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    How do I get BF2 to run in widescreen ?

    Here's what I did, step by step... 1) Install BF2. 3) Go to video settings. 4) Look for a widescreen resolution. 5) Begin sobbing uncontrollably when you realize that they didn't bother to include it. :(
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    PS2 Trade-in

    If you have a Blockbuster Video in your area they will give you a better deal.
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    The game that started it all!

    Dune II was the game that influenced me the most. This was a long time ago, but I remember playing it religiously. :D
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    WARNING: Do not send your PSP for exchange to Sony!

    I had the same problem with the PSOne + LCD combo. I had to do two returns and for the second one the local EBs were out of them. Fortunately they just gave me my money back. I promptly used that money to go to Target and buy one there. I'm still hesitant to buy anything with an LCD screen from...
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    games that would make good movies.

    Yeah, but KotOR is much better than that crap that Lucas vomitted out in Episodes I and II. :rolleyes:
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    Best 1vs1 multiplayer fps?????

    I second that! Very awesome 1 on 1
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    Number one controller throwing game.

    Jak II... I almost broke my PS2 controller I threw it so hard. :eek:
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    Boycott the 2004 SpikeTV Video Game Awards

    I think that you mean "abomination", not "abortion". At least, I hope that's what you meant... :confused:
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    Metroid Prime for PC

    Oh, man... I almost crapped myself from laughing so hard. Heh, just kidding. ;) To answer your question: It will not happen. Sorry, dude. The last time games were ported over from a nintendo console to PC was back in the days of the SNES. And they were some BAAAAD ports. :(
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    Going on vacation, need a new digital camera

    Thanks everybody. After having checked out your suggestions at a couple retailers in the area I've pretty much decided on the Canon A95. It seems like the best deal. I'll probably be picking one up tomorrow along with a few accessories. :D
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    Going on vacation, need a new digital camera

    Okay, so I'm going to Tokyo later this month and I'm looking for a small portable camera. Anything with 5 megapixels or higher would be preferable. I will be using it primarily for outdoor photography. What I'd like is something small enough to fit into a coat pocket, but still produce high...
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    Got a new rig - should I buy Doom3 or HL2 ?

    If those are the only two choices, then I'd say go with HL2. Much more fun. However, if you are willing to expand your options, then I'd say get Farcry. It is at least as fun as HL2, with shorter load times and no Steam. DAMNIT I HATE STEAM!!! :mad:
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    I've noticed a lot of threads about old games lately...

    Heh, though I love my XBOX, PS2, and GameCube, I still find myself playing Tetris 2 on the SNES every few days. Plus Rayman 2 on the Dreamcast is still one of my favorite games. :D Recently I found a copy of Doom for the SNES at my local EB. Even though it wasn't the best version ever...
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    Shogo:MAD needs a sequel!

    How about Starsiege 2845? It is a MOD for Tribes: Vengeance. The Alpha Tech release comes out in January. It looks very cool! :D
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    ***Post Your Steam/HL2 Probs Here***

    His specs are in his sig, dude...
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    [H]ard [H]alo 2 Friends & Clan Members

    Gamertag: Tachikoma kun I’ll play just about any type of match. I’m usually online Fridays and Sundays in the evening. I’ll be adding all of your tags to my list. Hope to see ya online. :D
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    Chonicles of Riddick: Esscape from Butchers Bay Directors Cut

    Well, I don't believe in UFOs but that doesn't keep the rednecks from getting abducted and anally probed. Trust me, consoles do exist... The truth is out there. ;)
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    60 second Halo 2 TV trailer!

    Don't worry, there is still supposed to be split screen co-op. :D And yes... I think that is Keith David's voice near the begining of the 60 sec clip. Bad ass! :cool:
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    $30 for chrono trigger

    I've got Chrono Trigger in the original box, with manual, and the official strategy guide. Oh yeah! :cool: And, no... I'm not selling it. :p
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    Half Life 1:Source??

    It was first announced during E3 2004... about 5 months ago.
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    Need a list of Glide supported games

    Awesome... Thanks! :)
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    Need a list of Glide supported games

    Alright, I’m putting together a PC based around my old Voodoo 5 5500. Athlon XP 2000+ 512 MB PC2700 Voodoo 5 5500 Aureal Vortex 1 I found this card in the back of my bedroom closet a few days ago and have decided that it is worth resurrecting. I recall playing quite a few games using...
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    What can't girl game?

    What are you talking about? Have you ever even talked to a female member of the species? :rolleyes: I suspect that the women who you know are so good at their mind games that you aren't even aware that they are being played. ;)
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    LAN party in Millville NJ

    Ummm.... Shouldn't this be in the LAN Parties section? :confused:
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    Question about gaming on X-Box and Halo2

    Ah... Just found a list of locations for the Midnight Madness: Looks like one of the Charlotte or Concord, NC locations are going to the closest to where I live. If anybody else is going to be at one of those feel free to reply or...
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    Tribes: VE released today

    Actually, the patch was released yesterday... Go figure. :rolleyes:
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    Question about gaming on X-Box and Halo2

    I watched a recording of one of the beta versions being played on standard XBOXs on a multiplayer LAN game. I'll try and find a link and post it, but let me just say that the graphics looked significantly better than in Halo 1 with excellent frame rates. What amazed me the most was that it ran...
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    I want to get new computers but I need LOTS of help!

    You took the words right out of my mouth... :D
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    what are your favorite older pc games?

    Warning: The following games are extremely old skool and may result in excessive use of early 90's terminology like “Tubular”, “Fresh”, and “Dope”. Use of these games has been known to cause mullet growth and barbed wire tattoos. Anyone seeking to play these games should do so at their own...
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    Tribes: Vengance open beta :)

    Yeah, my sentiments exactly. ;)
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    need xbox controller drivers

    Which drivers are they? :confused: Inquiring minds want to know...
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    The HL2 retail offers

    Mmmm.... Collector's Edition... Drool... ;)
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    Phantom console to miss Nov. 18th launch date...

    Was anyone actually planning on buying a Phantom? :confused: I know I wasn't...
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    Best LAN party games to play in the next month?

    What does NS stand for? And as for Tribes 2... I didn't know that anyone still played that. Get the Tribes: Vengeance beta instead. It is much better. :D
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    Console or PC Gaming?

    Yeah... I agree. And to be perfectly honest, the PS2 is probably the one with the best RPGs. :D -Final Fantasy series -Disgaea -La Pucelle: Tactics -Xenosaga -Summoner -.hack series I know that I've left out a lot, but these are just the ones that I've played.
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    anyone played Fable yet?

    Damn... I enjoyed Deus Ex 2, but was sort of turned off by the small environments. If Fable is worse, then screw that. I'll just play KOTOR again (for the 6th time). :p
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    Tribes: Vengeance

    I'm looking forward to Tribes: Vengeance for two reasons: 1.) Action packed Tribes 1 style action 2.) StarSiege 2845, an official MOD being released with the game. I loved the original Starsiege. I used to play it online all the time back on my PII 400 with a 56k modem. :D :D
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    Half-Life Playstation 2 co-op - Two keyboards?

    Thanks, MERKMAN. I was wondering if anyone was going to post something other than a berating reply. I tried two keyboards and mouses and only one set registered. I'm assuming that this is a limitation of the game and not the USB hub I'm using. Oh well... :rolleyes: For everyone else, yes...
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    CS course..

    I declare Shenanigans. ;)