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    Xbox 2? Any info?

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    XBOX360 to DVI monitor.

    its kinda stupid to convert. you are not gonna gain any signal quality by going to hdmi from vga, and you might lose some in the conversion. dvi/hdmi are only good because you stay digital the entire time.
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    Battlefront 2

    its not a rip-off of it, it was built on the same engine. lucas arts has done the same thing a few times with other games. bf1 was just one of the more popular ones.
  4. R BOC!!!!

    ok i have about 3 dozen of those damn things
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    Perfect Dark Zero... Near-final build: The hype starts now.

    because u cannot surpass that game.
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    The more I think about it, Ravenholm was an awesome level

    i thought i was gonna hate it cuz im like "oh boy, more zombies, how creative" then i figured out what u could do with the grav gun.
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    WoW: The burning crusade, blood elfs and druids?

    it was seen at blizzcon. they suck in life from enemies and convert it to mana or energy or rage. plus they can dump all these life sucks to an aoe silence. WTFOVERPOWERED
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    Battlefront 2

    do my posts not show up for you?
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    played 360 ,,,, pretty funny

    dude, take a pill
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    World of Warcraft hackers using Sony BMG rootkit

    and no republicans elected in 08. unless jebus comes back and gives them his blessing, i dont see much for that party in the near future.
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    Battlefront 2

    darth maul = fun. all you need to know.
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    Xbox Live Ranking System Revealed…

    they spelt skillz wrong
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    WOW Warlocks

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    WoW: The burning crusade, blood elfs and druids?

    blood elves are about as anti-druid as you can get.
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    [Warm] Dell Inspiron 700M 1.7ghz Laptop $849

    im posting this on one right now, in class. i dont really like the design of it, but thats about the only downpoint. it even runs wow lol. 1.8 80 1 gig
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    World of Warcraft hackers using Sony BMG rootkit

    no, but your are still using a mac. you lose anyway.
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    WOW Warlocks

    locks are cool. u get your own personal tank. plus they can put some major hurt at 60.
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    WoW Lan Server

    dont u ever turn on the cheats for a game and take pleasure in dominating them like little children. make them bow before your godly wrath.
  19. R BOC!!!!

    i got in. and was playing wow at the same time.
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    WoW Lan Server

    you mean a lvl 255. and u can make your own weapons. also, movies such as exploration: the movie were made on private servers. it would be a cool gimmick, but unless u can convince 10000 friends to play on it, not very fun.
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    help with battlefront 2

    come on
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    help with battlefront 2

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    help with battlefront 2

    spoliers so in the jedi temple level, you have to prevent them from destroying the bookcases. since they spawn like 10 jedi at a time and they take out a bookcase in a few seconds, how the fuck? i fail in like...
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    NiteStar 1w Luxeon Star LED Flashlight (30lum, 4hr) $10 + Shipping

    ive got a flashlight like this. its like a small sun.
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    How Important are Demos?

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    xbox 360 artifacts during gameplay

    in soviet russia, thread alt-f4's YOU!!
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    What Half-Life mods do you play?

    esforces waiting for that goldeneye: source. hott
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    Poll: Black or White iPod

    OMG 4 REAL??!
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    xbox 360 artifacts during gameplay

    that was fast
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    Will there be a redesign of the Nintendo Dual Screen any time soon?

    better that than another ipod ripoff
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    A return to WoW for the Burning Crusade?

    expansion isnt until next year some time. people start over all the time.
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    Lost Coast

    flame bait huh?
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    Ventrilo or Teamspeak

    u use whatever one the other people u need to talk to are using.
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    Is this the PSP headset? PIC Inside

    why does it have a headset?
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    Blizzcon and WoW Expansion posts

    u know its not all concept art. some of the maps and models have been in the game files for months, if you know where to look.
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    WoW RP server sex scandal

    you could hope she is playing the character trying to cyber with you from this thread
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    Xbox 360 briefly demoed at U of M

    he was here at the better madison too. did the small class walk in, and a big lecture hall deal.