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    Worst Christmas Idea...Ever

    1 word: AWESOME.
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    Artists Lose Out as Fans Stop Burning CDs

    cool, a cell phone is primarily used for piracy!
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    Building your own ZFS fileserver

    I know that full well, however I do not have the time to look for compatible hardware, find decent prices for it and then put it together. Hence I would prefer an "out of the box" option, where I just need to install stuff and not worry about the "putting it together" part.
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    Building your own ZFS fileserver

    Can you guys suggest something cheap from dell to start working with ZFS?
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    Native ZFS on linux!

    is there a how-to for n00bs like me?
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    IFPI Publishes Recording Industry in Numbers 2010

    So, -7.2% in "physical" sales and +9.2% in digital sales. Overall "growth" was -4.2%. I do not think that there is a reason to complain about that: Semiconductors lost 12.9%:
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    The Entertainment Industry's Dystopia of the Future

    It'll be very simple: install software or you cannot listen to CD...
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    Google Android Tablet Imminent

    yes please, i want to see someone do it right!
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    Data Recorder Project

    Random or sequential data? Do you really need super fast random access? 2 Gbps is doable with regular drives, maybe add some SSD cache just in case. For USD 40k buy something with support, instead of rolling your own. I know that the latter is more fun.
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    Building your own ZFS fileserver

    I would love to move my FS to ZFS, however I have a couple of questions: 1. If I wanted to keep "folding" on my Fileserver, I should go with BSD instead of Solaris, shouldn't i? 2. Which ZFS features, if any, do I lose by using BSD vs Solaris? 3. What level of sophistication is required to...
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    Marvel AOC-SASLP-MV8 - 8 Sata PCI-E 4x non-raid controller card

    Could you write a quick "how-to" on getting it to work. Cheers :)
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    Hidden Message in Portal Update

    Very neat thing. too bad that I have other things to do :(
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    Microsoft Mobile Surface Computer

    very nice stuff! I want one.
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    500hp Hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder

    who cares if it is green. That is one sexy beast.
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    Quiet high-end ZFS NAS home file server, Dec '09 edition

    Lovely setup. If you have the time, why don't you write a small how-to for it. I would love to replicate something like that, but I am lacking the time to scavenge together all the knowledge that I would need for such a project.
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    Multiple PC WAN File sync for WHS that isnt $900

    I used unison for a while to keep multiple Linux FS in sync. It also works on windows.
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    Apple Store Cracked Step On Sale for $2,500

    I was wondering the same thing. If that step is made out of 250 lbs of "very thick glas" I can hardly imagine the size of the snapple bottle required to demolish it...
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    Couple Gets Married in Apple Store

    Sorry, but I never once saw her face on the video. How do we know she is hot?
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    Funny Tech Support Call

    Not wire fraud British law doesn't apply in the USA. At least it hasn't for quite a while On topic: quite amusing call, though I thinks he is fear mongering a bit too much.
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    -bigadv, Set yourself up BIG, a users guide

    Player works great on my workstation, but I'd love to run -bigadv on my servers as well, which I am considering to move to ESXi.
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    -bigadv, Set yourself up BIG, a users guide

    Has anyone tried folding -bigadv units on a vmware ESXi server? The free edition only supports 4 CPUs, so I assume that I would need some major overclocking to get it to work?
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    Marvel AOC-SASLP-MV8 - 8 Sata PCI-E 4x non-raid controller card

    I was wondering if anyone has gotten this to run reliably in Linux? If so, which kernel are you using?
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    Built my own Dream Machine and now need to upgrade UPS.

    Have you tried removing the Monitor from the UPS?
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    Hard Drive Tester

    What are you trying to test? Performance? Data integrity, i.e., does it still work? What factors would determine "goodness" for the test that you desire? If I have a flakey HDD, I usually just hook it up to a linux system and see if I can copy data to the entire disk using "dd". If that doesn't...
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    RAID 0 - let the confusion begin!

    nope, it was invented so that we could have endless discussions about its benefits in the Disk Storage Systems subforum :D It does help with "large" linear loads.
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    A3 core/ SMP2 PPD & config thread

    all my Linux SMP2 clients deliver abysmal performance too (less than 1k ppd)
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    X-Ray Vision Made Easy

    Glad to see that I am not going mad. When I first saw the building I thought: That's CMU. And good to know, it is :) Neat idea, but I am not sure how it is supposed to help drivers unless we have a "boom camera" hanging off the front of the car.
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    Minimum Broadband Speed Set at 768 Kbps Down/200 Kbps Up

    IIRC this definition of broadband has been in existence a while now. I recall taking a class on telco regulation back in 2005 and this is what the FCC called broadband back then. Seeing that it is a government agency, we all know how slow they are in updating.
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    Geeks Drive Girls out of Computer Science

    <rant> What utter rubbish. Most women are not excited about technology, hence they have no interest spending the whole day working with it. Additionally, most IT jobs require the employee to go the extra mile at times; it is not a 9-5 job. From my impression, IT jobs are often of the type...
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    Any other OS's have cluster-folders like Win7?

    From my limited understanding of libraries, you could achieve similar/identical behavior in Linux using symlinks (searches with find would need -L as an option*) or in a previous windows version using shortcuts. * -L Follow symbolic links. When find examines or prints information...
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    In Windows 7, do you use Libraries?

    I am having a hard time understanding the value of libraries. My impression is that they eliminate a couple of clicks when saving a file, since they aggregate multiple locations into a single namespace. I already do this with shortcuts and it works quite well. Additionally, they add the folders...
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    Gmail Shortcut Keyboard?

    Actually, I love email shortcuts, which makes life a lot snapper (e.g., Lotus Notes). However, the whole idea of shortcuts is that you do not need to move your hands off the keyboard in order to perform an action, i.e. a reduction of movement waste. This product, however, increase the amount of...
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    Marvel AOC-SASLP-MV8 - 8 Sata PCI-E 4x non-raid controller card

    so there is a new, interesting development on this issue: my card does not work either. I get a ton of mvs_abort_task errors and apparently, I am not alone [ 972.820024] /build/buildd/linux-2.6-2.6.31/debian/build/source_amd64_none/drivers/scsi/mvsas/mv_sas.c 1669:mvs_abort_task:rc= 5 If...
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    Marvel AOC-SASLP-MV8 - 8 Sata PCI-E 4x non-raid controller card

    So I have attached the controller to my Debian sid system, build a linux software RAID-1 array and am running dd to see whether I get any errors for a while... Test on my IBM 7k1000.Bs dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/md5 bs=1M count=1K; sync; date 1024+0 records in 1024+0 records out 1073741824 bytes...
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    Marvel AOC-SASLP-MV8 - 8 Sata PCI-E 4x non-raid controller card

    no it does not. You need SFF 8087 breakout cables.
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    Open Source Voting Software First Public Review Available

    Voting software, of all things, should be open source and provide an audit trail that anyone can view.
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    Shakira Supports File Sharing

    I am in love. Anyone know if she is still single?
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    Are DVDs Nearing the End?

    While streaming video is nice, I don't think it'll take off until people can rip the streams. The nice thing about DVDs is that I can make a backup and watch the stuff on my time.
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    iPods Make You A Loser

    Actually it does not: See wiki I completely agree. People contending for the top spots should be smart enough to check the rules prior to race day.