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    Windows 8 user account(need help)

    Ok thank you, I will double check the settings.
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    Windows 8 user account(need help)

    I'm helping a friend out with his pc, that has Windows 8.1 installed. There is two user accounts on the pc, his and his wife. His account works fine, but his wife account is not accessible. When you boot up the pc only his account available. After you login into the computer and try to switch...
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    Modem stopped working?

    Glad to hear you have your internet working again.
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    Modem stopped working?

    I remember reading last month on TWC forum the SB6141 will no longer be supported on their network. Let me check to see if their any updates about it on forum
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    What game have you logged the most hours on?

    Halo Pc and AvP2 Honorable mention: Gears Of War 3(but rage became too much to handle)
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    TWC in LA and NYC...

    It's TWC Maxx upgrade, the second part will start at the end of this month. When they launch their new DVR service in LA and NYC first.
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    Gaming lag spikes

    Are you using Comcast DNS or open DNS?
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    Need help SGB6580 died. GAMER /POWER user to buy cable modem and router or all in one

    Ebay it Any money you make save it for holidays or donate to charity.
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    Question regarding my xbox1 and PS4 download and upload speeds

    Qos settings? Don't know about Sony, but Microsoft has previous history of problems with Arris equipment. Change wires, make sure they are not defective. Connect each console directly to modem, to rule out router, plus use open DNS in consoles settings.
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    Need help SGB6580 died. GAMER /POWER user to buy cable modem and router or all in one

    Did you ask TWC to put modem in bridge mode, before you try connecting the router to it.
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    Need help SGB6580 died. GAMER /POWER user to buy cable modem and router or all in one
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    Need help SGB6580 died. GAMER /POWER user to buy cable modem and router or all in one

    Another vote to keep using SBG6580. Reasons 1-It works and you don't have to spend any money 2-More time for manufactures to work out the bugs in their firmware 3-If Comcast takeover of TWC is approved, there might be a whole new set of problems. (modems) Quick question what internet plan do...
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    You ever sold a old console and reget it later?

    I miss them all, the ones I sold and gave away! Tandy plug and play pong Timex Sinclair 1000 pc (flight Sim) Colecovision with Atari 2600 adapter Atari 5200 Sega Master System Sega Genesis (still have) Nintendo 64 Xbox (still have) Xbox 360 (still have) * Original Gameboy (return it to...
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    WiFI vs wired for gaming. Short test

    Wired, but it all depends on your environment. For gaming I will always use wired, it has a lot less hassles than wireless. Of course I live in building with at least 40 other WiFi networks that cause constant interference for me!
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    I seem to be going in the wrong direction: Normal "][/URL] Router "][/URL] Router with vpn "][/URL]
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    50% off - VPN or Proxy for Life!

    Starting to learn that real fast Ok I'll check them out Thanks for the info, I'll check them out after my month is over with Torguard
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    50% off - VPN or Proxy for Life!

    Trying Torguard now and it severely cripples my connection. When using a local ip(NY) speedtest reads it as Arizona Ip.. Average connection with router is 160/20 with Torguard its 13/13
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    Firefox & Safari Continue to Suck Even More

    Right now I'm using IE and Firefox. While I had problems with IE, Firefox never gave me any problems
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Just when I thought I couldn't hate Verizon any more!
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Ok finally got my new modem today "][/URL] "][/URL] Only problem is my new modem does not get along with my router. (going to troubleshoot tomorrow) Modem: Arris TG1672 Router: Tenda W1800R (Tomato) 150/20
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Looks like TWC just finish the upgrade in my area: Suppose to be getting 200/20 for extreme package, I guess I have to change modems(Arris TG852G)
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Business or Residential?
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    @ Champ It's probably a combination of both router and TWC modem/router. Quick question to you have TWC modem/router in bridge mode? Also how many bars do you get downstairs, if any?
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    Using own modem and router with Time Warner Cable?

    As a long, long, long ...........excuse me for second, I need to stop crying first! Ok back as long time TWC user I recommend your own separate modem and router. If you get standard plan you will also get access to TWC public hotspots. Plus you will get a free upgrade in speed later (of course...
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    Destiny Costs Activision $500M To Develop And Promote

    As a person who took cost accounting and was able to stay awake for one class! I clearly say it's BS.
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    What is everyone playing now?

    Resident Evil 6 Plants versus Zombies
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    This company tells me "Video card is deteriorating" .... Is this some BS trick or wha

    Another vote for scam (bait and switch) Sounds like the standard con, and even if you decide not sell it. They will charge you a significant amount to shipped it back. They will make you pay two day shipping price, when they will send it back to you using media mail
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    ISP: Time Warner Cable Internet: 30/5 extreme package Location: NYC Update: No change (TWC Maxx) "][/URL]
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    How to get decent frickin upload speeds in Southern California?

    How about Cox cable Premier package 50/10 or ultimate 100/20. You can also wait to see if TWC actually comes through with their upgrades, Extreme 200/20 or Ultimate 300/20.
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    Watch Dogs

    Hmmm first example I am alive. I never stated what I expected on the console or pc. I simply stated like many other companies, Ubisoft shows and promise stuff they can't deliver.
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    Watch Dogs

    Ubisoft like many other companies show and promise stuff they can't deliver! That's why I don't pre-order anymore, I just wait and see how the final product turns out.
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    Sprint Lays Off 330 Techs, Closes 55 Stores

    I was just wandering cause I'm a long time T-mobile user. While T-mobile is cheaper and offers unlimited everything. Their service does have a lot of problems like no indoor signal, lately multiple drop calls. But that of course could only be in my area(NYC). So hopefully their service in your...
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    Sprint Lays Off 330 Techs, Closes 55 Stores

    Any particular reason you switch from Verizon to T-mobile?
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    Upload speeds are terrible

    Did you try your ISP own speed test, did you check to see if there's any conflict between your router and modem. Did you upgrade the firmware on your router or modem? Unfortunately there's usually no quick fix, Good Luck.
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    Titanfall PC - $33.78

    Hmm 10GB for the game and 40GB for malware! (Being paranoid is not a privilege, it's a necessity)
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines $1.99 @ Gamestop Download

    About $5 dollars too much!
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    What's this cable for in this old video card?

    Another vote for audio connector
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    Comcast to acquire TWC

    Yup, Comcast Reaches Surprise Agreement to Acquire All of Time Warner Cable for $44 Billion. Here comes higher bills and usage caps. Unfortunately there's no competition here except Verizon DSL 7/768kb. (No fios in my area)
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    PS4's Weak Parental Controls Put Kids At Risk

    Hmm you can always have more kids! But honestly parents should monitor their kids, to make sure they stay safe. Don't put your faith in parental controls, put your faith in yourself. In the end parents are the best solution.
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    All in one cable modem any good?

    Isn't Motorola owned by Arris now, does Motorola still have separate manufacturing?