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    WOW! 55" Display with 120Hz / 1440p with excellent latency. nVidia and FreeSync

    Same here, I don't notice much difference between 60hz and 120hz. I notice it when I sit down and watch that, but once I'm in a game I don't notice. (I regularly switch between a 144hz and a 60hz monitor, so I've had plenty of comparison)
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    166Hz Has Ruined 60 fps Forever

    I couldn't tell the difference between 60hz and 144hz :/ Maybe I'm blind
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    It's been 8 years since I bought a monitor - question

    Acell B142C-003B DisplayPort Cable. Once I bought that, everything worked fine. The issue was really bad for me. Every time the screen went black during gameplay I'd have to restart my pc to get picture back. Even unplugging/replugging my screen wouldn't work, had to hard-reset pc. I had so...
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    It's been 8 years since I bought a monitor - question

    I had the same issue... I heard it's because 1440p/144hz pushes the limits of DisplayPort, and the included cable is kinda crappy and you need a better quality one. I bought a certain recommended DisplayPort cable and it fixed the problem. Let me see if I can find any further details
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    It's been 8 years since I bought a monitor - question

    I don't think it matters so much about the lower range anymore, because freesync now also has LFC...? afaik anyway
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    It's been 8 years since I bought a monitor - question

    FYI I believe this monitor has max freesync range of 90hz? But with the ToastyX utility you can make it max 144hz I think people generally set the new freesync ranges as 56-144hz, but do some googling 'cause I can't...
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    31.5" 2560x1440 165 Hz VA G-Sync - LG 32GK850G

    What do you guys think of 31.5" 1440p? Seems huge. Maximum 30" seems more appropriate for 1440
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    Any good 24" 16:10 IPS/VA for work purposes these days?

    My ideal screen for work (web development) is 24" 16:10 1920x1200 IPS or VA. I mainly code, but sometimes do minor graphics stuff so reasonable color accuracy is nice (not critical though). What's the best options these days? I don't think 16:10 24" are being made anymore? So unless I'm...
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    In Win A1 case?

    Looks nice, I kinda want one. My issue is I have a nice PSU that I'd want to keep... And this comes with an inbuilt PSU. Even if it's removable then I will have bought an extra PSU just to have a case? If it wasn't for that I'd probably buy the case tbh. I can get InWin stuff in my country far...
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    PROJECT VERTICAL: Small footprint - Huge airflow - Touchdisplay - 19.9 L mATX

    I actually think it's a really unique and cool idea including the screen on the front of the case.... Might even try re-purposing one of my old screens to incorporate into my case
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    60hz vs 120/144hz question.

    My strong opinion is try it before you buy. I regularly switch between a 60hz monitor and a 144hz monitor. I can't tell the difference. I can see a big difference when I do that UFO test (, but when I'm actively involved in a game, I just don't notice...
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    Do you prefer glossy monitors or monitors with AR film applied?

    So far I've hated every glossy screen I've used, because no matter what environment I'm in the reflections drive me mad.
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    DIY: ITX tray with modular PCI-E and PSU frames

    Thanks. Sounds reasonable. I'm surprised it's same price for all countries outside europe
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    DIY: ITX tray with modular PCI-E and PSU frames

    How much shipping to New Zealand? Or should I not even ask :p
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    DIY: ITX tray with modular PCI-E and PSU frames

    Really cool idea. I've been building a few lego cases recently and have been looking for something exactly like this to help hold things together
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    Flexible PCIe risers

    I've got one of these: But it's not long enough :( I'm trying to make a lego pc case and have the card flipped over the back of the motherboard like DAN A4 case, but not sure what to do now. One reason it's not long enough...
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    Is it worth buying the PG279Q now?

    I used to get that issue on MG279Q as well! Made me so mad Switched to this cable and it seemed to fix the issue: However, every time I play Unreal Tournament (the new free alpha one) I get that weird line down...
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    Is anyone perfectly content with their 1080p monitor still?

    Still happy on my 1920x1200 lcd's before 1080p became "the thing". All these years i've been watching the 1080p craze with disappointment as buying a new monitor would actually be a downgrade. Got a 1440p 27" 144hz freesync recently to see what all the fuss was about. Read so many people raving...
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    XFX RX 470 black screen, flicker, high voltage problems?

