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  1. ricson

    Walmart Pre-Prime Day Deals

    I always get mine from Walmart, then go to this link and get the rebate...Walmart isn't listed, but it works anyway.
  2. ricson

    Ugly GPUs

    I thought it was meant as "G" in Gangsta.
  3. ricson

    China's Sex Doll Makers Jump on AI Drive

    Ok, that is nice and all, but can it open a beer for you? ....Wow, I just read that back and realized I am getting old and my priorities in life have changed......
  4. ricson

    Gamdias ACHILLES P1 L Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    I have always hated the included Casters, Then while surfing Amazon, I found these roller blade wheels....They are life changing...I mean no kidding, the chair moves so much smoother and it does not mark a hardwood floor, so you can get rid of the stupid floor mat...Love these. However 30 bucks...
  5. ricson

    EVGA Quietly Changes Warranty Policy

    I get what you are saying, I don't keep all my receipts, But if I spend 500 to 700 on anything ( gtx1080). YES, I do keep the receipt....No disrespect meant...It just seems like common sense to me. I am not wealthy and that is a sizable amount of green to not keep a record.....Just Sayin. Also...
  6. ricson

    New Alienware 7.1 Surround Wireless Gaming Headset - AW988

    I am very interested in how these sound and if they are comfortable, looking forward to the full review, the "pneumatic" headband looks comfortable, but I am worried it will be hot on the head, curious how it feels. Thanks for doing the review Kyle.
  7. ricson

    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    Sorry, no offense intended.....But what you are saying is....You don't like to play games!
  8. ricson

    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    No, it shows it as a record of what was actually paid for each game.
  9. ricson

    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    Ok, so now the next thing is to calculate total hours played.....OMG this is SAD.......2468.34 hours in 9 years.....I feel so useless!
  10. ricson

    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    799.16....Wow...I figured on a whole lot more.....Maybe I should buy some new games!
  11. ricson

    Unreal is 20 Years Old

    I installed the game from GOG and then patched it with the 227i patch.....Shocked to see it will let me play it at 3440x1440....Looks pretty good and it is as much fun as I remember from the old days. I have been playing it for 2 days now. There are not that many old games that would hold my...
  12. ricson

    Foxconn Will Drain Lake Michigan to Make LCD Screens

    Wow!!! I am not an environmentalist by any means....But Geez!!! This looks fricken shady to me. I grew up in Michigan and went Salmon fishing in lake Michigan,They actually changed the Wetland laws to push this through.... I would hate to see this poison that lake.
  13. ricson

    Help me FIND a keyboard

    I realize that you have stated Best buy has nothing but crap, but have you tried the Logitech G910 is full size, has very nice mechanical switches and several nice features as well as what I consider to be a high quality feel. It is a gaming keyboard, and due to that it does have...
  14. ricson

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Nice desk...did u buy it or make it?
  15. ricson

    I felt compelled to post this

    I used to have all 3 also...Unfortunately, like many others here, I can't justify retro ( slower) gaming systems...I have either thrown them out or given them away...Doesn't mean that I don't remember how cool it was to game with them when they were cutting edge.
  16. ricson

    Temperatures of coolant needed.

    Look up BTU to Watts.......1000 watts is 3412.141633 BTU/hr
  17. ricson

    Enermax T.B. RGB Fan 3-Pack & RevoBron 600W PSU Luck Draw

    I could really use these and I would finally be able to take advantage of the rgb and Frag harder.
  18. ricson

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Logitech g-7 cordless( old, at least 10 years old) and new Logitech g-910 Spectrum keyboard....Love them both.
  19. ricson

    Elon Musk’s $500 Boring Company Flamethrower Up for Pre-order

    Shouldn't this be in the HOT deals section?
  20. ricson

    Your Favorite Game Soundtracks?

    Dirt 4.....Pretty Modern and an actual 2 or 3 good songs.
  21. ricson

    Nest or Ecobee for new home?

    OK, so I was curious and did some reading on both of those apps, IFTTT looks pretty slick ! I will have to set it up and try it out. If this works and enables geofencing, then it will eliminate the Ecobee's only short coming. This is what I love about this place, I wanted to share my experience...
  22. ricson

    Plumbus X Coming Soon

    I would consider purchasing one, but I am tired of getting hosed as an early adopter....For now, I am going to hold out till there is a Plumbus XXX .
  23. ricson

    Nest or Ecobee for new home?

