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    TigerDirect Has New Owner, Won’t Accept Returns

    Wonder does that applies to the business side as well?
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    Divinity: Original Sin

    Check in the legion prison.
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    Metro Last Light (PC) .01

    Mine got cancelled this morning.
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    Jail Time For Zynga Poker Hacker

    I don't believe they do those sort of things in UK vs US jail system.
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    State Uses Google Tools To Find Offensive Plates

    lol!! Must someone PM you with the alternate meaning.:p
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    Interview: Battlefield 3 and the 'dying' PC platform

    At least somebody is able to see through the BS.
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    Apple Slams Microsoft's 'App Store' Challenge

    iStore.....problem solved!
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    DCS:- Warthog (A-10C)

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    MPAA Sues Hotfile, Battle for Cloud Begins

    Didn't they tried to pull this crap with rapidshare and lost? I don't see them winning this one either.
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    Microsoft Labels Autistic Boy A Cheater On Xbox Live

    So the kid cheated then gets rewarded by microsoft with a free month of xbox live gold, wtf.
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    Geohot interview on G4TV (Sony lawsuit)

    Missed it.....
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    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Well there are texture mods out there.
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    flight sim

    Proflight Simulator is nothing more the flightgear, which you can get for FREE The idiot who runs that site is nothing more than a scammer trying to profit on open source software..
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    Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain

    Joe Biden written Omnibus Counterterrorism Act in 1995, Viet D. Dinh wrote the Patriot Act, although the bill shared more than a few similarities.
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    Mionix Naos 3200

    Are you sure it wasn't the 5000 series which are laser and cost around that?
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    The Saboteur

    Why hasn't this been released on steam? I would definitely check it out if it was.
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    OnLive Is Now… Live

    Without transferable licenses any game you buy would be unusable if you decide to cancel your onlive account. I see this service working better for rental of games that cater to being played once. Long term games or games that provide vast openness for modability, like Dragon Age, i would won't...
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    Developer acting like 5 year old...

    I read the sticky in their forums and i don't see it's necessary to register your cd-key other than to access the multiplayer sub-forums and such. Even the homepage for HOI 3 makes no mention of needing to register your key on the forums to play multiplayer. It seems to me the developer banned...
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    How's Shattered Horizon doing?

    Only 5 minutes :D
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    Developer acting like 5 year old...

    Damn, i never heard of linking your MP account to your forum one. That's some dirty ****.
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    Navy Shoots Down Plane With Really Big Raygun

    Ah, i was hoping for a video.
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    Another Death Reported at Foxconn China Plant

    I don't agree that people don't care it's that pretty much everything we have in the USA is manufactured in china or overseas. How many are willing to give up computers, mobile phones, TV, etc? Unfortunately there is no way around this problem.
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    Will YOU buy Just Cause 2 ?

    Played the demo, didn't like it so i'll pass.
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    Having trouble logging in using Google Chrome

    Same here with firefox, had to use IE to login. Tried everything the sticky suggested and nothing work so going reinstall firefox to see if that will work. Edit:Reinstalling firefox did the trick.
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    Is there anyway to run Modern Warfare 2 without Steam?

    I believe you have to install the game in order for that option to appear.
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    Direct2Drive or Steam?

    D2D FTL! Steam FTW!!!!
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    OnLive video demo

    Actually that's the only thing i like about it IF it was only for tournament matches and such, not for single play.
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    Longest games

    Sacred 2 definitely will take some time to finish (weeks).
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    OnLive video demo

    You are right, in the video he mentioned rental games, so i know he wasn't referring to PC.
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    OnLive video demo

    Actually i see it destroying PC gaming entirely.
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    OnLive video demo

    So you pay a subscription for the service, then you have a choice of either to rent or owning it. Now that might not be a bad thing for people who play/ends a game in 1 day then sell it the next. However, if you decide to buy it then you not only pay for the service but for the game. So the...
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    OnLive video demo

    Yes it's really good. I see it more tailored to online gaming than single player. Having real people spectate in a ladder match would be awesome.
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    OnLive video demo

    I doubt this would be widespread as this will kill the market for Nvidia & ATI graphics card. Also since it's in the 'Cloud', you really never own the game and that won't fly with majority of pcgamers. I see this definitely being big for netbooks as this technology is better suited for it.
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    ARMA 2 Patch 1.05 Released, Brings Bonus Campaign

    The patch does improve performance. Also Arma has always been better played with a team of humans with teamspeak. Understand that Arma 2 is more of a Milsim than a FPS. So those aspects alone will probably sway a lot of people. However once you find a good clan to join then everything becomes...
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    Very disappointing XFX RMA experience

    Now that's just wrong considering that they could have easily given you the 1gb model and somewhat had a defense. That's a significant drop to me and i would definitely not accept that.
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    Dragon Age Origins discussion...

    I agree with WabeWalker on somethings such as the queue. However i was not surprised at the pause at every round since they dropped it for NWN and Obsidian doing the same for NWN2. But i have no problems at all hitting [space] key. I quite like the tactics, as such things that i do constantly...