    I have an MSI RX 470 and my screen goes black too. Problem is it doesn't turn back on. I have to restart my PC to get picture again Driving me nuts
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    LanBox (sub 4 liter GTX 970 with internal PSU)

    Should paint the case that color! :D
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    Silly ?, but using Nvidia GPU w/ Freesync display = ?

    I have an MG279Q with nvidia. I got the MG279Q on special deal so didnt want to pass it up, and am waiting for AMD 480 custom cards to come out. I wanted Freesync mainly to remove tearing. I was very surprised to find just by running at high fps there is no tearing anyway. So yeah, I think if...
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    Interesting new panels coming this year (Tftcentral news)

    So, no new 27" 1440p G/Freesync? Aren't the current ones getting over a year old now? I was hoping for a refreshed 27" 1440p lineup, but I guess everyone's moving to ultra-widescreen now (which I'm not keen on) Or 38" 4k that'd be nice. I feel 40" and above getting a bit big for desk use
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    Acer X34 has too many problems... what's the best 27" g-sync monitor?

    I don't think there's anything currently that you don't have to play the returns game with. There's plenty of good specced 27", I think you just have to pull the trigger, hope for the best, and be willing to send it back if there's too much bleed/dead-pixels etc
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    What do you call this cable? Anyone have a link to one? I want to buy one but don't know what to search, and keep getting psu-to-motherboard cables
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    computex 2016 display roundup

    Might be 75hz with freesync, that's pretty awesome. Still, yes, 120hz and DP 1.3/1.4 would have been the icing on the cake :)
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    Philips BDM4350UC 43 inch 4K IPS PWM-free monitor

    Yep was so close to buying it. Had it in my cart at one point but decided to look into the burn in more and turned out to be a much bigger issue than I first thought. Such a pity because it was close to being a great monitor. It was such a good price in my country that I could have overlooked a...
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    Any upcoming 30-34" 4k UHD Freesync/Gsync Monitors?

    Ah I see, not quite what I thought it was, thanks
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    Philips BDM4350UC 43 inch 4K IPS PWM-free monitor

    ST3F not sure myself, but the comments on this page seem to say they are the same thing: Philips releases its huge 43 inch 4K IPS BDM430UC PC monitor with stunning specs for $799 -
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    Any upcoming 30-34" 4k UHD Freesync/Gsync Monitors?

    Really? VSync and Triple Buffering worked on framerates lower than monitor refresh, so I expected FastSync to work as well I've always used vsync / triple buffering cause I hate screen tearing and they work fine regardless of my fps. With FastSync, I feel like it almost makes Gsync/Freesync...
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    Philips BDM4350UC 43 inch 4K IPS PWM-free monitor

    Ah, a few weeks. That's a bit scary. I thought it was something you could see straight away so you could return it immediately Guess it's back to waiting for the next ~40" 4k, sigh
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    Philips BDM4350UC 43 inch 4K IPS PWM-free monitor

    It's not like any other monitor on the market is perfect. Everyone's returning monitors with too high backlight bleed or ips glow or whatever the problem is. If you've got burn in, surely you can just exchange it. It also seems like the burn in might be with just the European versions? As...
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    Philips BDM4350UC 43 inch 4K IPS PWM-free monitor

    Why are you saying ouch? Review score is 86%, sounds pretty good to me. Sure it has a few flaws which supposedly don't affect it too much... namely that frameskipping every 2.5 sec, which they claim won't be noticeable to the user Plus this monitor is extremely cheap in my country (NZ)...
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    IPS screen burn in. Does yours have it?

    Never seen it myself and I've got some 4 year old IPS screens. The first time I've heard about screen burn in the last few years is in the brand new Phillips 4k lol. Not sure if it's just rumours though
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    For real? :( Source on that bit of info?
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    The HDPLEX Silicon flexible PCIe riser

    I've got one of these :) Haven't got around to using it yet though, still in the process of building myself a mitx lego case :D
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    Is G-Sync worth it?

    At the moment gsync is superior to freesync right? Or has freesync sorted out it's kinks now?
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    New Skylake Xeon E3's, C236 mini ITX

    What's the advantage of M.2 ? I just noticed my own motherboard has it, but I don't actually know what it is
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    Is G-Sync worth it?

    Personally I find screen tearing so immersion breaking sometimes I'd rather have gsync than whatever strobing is (never used it so not sure what exactly it is, I just know I'd rather have gsync to eliminate screen tearing)
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    Sunmilo custom case

    Man that looks really good... intrigued