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    GoPro's CEO Is Highest Paid Executive In America

    You got me all wrong. I didn't say anywhere that I was jealous or think my ceo's I have worked with/for are idiots. I clearly just stated that they are not as functioning and "in the know/process" as they used to be. They are no longer invested in the company as they sit on boards of other...
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    GoPro's CEO Is Highest Paid Executive In America

    -Lots of meetings that get to no where -Lots of decision making that cause more stress on lower tier employees -Lots of power lunches that get to no where -Lots of late power dinners that get to no where There is no actual work a true CEO does. Its all meeting/decision based actions...
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    Want Fiber? Do More To Get It, Google Exec Tells Cities

    What Google services do you have and which do you pay for? Pretty sure they are not greedy.....they are wanting to make changes and stir chit up. I think you're just paranoid.
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    FedEx Refuses To Ship Machine That Can Make Untraceable Guns

    That would be like saying a nurse who gets poked by a sharp that was just used on an AIDS patient should sue the manufacturer of the sharp because they should have known it would be used to interact with STD laced patients. Fedex isn't in the business that the government is in, it doesnt do...
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    Centrally Managed Remote Assistance

    Logmein Rescue is nice. -Create a session -Have user to go -User puts in a PIN provided by you -Downloads an app -You can control everything, run scripts, control cell phones, its nice edit: it only sucks if you don;t have local admin rights to the machine and the...
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    Any Dell Kace Guru's Here?

    Just trying to wrap my head around the imaging process of Kace...... We have K1000 pushing all software, 2000 pushes image. We use VM boxes for this, as we did not purchase the appliance. Our network guy set it up so there is a reservation (7 ip addys) that we have to set for each...
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    Bill Targets Pornography Viewing On Government Computers

    Proactive or reactive monitoring? I really hate when people say they actually monitor where people go. Its more about how much band-with they use......
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    Bill Targets Pornography Viewing On Government Computers

    LTE bandwith sucks.....gig lan connection/wireless FTW for buffering ;)
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    Bill Targets Pornography Viewing On Government Computers

    I have worked for various companies, now a cyber security contractor. None of which monitor which sites you visit. So I am going to assume not many companies do a proactive approach of oh hay guy you're looking at naked people. Boeing actually has a color filter, any site that shows...
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    What Tim Cook Thinks Of Android

    What a politically correct response that was. Geez, what a beta...... I agree with whomever said they miss the old Jobs.....he would have actually said Google, or Android......not some vague ramble about competitors....
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    Bitcoin Trader Closes, Taking $387M In Investor Funds

    You named a website and a crash that started after it was busted. Bitcoins still hold a lot of value. I asked for proof, not a website that deals with drugs/murder etc etc....
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    Bitcoin Trader Closes, Taking $387M In Investor Funds

    Proof please? Don't worry, i'll wait.
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    DARPA Hacks GM's OnStar To Remote Control A Car

    Just for the Onstar portion. However, if the car has a HomeLink system, or blutooth or RF for key fobs, it can still be hacked in some way.
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    DARPA Hacks GM's OnStar To Remote Control A Car

    People did this before DARPA did,.......this isnt news. Anything.......annnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyy thinnggggggggggggggggggggg that communicates in any way, shape, or form can be hacked with enough time and effort put into it. Ted talk showed a guy hacking a diabetic insulin module that...
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    Maybe Not Right Sub-Forum, Tool Kits?

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am looking for a particular type of tool kit. An all brass or metal tool kit, kind of like an old school medical or dental tool kit? With a hammer and maybe a few drivers (nut/screws). Small in size too. Anyone care to help me find these types of tools?
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    HP CEO Gets $2M Raise Despite Laying Off Thousands

    You don't know the details on why these people were laid off. So making such a statement is pretty....moot to say the least. What if it was the board of directors and the C's making all the decisions that caused HP to have to lose these jobs in order to stay afloat? Is it still ok? If...
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    Realistic Thumb Drives

    It has been, for years. Just not this realistic.....
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    Dell Is Back

    Dell is used world wide. By most governments and military. Big and small businesses. I would say its pretty much top dog. No government or big business would touch Sager or Clevo or Asus because they cant match the volume Dell produces.
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    Nobody Knows What An iPad Is Good For Anymore

    Ask that to the 65 doctors at my last IT position. All were issued surface 2-3 pro's. Some asked for ipads, those were returned when pinch to zoom didn't work as well as they expected within the Electronic Health Records software. The only downside to the Surface that was a general...
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    IBM Dismisses Report of Massive Layoffs

    Gotta keep investors happy brah. Don't get all snide about it lol Any other company would have done the same, damage control.
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    Inside the Tragic, Obsessive World of Video Game Addicts

    Former Everquest addict here. 20-48 hours straight Food and restroom breaks Tons of AOL free minute disks, yes I gamed on dial up.....that's dedication :p Broke away from it in 2006ish......haven't played seriously since. I may play a phone game here or there, Dots is fun. I refuse...
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    The DEA Is Spying On Millions Of Cars All Over The U.S.

