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    Screeen turns blue and flicker

    question, did you check the paste and transfer tape prior to using the card. MIGHT BE able to salvage it by replacing that. also stupid question to ask, i know, but was the card properly powered? did you forget to connect the additional pci-e power cord from card to pcu? i've done it in a...
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    are programs like mineros and hive os actual operating systems?

    ok, i FINALLY found out how to get the debian os i've been wanting installed, had been working with ubuntu but the internet wouldn't auto connect like it should (kept having to manually turn off the internet and turn it back on in order to connect, debian doesn't do that). as the you tube video...
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    new guy again, not sure where i should post this.

    1 installed ubuntu on a 250g m2 drive, monitor works (i am currently using it to type this question) 2 installed miner os on 2nd drive a 2tb m2 drive (manually, for some reason auto downloads wouldn't work). 3 first few times turned on ubuntu, it offered me a choice between ubuntu 20.04 and...
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    just getting started mining so, questions that may seem common sense to others

    thank you, that was more information than i had before. was thinking about a tank cause while chips are in short supply, was thinking about entering the niche market of preventative maintenance. was planning on purchasing a bench top model so expense is only about 300 bucks. if i charge 30...
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    just getting started mining so, questions that may seem common sense to others

    i have 4 graphics cards, the two that came with the computers and the two i wanted to try out. does it affect the hash rate if i split the pcie port from 16x to 4x? do i need to load the drivers for each card or will once suffice for the pair of zotac gtx750ti's, these came in my "gaming...