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    Where to find anti-static bags?

    Trustworthy Local computer store. I stopped buying them from mine though. I was happy to help them out for $3 a bag and all but recently the bags They would sell me were sticky or had to be cleaned before i used them. One day i looked when the lady went to the back to get ome for me and she was...
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    WTB Video Card $40-60!

    I have a 9800GT if you are interested.
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    Desktop PC part out

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    Galaxy GTX 780 now available at new direct online store, free t-shirt with purchase

    Now you did it. You had to post an even more affordable card. Now I have the upgrade itch even more, haha. :p
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    Galaxy GTX 780 now available at new direct online store, free t-shirt with purchase

    So tempted to sell my sli 670's and grab a 780. Definitely considering a Galaxy version since you guys have gone out and interacted with the community and more specifically [H] at the Tigerdirect store. Any company willing to do that scores points in my book.
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    WTB: N64 Games

    I have paper mario if interested?
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB $188

    I picked one up at that price through Paypal. Hopefully everything turns out ok with it.
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    New AMD FX chips coming out?

    Prices are pretty low on the Vishera chips for their performance, even if you get one now and have to update in Q4 I still think you will be pleased with your purchase.
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    my 3 gtx 780s Have arrived!

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    The best performing air cooler?

    If you can deal with the colors then you cant go wrong wigh a DH-14.
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    Asus P8z77-I Deluxe questions. Power Phase/T-probe

    You gotta do what you gotta do, i just never trusted them. But i completely agree with the temps, my 2700k ran nice and cool even with a 4.8 oc on it. I have been looking around because ii know the settings are written down for that oc. I think i got it to 5 on the same settings just to see if...
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    Asus P8z77-I Deluxe questions. Power Phase/T-probe

    Im scared to even run stock heatsinks let alone oc on them.
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    Bitfenix Prodigy "Mirror"

    The LED's turned out great.
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    top case fans suck or blow?

    I always go with the top fans being exhaust. Heat rises so I like to have it goo up and right out. But definitely work on the cable management. It can be a really rewarding project to take on. Be sure to post some before and after photos in the rate my cables thread of the case modding section.
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    HDDs for a HTPC?

    Some of the larger size Western Digital Greens or Reds will be perfect for you along side an OS dedicated SSD.
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    The 2013 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    I wish I could have a white desk... I have a hard time keeping my White r4 clean in my dusty basement:p
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    Case fan 120mm fan suggestion

    I think you will be happy with them. My only complain about those fans has been the colors but honestly the colors aren't a big deal compared to noctua. I know Noctua has an awesome product and all but if I am paying that amount on a fan I would at least hope that it doesn't stick out like a...
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    What GPU to get?

    Well 1 more powerful card always gets the nod over sli/cfx but in this situation the two most powerful cards from nvidia are at a premium price right now and they are the Titan and 780. But 680 sli should easily blow those both away. If you want a new card now then definitely grab the sli 680's...
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    Quick thermal paste question

    I always have a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol or some Articlean handy when changing out heatsinks. New tim always provides for peace of mind.
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    What GPU to get?

    You could probably grab 2 680's pretty cheap now that people are dumping them in favor of 780's. I have seen 680's in quick sales for $330 already. 2 of those in sli would give you some amazing performance.
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    Need to replace my MoBo <$200

    I agree on the P8Z77-V PRO, that board offers alot of nice features for the price.
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    Current generation pricing

    +1 on the microcenter suggestion. Or wait until Intel runs another Retail Edge promotion if you work in one of the approved retail stores.
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    New case

    Its a nice looking build, that's actually the first time I have seen someone use that case in a build.
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    Fractal Design is awesome

    You did a good job on the cable management in that case.
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    Case fan 120mm fan suggestion

    Cougar fans have been really nice choices for me. They move a lot of air and are very quiet.
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    Fractal Design is awesome

    The quality of their cases are what had me sold, I couldn't be happier with my r4. Well except for when I have to lift the case. But that's another story haha. Those cases are built to be ridiculously sturdy.
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    Waiting for Haswell?

    I think I will go Haswell when the Z87 mITX boards come out and I see some user reviews. Those boards are full of features that I would love to have in my SFF rig.
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    Anything cool for 3.5" bay?

    Get a Rasa kit and throw the res in those bays, nothing cooler looking than watercooling components.
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Ghetto? That looks pretty good to me. :D
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    upgrading from 7850 to 7870 myst

    This ^ But definitely check the driver versions just to make sure you have the newest version.
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    Borderlands 2 case mod

    Wow, the details you put into the case's paint really make it pop and look like its straight out of the game. Awesome work.
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    Calling all miners! Which to Choose? amd xfire vs nvidia sli

    AMD all day long for mining.
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    5830 amd crossfire vs. say gtx 680?

    Well the 5830 crossfire is somewhere near a single 5870. A 680 will stomp a 5870 all day long.
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    Gaming Desktop Help: Build vs Buy

    Building a PC otherwise known as "Adult Legos" :)
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    how to apply thermal paste to w3570 ? vertical line?

    I just go with the dot and put the heatsink on. Hasn't failed me yet.
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    Haswell Z87 SFF motherboard list

    Well shoot, I just went SFF and I really should have just waited. The 6 sata 6 ports would have sold me alone...
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    Gaming mouse, worth it?

    I wouldnt go back to "standard" mice after using gaming mice. I like having a bigger mouse that fits my hands and you just cant find that in cheaper mice. Definitely make the investment if you can find something that feels comfortable for you.
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    New System

    Wow, that is crazy impressive. Very nice work