    Cameras on the highway's and interstates are typically used for D.O.T. So they can use it for data for making new exits or advising drivers via radio of accidents. Or advising cops/fire/ems/roadside assistance of delays or issues.
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    Politician's Support Letters For Merger Actually Written By Comcast

    When will it be my turn to be a pampered Senator, ceo, cfo, coo, cio, cto :( Ill be honest and say I would be just as corrupt as these jokers. Maybe not to the extent they are......but I would be. And most others here would to. Just don;t lie to yourselves. It's a human trait.
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    Study: Smarter People Use iPhones

    Want a life changer? Get a caramel apple spice from Starbucks......its like liquid apple pie.... And I am more of a tea guy than coffee....I have found that cheap tea tastes better than crazy pricey stuff (Starbucks Bigsby etc etc) I go to Big Lots for my tea, or Oilies
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    Study: Smarter People Use iPhones

    Of course those girls knew the answer, "eh gurl u want ipad and uggz?!"
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    Dish Network Violated 'Do Not Call' List 57M Times

    Next time you're in Sam's and they do this, report them to the store operator. Or, say you're an employee of Sam's and they are not allowed to solicit employees.
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    Study: Smarter People Use iPhones

    Our marketing team did the same thing. Called up "hey we need all mac stuff asap" IT dept: 'uhh why?' Marking: 'well, we spoke with other marketing companies and they only use mac IT dept: "uhhh....whos paying for it?" Marketing: "CEO ok'ed it, marketing will pay for it IT dept...
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    An Entire PC Inside A Mouse?

    Take that a step further, why even use your phone or this device when you can use someone elses computer to RDP/logmein into your desktop at home...... You can always take things a step further to show how inefficient things are......but this is a step closer to a truly pocket pc.... Much...
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    An Entire PC Inside A Mouse?

    So you carry a usb with an OS on it......with that you have to assume the following: -There is a computer to hook it up to -That the computer you hook it up to has proper requirements for usb boot/OS loading -That USB is even turned on due to security reasons With this mouse you...
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    Kickstarter Of The Day Raises $2.4M In Eight Hours

    Main thing to keep in mind is just because it shows millions doesn't mean that is what it will really get. A lot of people back out of these things and they are under no contractual obligation.
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    What To Expect From Microsoft's Next Windows 10 Event

    News Flash: There is nothing that will occur in the next 6 years that will revolutionize operating systems yes I speak of all operating systems. So until then, its refinement and testing and tweaking UI's.
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    Facebook Now Allows You To Report Fake News

    Who cares really? I mean seriously.
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    Great Idea Or Dumb Invention?

    If I am your manager, and your light was red, blue, green, purple, black, I would still interrupt you and ask you about dat der TPS report. Then turn the conversation to something personal, like what I did over the weekend and how you should enjoy my adventures! These are a joke. You...
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    Secret Game In Your Chrome Browser

    My high score is 370 :( When you see the T-rex hit the space bar.....and make sure you have the latest updates too. Also, you can use google image search and put in Atari break out and you can play the game inside the browser itself.
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    Men On The Internet Don’t Believe Sexism Is A Problem In Science

    Very good response, thank you! And I agree with you, I am not/nor ever would say that because I worked with over 6 females in IT and they all sucked it means that all women in IT suck. I'm quite positive there are many very well skilled IT females out there. They are hard to come by...
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    Men On The Internet Don’t Believe Sexism Is A Problem In Science

    So, call me a simpleton who cannot wrap his head around this subject. What is the issue here really? Are women stating that they cannot obtain jobs in various fields because they are properly educated but being rejected due to being women? Or are women stating that they cannot obtain...
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    Bitcoin Value Has Dropped 40 Percent In 2015

    I apologize. I assumed by your lack of basic knowledge of the world, events, and how things work lead me to believe you're under the age of the normal teenager. I don't know no good, daddy.
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    Bitcoin Value Has Dropped 40 Percent In 2015

    I have a hunch that you're under the age of 19
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    Bitcoin Value Has Dropped 40 Percent In 2015

    yes, because I want to be your paper boy and fetch all of your daily news, just google it You must be joking!!!! You mean to tell me where there's a benefit there is also a chance for a criminal underground?! NO WAI OMG!!! Who would have thought that people would try to scam money...
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    Bitcoin Value Has Dropped 40 Percent In 2015

    You have me mistaken...... I never invested or mined. Also, the investors of bitcoin minus the crooks made a lot. People still use it for its main buy things. Are you people seriously so narrow minded to understand there is no difference between crypto currency and...