    The electric heating doesn't make any real difference, however, you will have to hook it up as primary and aux heating ( multi stage). The heat pump is the 1st stage and the heat strips ( aux heat ), are the 2nd stage. Make sure you read up on the connections before you hook it up. It is not...
  24. ricson

    Nest or Ecobee for new home?

    I have been an HVAC tech for 29 years, I have tried all 3, I had 3 nests fail ,the last one failed and would bring the heat and a/c condensor on at the same time in the winter, lucky I was home or it could have killed the a/c unit.Also the temp swings always made you feel too hot and then 10...
  25. ricson

    BestBuy BlackFriday Logitech Deals - Up to 50% off

    The Spark also has oddly shaped keys, I much prefer the Spectrum, I would recommend checking out the Spark in person before putting down your money.
  26. ricson

    Brutal Legend and MDK Are Free for a Limited Time

    I used to love MDK and MDK2, thks for the link, can't get it to run at a higher res though, even after using NGlide....Might have to try running it in a Dos box. Funny, in the old days I would've figured it out by now, but I will admit to being spoiled by gaming on modern versions of...
  27. ricson

    Kyle, get one of these and test it

    Yeah...Now now that I re read my post I see how ridiculous that sounds...LOL
  28. ricson

    Kyle, get one of these and test it

    If you look closely at all the pics , it looks to me like the pic of it mounted on the motherboard shows fins instead of pins....seems a bit inconsistent.
  29. ricson

    BestBuy BlackFriday Logitech Deals - Up to 50% off

    Hurrah my friend , That only took ...what a few months?? Very happy you finally got the deal!
  30. ricson

    BestBuy BlackFriday Logitech Deals - Up to 50% off

    Wow...Completely different from my exp., I have had a mouse and a keyboard replaced with no trouble what so ever....And I used the hell out of a G27 wheel and it failed at 2 3/4 years of a 3 year warranty, they shipped me a G920 to replace it and it was in my hands with in 2 weeks
  31. ricson

    BestBuy BlackFriday Logitech Deals - Up to 50% off

    G920 shows in stock for me, really good deal at 200 and includes the 60 dollar shifter for free
  32. ricson

    Steam: how many hours?

    Don't do it! I told my wife about a friend who plays about 100 to 120 hrs every 2 weeks, her response was "OMG that is a ridiculous waste of time". Then she asked me how many hours I played, I responded with " around 10 hrs." I assumed that would be a safe number......Nooooo, it was not...
  33. ricson

    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    GL Quake and the original Unreal on VooDoo 2.... Truly a game changer! VooDoo 1 was cool,but 640x480 was pretty coarse
  34. ricson

    Curved Monitor Worth It ?

    I love mine, but it is an ultra wide 34" and I only use it for gaming...As dr.stevil said, The lines do appear straight. So it can work for regular use. I am just not sure it would be much of a benefit if it were in standard 16:9 format. In UW, the monitor gets pretty long and the curve helps...
  35. ricson

    Forza Motorsport 7 4K Launch Trailer

    Same as Forza 21:9 ultra wide resolutions...I hope this is only for the demo, or I am out...Hate black bars! Odd...Just looked at an article that says it will have ultra wide support.... So there is still hope that it is because of the demo.
  36. ricson

    Steam: how many hours?

    Grid Autosport 691 hrs. Followed by Dirt rally 545 hrs. Not bragging...kinda disappointed seeing how much time I waste
  37. ricson

    AMD's Ruby Like You have Never Seen Her Before

    Yeah...Who doesn't like science !! .Worth a look.
  38. ricson

    Forza Motorsport 7 thread

    Ok....Dumb question....I have played Forza 6 Apex and the PC version had no multiplayer. Does anyone know if this will be the same ? I have looked at the description on the MS store and it only refers to Xbox live subscription.
  39. ricson

    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Maybe AMD's next Vega? The " GT " ....... This one runs cooler.
  40. ricson

    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Yes....What a fantastic deal! ( cue sarcastic tone of voice). I realize that competition is good for everyone ( except Nvidia ), but C'mon AMD After a year this the best u got?