pay for that.
  22. EchtoGammut

    Sapphire Announces New 16GB AMD Radeon RX570 Video Card for GPU MIning

    They probably developed this a while back and something delayed production. Now they are just looking to offload parts. Then again mining isn't what it was, but it isn't over.
  23. EchtoGammut

    Samsung Announces New Monitors for Gaming and Content Creation

    Unless it's over $5k, I will order that 49" in a heartbeat. I spend way too much time working in front of dual ultrawides and that would be just about perfect.
  24. EchtoGammut

    South Korea to Restrict OLED Equipment Exports as Chinese Manufacturing Ramps Up

    One of the things a lot of people don't understand, when they say "Cheap labor or cost of manufacture" in China is that this move to China is relatively recent. Most of these fab plants are less than 10 years old and due for overhaul in the next couple years. This means that companies will...
  25. EchtoGammut

    Cliff Bleszinski Teases New Career News: It's "Not Game Related at All"

    Didn't he start a brewery the last time he left? Maybe he is opening a whiskey distillery... I mean that was my childhood dream. Respect to the guy, his game wasn't horrible and he made sure all his devs got paid and found new jobs before shutting down.
  26. EchtoGammut

    Microsoft Releases Emergency Security Update for Actively Exploited Vulnerability

    I read this post while in the office, I was thinking I should probably log into Intune and push out the update and right at that moment I saw one my employees' computers rebooting and applying an update out of the corner of my eye. So much for having to approve updates.
  27. EchtoGammut

    Facebook Documents Seized by UK Government

    Serjeant is short for Serjeant-at-Arms, which are the court officers i.e. what we call bailiffs.
  28. EchtoGammut

    Trusted Reviews Donates 1 Million Pounds in Settlement Over Red Dead Redemption 2 Leak

    I will be leaving Take-Two a note about how I'm not going to play their game, when I'm able to order it on Steam.
  29. EchtoGammut

    DHS Seizes Aftermarket Apple Laptop Batteries from Independent Repair Expert

    There are no legit batteries available because Apple has declared the product "end of life" and refuses to produce anymore. As to the provenance of these batteries, it is unknown, but they were not being sold as genuine OEM on Rossman's store (he has been selling these for a while). The issue is...
  30. EchtoGammut

    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    I don't doubt China wants to do this and has done this on consumer hardware. I've just been involved in all levels of PCB fabrication and development and it's a lot more difficult than people imagine. The article tries to paint the picture of Supermicro being a secretly Chinese company in San...
  31. EchtoGammut

    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    There is literally no way Chinese agents show up at a fab plant and make that many changes to the manufacturing process of PCB boards and it wouldn't be reported by Supermicro's onsite management. This isn't some minor thing, it would involve multiple engineers changing settings on the assembly...
  32. EchtoGammut

    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    I'm doubting the Bloomberg reporting. There is so much of this that doesn't pass the basic logic test. First off you have to assume that Supermicro (an American company) made a deal with the Chinese to install these chips on custom PCB boards, spec'd by the customer, so they knew they would...
  33. EchtoGammut

    Expensive F-35 Fighter Jet Program Suffers Its First Crash

    No Marine would be nicknamed Goose... too many letters. Common Marines pilots handles are Go, Ho, Oh, FU. These are all usually grunted while eating the complimentary box of crayons the maintenance crew left behind.
  34. EchtoGammut

    Expensive F-35 Fighter Jet Program Suffers Its First Crash

    A crash like this doesn't mean didly until we know the cause. Compared to the Harrier, that this replaced, this is like an A-10. This is the first crash in the 12 years of F-35 flights and while I'm surprised it didn't require a patch update before the ejector seat went off, for the Marines this...
  35. EchtoGammut

    Animated "Diablo" Series Coming to Netflix

    <Leaked Script> Staaay awhile and listen... Oh, Grandpa stop with your crazy stories about demons. Hey you look like an adventurer, some skeletons have been attacking the town, would you mind killing some of them for us?
  36. EchtoGammut

    South Korea May Make Sexual Harassment in Online Games Punishable by Law

    Simple questions: 1) Is it only sexual harassment if it is a man towards a woman? 2) Does the harasser have to know the victim's sex? 3) If a man uses language that would be deemed harassing towards a woman, towards a man, knowing that the target is a man, would it still be construed as...
  37. EchtoGammut

    noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Build & First Impressions @ [H]

    With the Aeron, if you don't get the optional lumbar support, it does suck. I never had that issue with the Leap. A few years back I took all my employees down to a office warehouse and let them pick whatever they wanted. Most got the Leap, a couple got the Aeron and I stupidly picked up a...
  38. EchtoGammut

    noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Build & First Impressions @ [H]

    At that price point you can get yourself a Steelcase Leap or Hermon Miller Aeron from the nick and scratch bin. The headrest add-ons for those are bit pricey and you don't get that bolstering... but if you are serious about your sitting...
  39. EchtoGammut

    Apple Argues Tariff Increase Would Affect Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac Mini, More

    We have thousands of tanks and airplanes sitting mothballed in fields, so we wouldn't really have to build any new ones. In fact we build stuff and send it straight to mothball because of contracts that Congress won't let the Pentagon cancel. It isn't so much about tanks and planes, but how war...
  40. EchtoGammut

    Apple Argues Tariff Increase Would Affect Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac Mini, More

    I could give two flying f's about Apple's cost of manufacturing, but these tariffs are screwing with companies that are domestic manufacturers. There are a lot things, that are made in China and used for domestic manufacturing... things we don't want made here because we are still cleaning up...